TO:       Neil Nordbrock

FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Counselor at Law

DATE:     June 22, 1996

SUBJECT:  More Problems

     My current  hypothesis is  that there  is, indeed,  a  power
struggle going  on within New Life, and I am thrust into it willy
nilly.   I do  contribute to  that struggle, mostly because of my
aggressive style,  without meaning to.  I have been a warrior for
a long time.  I will work on my style;  I am due for a change.

     Let me  begin by  saying that  I could not run this company,
even if  I tried.  If I had to step in as a temporary manager, it
could only  work if  the whole  staff pitched  in and adjusted in
good faith  and warm  hearts, with  you as the premier example of

     That is  my introduction  to informing  you that  I came  in
today  to   a  40%  pay  cut  ($300/week  now;    was  $500/week;
difference is  200/500 =  0.40).   Either Gene  is doing this sua
sponte, or  he is  consulting with  others in  the company, but I
know you  too well to think that you would punish me in this way,
or even  put the idea on the table, knowing me as you do.  I have
been blamed for the terror which has come down as a result of the
arrest warrant,  and that  blame is undeserved.  I have also been
blamed for  "being out of touch" (at 35,000 feet) when a deal was
being negotiated  with the  help of  the FBI,  and that  blame is
undeserved.   Now I  have seen  a  subsistence  wage  drastically
reduced, without  a hearing or a warning.  Neil, I know you treat
your dogs much better than that;  I can see it in their eyes.

     Second big  item:  before I put this question to Gene, would
you be  willing to  tell me  privately if, and when, Sheryl Smith
authorized Gene  to rubber  stamp checks  and Trust  minutes?  If
Gene has  NOT been  authorized to  do so by Sheryl Smith, I think
you and  I need  to look  at this  delicate situation and fix it,
immediately.   If I  was appointed  an officer of the Trust under
authority of a rubber stamp, and that stamp was not authorized by
the Person  whose name  is on  that stamp,  then we need to clean
this up  absolutely as  soon as possible.  I hope you agree.  The
minutes were  put into the Court record, and the Judge recognized
the appointment;   that  appointment is the ONLY thread we've got
at the  moment to  salvage  my  briefs,  because  the  Court  has
recognized me  as an  officer and allowed me to address the Court
in that  capacity;   that implies  filing briefs on behalf of the
Trust.   If it  doesn't, then  the "law"  is being enforced quite
arbitrarily and capriciously.

     Third big  item:  if Gene has decided to go his own way with
a  licensed   bar  member,   then  it   raises  questions   about
attorney/client privilege.   Not  that I would ever want to be an
ATTORNey,  but   there   is   the   question   of   privacy   and
confidentiality.   If I  am NOT  his Counsel  of choice any more,
then I  cannot claim the privacy privilege as far as his personal
affairs are  concerned.   This means  that I  can  be  called  to
testify against  him, and  the United  States can  put me in jail
under the  recalcitrant witness  statute, if  I refuse to testify
against him.   I  have seen  it happen  before,  and  Roll  won't
hesitate to do it, just to retaliate against me for all the B-A-D
things I wrote and filed about ATTORNeys, not to mention the mail
fraud sting.   If  the rubber  stamp is not authorized, you and I
need to  solve this problem with the maximum benefit to the Trust
and Gene,  and do  so as soon as possible, for damage control, if
nothing else.

     Fourth item  (also big):   What  are your thoughts about the
timing of  a Trust  action to  restrain the delivery of books and
records to  the grand  jury?   Richard McDonald was as sure as He
has ever  been that  our strong  suit now  is the  non-disclosure
contract.   I would see some form of adversary action, not before
Roll, because I will recommend that we file a Judicial Misconduct
Complaint, under  28 U.S.C.  372(c), automatically  recusing  him
from the  case.   The grounds  for this complaint are 75 felonies
(25 pleadings  each  proving  mail  fraud,  jury  tampering,  and
obstruction of  justice), not  to mention all the other offenses.
To beef  up this  Complaint, we  should  consider  also  a  plain
criminal complaint, filed with the FBI, maybe with Gene's friend.
The Marshals  in L.A.  told us that they no longer have authority
to intake  such complaints  any more  (and they were pissed about
that).   This would  be a  good test  for this  FBI Agent's  true
loyalties;    that  may open  Gene's eyes  a little more.  We can
turn this  crank against every new judge who comes along, perhaps
forcing a Circuit Judge onto the case, or a dismissal.

     Anyway, these  are some  very heavy  issues, which  you will
need time to consider.  Get back to me when you have had a chance
to review  and think  about these  issues.   Thanks for coming by
yesterday evening;  your support means a lot to me.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law



                             #  #  #

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