CEASE AND DESIST

TO:       Neil Thomas Nordbrock
          c/o 6642 E. Calle de San Alberto
          Tucson 85710/tdc

FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Counselor at Law

DATE:     August 8, 1997

SUBJECT:  Your Misconduct at the Post Office

Dear Mr. Nordbrock:

I would  not normally  need to  write this  NOTICE AND  DEMAND TO
CEASE  AND  DESIST,  if  the  intended  recipient  had  carefully
considered how  foolish it  would be  to harass and insult a well
known federal  witness, in  the lobby  of a  United  States  Post
Office today.

However, this  is the  third time  in as many months that you and
your accessory,  Dr. Eugene  A. Burns,  have chosen to point your
unwanted behavior in my direction.

You may recall that day when I had left my apartment on foot, and
I was  walking on  the Second Street sidewalk towards Swan, to do
some business  at the  postal substation  in the  hardware store.
Your drove  out of  the parking  lot, at the southeast end of the
Midway Business  Park, and proceeded eastward on the same street.
Upon encountering  me, you  blew your  horn at  me,  without  any
warning or  greeting, as you approached me from my rear.  You may
have noticed  that I  was somewhat  startled by  this  action  of
yours, coming  as it  was from  a vehicle approaching me from the

Then, of  course, there  was the  incident when I found Dr. Burns
casing the  carport area  on  the  west  side  of  the  apartment
building where  I live.  When he saw me, he quickly drove away in
his old brown Ford pickup truck.  I hope by now you have reviewed
the Internet  message which  I wrote  to commemorate  that event.
The message  I wrote,  to refresh  your memory, recounted the 911
call which  I placed,  and the professional visit which I enjoyed
with Officer  Kingman of  the Tucson  Police Department.  Officer
Kingman advised  me to  obtain a  protective ORDER  from a  local
state court.   I  do  intend  to  do  so,  when  other  important
priorities are not so pressing.

Now, today,  I was  walking into the Coronado Station of the U.S.
Postal Service,  where I  was totally surprised to encounter you.
There, you  began to  insult me,  calling me "Asshole" and "Jerk"
loud enough  for several other people to hear you.  I did my best
to keep  my distance  from you,  so it  was entirely  likely that
others heard these deliberate insults coming from you.

             Notice and Demand to Cease and Desist:
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At that moment, I had to make a very important decision, and this
is what I decided to do:  I went to one of the work tables inside
the post  office, and  I proceeded  to write an urgent message to
Mary, a  friendly and efficient counter clerk who helps me almost
every other  day at  the Coronado Station.  Although she was busy
with another  customer, I  placed the  message on her counter and
quietly told  her that  it was  urgent.   The message very simply
told her  to summon  the Postmaster,  because a  man had verbally
insulted me  in the lobby, the same man who had already embezzled
$3,000 from me.

I  then   positioned  myself  right  beneath  the  closed-circuit
television camera  which is  running at  all times  in that  post
office, where  I watched  Mary, and waited for her to go for help
and return with the security officers I had requested.  This plan
worked exactly  as I  had hoped, and Mike returned with Mary, who
pointed me  out to  Mike.   Mike then  came to  the door which is
right below  that television  camera, and invited into the safety
of the private office behind that door.  There, I told him that I
needed a  security officer to escort me to my car.  Mike asked if
I had  any business in the post office that day.  I told him that
I did,  but that  it could  wait.  He recommended that I wait for
you to leave, and then finish my business.  I took this excellent
advice, and was very glad that I did.

At that  precise moment  in time, you were being assisted by Rick
at Rick's  regular counter,  the one  at the far left of the post
office counter area.  Rick knows me as a regular customer, and he
is quite  familiar with the quantity and nature of the legal mail
which I  post at  Coronado Station.   Mike  and  I  entered  this
private office,  where Mike  offered me  a place  to sit and feel
safe.   Before sitting down in that office, I observed you on the
closed-circuit television  monitor, which  time- and  date-stamps
every video  frame.   I specifically  remember that  the time was
exactly 3:37 p.m. today.

After you  were done  at Rick's  counter, Mike  returned  to  the
private office,  informed me that you were gone, and permitted me
to leave that private office.  I then waited in the counter lobby
for my  new ticket  number to  come up, because the first one was
long since  past.   During this  period of  time,  you  evidently
decided to get in your car and drive away.  When my turn came up,
I went  to Rick's  counter, and told him that Mike had instructed
me to  request the  next counter  clerk to  summon Mike again, as
soon as  I was ready for an escort to my car.  Mike very promptly
appeared and  did escort  me right  up to my car, where I thanked
him and shook his hand.  He responded by assuring me that I could
call upon him at any time, should this kind of thing happen again
at any time in the future.

Neil, you  may recall  that I petitioned the Justice Court for an
ORDER requiring you to attend involuntary alcohol rehabilitation.
That petition  was denied, for reasons which were never explained
to me.   To this day, I must assume that you have refused to seek
any help with your alcohol problem.

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Your threatening behavior today was, very sadly, further evidence
still of  your inability to exercise consistently good judgments,
in situations  where your  personal liabilities  are likely to be
significant.   You are,  evidently, ignorant  or unaware that the
post office  lobby at  Coronado Station is continuously monitored
by closed-circuit  television cameras, in addition to being quite
expertly patrolled by a very capable, and very invisible force of
full-time security  officers.   The main  reason why you may have
never noticed  this security  presence, is precisely because they
are  so  expert  at  making  themselves  unobtrusive  and  almost
entirely invisible.  They are armed, and they are very good.

