The ZIP Code Issue:
                 Excerpts from a Personal Letter


                         Howard Freeman

                        November 11, 1988

     Your letter asks for information on the ZIP Code pursuant to
something that  appeared in  the Justice  Times some time ago.  I
wish I  had in  my possession the article you refer to, so that I
could have  some idea  of what  you already  know, and could just
fill in  the details  of what you do not understand, but I do not
have that article, so I'll try to make the "ZIP Code Issue" clear
to you.

     There are  two entities,  or  nations,  called  "The  United
States".  One is the union of 50 independent States combined into
a 3-branch (Legislative, Executive & Judicial) Republican Form of
government under  a contract  called:   The Constitution  of  the
United States  of America.  The Other is a 1-branch (Legislative)
Democracy,  which  arises  out  of  the  Constitutional  Contract
wherein  Congress   (the  Legislative   Branch  of  the  3-branch
Republic) was  given Exclusive  rule over  a body of people known
as:   The Residents  of the  District of  Columbia.  It should be
obvious to  anyone that,  when a  governing body  (in  this  case
Congress) has  "exclusive" rule over a people, you have a nation.
So, in  America, we  have a  small nation,  operating upon  Roman
Civil Law  principles, within a larger nation which operates upon
the principles  of the  Common Law,  and is limited in its powers
and authority  by the Constitutional Contract.  I could spend the
rest of  the day  explaining the  differences between Roman Civil
Law and  the Common  Law, but  instead I will enclose a tape with
this letter  to you, which will do that for me.  Please do me the
honor of  listening to  this tape  on both  sides.   Many  people
reply, upon  my inquiry  about the tape I sent to them, that they
are too  busy to  listen to  it, which remark I consider somewhat
insulting to  me, when  I have gone to the expense and trouble of
getting it into their hands.

     As you  know, the  Republic called  The  United  States,  is
limited  in  what  it  can  do  by  the  Constitution,  and  that
Constitution limited  its Congress to coining money out of silver
or  gold,   and  limited   its  borrowing   power  to  those  two
commodities.   The Legislative  Democracy  called:    The  United
States, using the same Congress as the Republic, only for its own
ends, has no limitation of any kind on what it might or might not
do, since Congress, working in behalf of the Legislative Party or
Democracy, has the power and authority to issue a paper currency,
and to  declare it to be a "legal tender" for all debt public and
private.  That Congress had no limitation in what it might borrow
either!   So the  National Debt that you hear so much about, came
from that  Congress's power  to borrow other than silver or gold,
which was bank credit from the International Banking Houses.

     A Problem:   What  can the Bankers do?  Easy solution, since
their money  controls the  news media:   keep the citizens of the
Republic in  the dark,  get the  lawyers busy, and figure ways of
entrapment, so that the Citizens of the Republic would think that
it was  THEIR Congress that borrowed the bank credit, and that it
is their  problem to  pay the usury on that debt.  Steps of Legal
Trickery follow:

1.   The 14th  Amendment, which  is based  upon Roman  Civil Law,
     supposedly replaced  the 4th  Amendment, which is based upon
     the Common  Law.   That aspect of things is explained on the
     tape enclosed, so I won't go into it here.

2.   Have the  Congress of  the Republic  fail  in  its  duty  to
     provide a  medium of exchange for its Citizens, thus forcing
     them to  do their  trading in the "Legal Tender" paper which
     the  Congress   of  the   Legislative  Democracy   has  made
     available.   I will  skip a few other steps here, and get to
     the meat of the information you want, which concerns the ZIP
     Code issue.

3.   The Congress  of the Republic must be enticed to consolidate
     50 independent  States into  10, not so independent, Federal
     Regions.  (What Congress creates, Congress can control, is a
     legal principle.)   Now,  the same  Congress that  rules the
     Legislative Democracy  may  rule  the  10  Federal  Regions,
     provided the  citizens thereof  can be  kept asleep, and not
     claim   their   rights   under   the   Federal   and   State
     Constitutional Contracts.

4.   Have the  Post Office  Department separate  itself from  the
     Republic and,  in its  new independence,  create  two-letter
     abbreviations for  all States  (contrary to the lawful State
     abbreviations  established   by  the  Legislatures  of  most
     States) and have the Post Office Department require this new
     abbreviation on  all subsidized  mail, and suggest it on all
     first class mail, along with the ZIP Code.

5.   Page 11 of the ZIP Code Directory, which can be found in any
     Post Office, will tell you that the first digit of every ZIP
     Code number  indicates the  Federal Region in which the user

6.   Now that  the majority  of the brainwashed public, belonging
     to the  Republic, are  educated  to  employ  the  two-letter
     abbreviations for  their  State,  which  abbreviations  were
     never adopted  by the State Legislatures as the lawful State
     abbreviations, those  using said abbreviation are not making
     a lawful claim of their State residency and, with the use of
     the ZIP  code in  connection with  the new  two-letter State
     abbreviation, they  are making  a lawful claim that they are
     residents of  the particular  Federal Region  in which  they
     reside, so  they can  now be ruled under Roman Civil Law and
     tried in the Admiralty Courts of the Legislative Democracy.

7.   With all of that in place, the Income Tax, which is employed
     to  pay   the  Usury  on  the  National  Debt  owed  by  the
     Legislative Democracy,  now applies  to the  Citizens of the
     Republic who  fail to  properly claim  and  establish  their
     rights as Citizens of their respective States.

8.   It is  made to  appear "Progressive" in our Schools to refer
     to America  as a  "Democracy", and somewhat "Reactionary" to
     study the  State and  National Constitutions in our schools.
     This keeps the public ignorant of the fact that the Congress
     of the  "Republic" is  limited by  Contract from passing any
     penal statute  of compelled performance upon the Citizens of
     any State.   The  Internal Revenue  Code is all that type of
     statute, and  those statutes  ONLY apply to the residents of
     the District  of Columbia  (see Article 1, Section 8, Clause
     17 of  the U.S.  Constitution) and  also to  all  those  who
     stupidly fail  to claim  their  State  residency  and  allow
     themselves to  be given  to the  status of  citizens of  the
     United States  (meaning the  Legislative Democracy) claiming
     themselves to  be residents  of a  Federal Region  which  is
     ruled over by the Democracy under Roman Civil Law.

     The above is all needed information if you are to understand
the ZIP  Code issue.  I hope that I have not worn you out with my
explanation, as  I have done with others, who ask me questions of
depth, and who only want some shallow, one-sentence reply.

     One other  caution before I close:  The ZIP Code use, or non
use, is  NOT a  "silver bullet" solution to all problems, wherein
the Legislative  Democracy,  called  the  United  States,  forces
itself upon  you.    The  enclosed  tape  will  point  out  other
solutions.   To properly  handle oneself  in order to keep out of
Legislative Article  I Courts  exercising Legislative  Power, and
into the  Article III  Courts  of  the  Republic  which  exercise
Judicial Power,  is another whole study in itself.  Again, let me
repeat:   There Are  No Silver  Bullets for those who claim to be
too busy to study!

                             #  #  #

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