It is  truly beyond  me why  you would choose the lobby of such a
secure government  building, to  verbalize obscene  insults which
were obviously  directed at  me, because  you used  my first name
when you  did so.   The counter clerks at Coronado Station see me
almost every  day, and  they all  know me  very well  by my first
name.   So, if you were thinking, even if only for a moment, that
nobody was  noticing, you  were also  sadly mistaken  by  another
unfortunate example of self-imposed delusion.

I  must,  therefore,  demand  that  you  cease  and  desist  such
unethical behavior,  which borders  on criminal insanity.  When I
was doing legal research for you, at your own request, I went way
out of  my way to provide you with the documentation necessary to
explain the  meaning, and  legislative history,  of  the  federal
witness statutes.  These statutes are 18 U.S.C. 1512 and 1513.

Lest you  should think  that I was doing this only for you, I now
remind you  that I  was rendered  a federal  witness the moment I
filed a  verified affidavit  in federal district court, in a case
which involved  the New  Life Health  Center, for  which you have
been the  accountant for  many  years  (according  to  bankruptcy
records I  have examined).   You also attended the third of those
several court  hearings with  me, and  you sat at the defendant's
table, on the right side of John M. Roll's courtroom.

You may  remember, it  was at  that particular hearing when Judge
Roll complained  of having some 14 inches of pleadings to read in
that case,  but then he later modified this by stating that there
were only  6 or  7 inches, not 14.  This was an open admission by
Judge Roll,  which you  and I  both witnessed,  of  his  criminal
liability for numerous federal offenses, including obstruction of
correspondence,  jury  tampering,  obstruction  of  justice,  and
conspiracy to commit all of the above.

At last  count, there were 112 such offenses committed by John M.
Roll, and  another 112  such offenses committed by Assistant U.S.
Attorney Robert  L. Miskell,  not to  mention the  small host  of
accessories and  co-conspirators who  have aided and abetted this
criminal conspiracy  in  the  United  States  District  Court  in
Tucson, Arizona state.

So, Neil, if you should persist in escalating your harassment and
retaliation of someone who tried to help you, in every way that I
could, only to be embezzled by you to the tune of $3,000, you are
sadly, if  not tragically,  wrong to  think that  I will not take
steps to minimize the damages you continue to cause me.  You have
also stolen  a database  of mine,  conservatively valued  at more
than $350,000, at current rates for research paralegals.

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Please be  advised, once  and for  all, that  I have retained the
services of  a private  security and investigations firm, who are
well armed  and entirely  qualified to execute a Citizen's arrest
upon probable  cause.  What you did today at the post office was,
without a  doubt, probable cause to arrest you, for persisting in
perpetrating  criminal   retaliation  against  someone  whom  you
already know very well to be a qualified federal witness.

This kind  of conduct could very well result in sentencing you to
a decade or more of incarceration in federal prison, and imposing
a very  large fine  upon your  estate, to  punish  you  for  your
pattern  of   criminal  retaliation   against  me,  for  verified
testimony which  I have  now placed  in several federal and state
courts.    This  testimony,  as  you  already  know  quite  well,
implicates you  in numerous  premeditated federal offenses, which
have been  itemized in  detail in the verified criminal complaint
which I have filed in the Pima County Consolidated Justice Court,
with copies to two federal bankruptcy courts.

When you invited me to move to Tucson, and when I consented to go
way out  of my  way to  do so, you must have been proceeding with
some crazy  attempt to  "try" your fraudulent trust scheme on me,
to see  if it  was good  enough to  fool a  recognized expert  in
federal law.   This  attempt on your part has been a terrible and
tragic failure, Neil, if what I believe now is correct.

Why do  you now  persist in  aggravating your  already precarious
situation, with the kind of stupid and criminal conduct which you
displayed today at the post office?

Don't you have any idea how much trouble you have already created
for yourself,  your spouse, and possibly also your entire family?
I have  a moral  obligation, at  this point  in time, to tell you
that I  can no  longer help  in any  way to minimize the negative
consequences of  this trouble,  because the wheels of justice are
now grinding  out their  inevitable solution in your case, and in
other related cases.

Dr. Burns has valued his precious South American Macaw birds at a
total market  value of  $250, this  after he  bragged  to  me  on
several occasions  that the  blue Hyacinth, named Magoo, did cost
him more  than $5,000,  for one bird!  Have you been advising him
all along  how to  organize his  fraudulent financial statements?
You should know by now that accountants cannot invoke the kind of
client privilege which is available to legal counsels.

I am  taking the  liberty of forwarding copies of this NOTICE AND
DEMAND to  several people in the Tucson community, with the final
hope that  others will be more persuasive with you.  Neil, if you
don't get help with your alcohol problem, you will have no way to
defend yourself  against the  criminal charges  which are sure to
come your way, sooner or later, in a civil case or in response to
a criminal indictment and arraignment.

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Please come  to your  senses immediately.  You will be the better
man for it.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law and federal witness
c/o 2509 N. Campbell Avenue, #1776
Tucson 85719/tdc
ARIZONA STATE (See USPS Publication #221.)



copy:     Postmaster, Coronado Station
          Mike, Manager, Coronado Station
          James A. Crawford, Postal Inspector, Tucson
          Lawrence E. Condit, Tucson, Arizona
          Clerk of Court, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Phoenix
          Clerk of Court, Superior Court of Arizona, Tucson
          Clerk of Court, Pima County Consolidated Justice Court
          County Attorney, Pima County, criminal division
          Judge Alex Kozinski, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
          Todd V. Jones, Tucson, Arizona
          Chief of Police, Tucson Police Department
          Officer Kingman, Tucson Police, Midtown Substation
          Deputy Sheriff, Pima County Sheriff's Department

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