Express U.S. Mail                c/o 2509 N. Campbell Ave., #1776
Certified Serial Number                  Tucson [zip code exempt]
#P-502-472-504                                      ARIZONA STATE
Return Receipt Requested
Restricted Delivery Requested                    February 1, 1997
Foreperson, Federal Grand Jury
U.S. Post Office and Federal Building
500 West Pike Street, 2nd Floor
Clarksburg [zip code exempt]
In Re: Grand Jury Subpoena
       Served on IRVIN HIEL PAUGH a/k/a/ BUTCH PAUGH [sic]
Dear Grand Jury Foreperson:
     At the verbal request of My client, Pastor Butch Paugh, I am
writing this  letter to challenge your alleged authority to issue
a subpoena  upon Him  to testify  before your  body.   We  hereby
document the reasons for Our challenge, as follows:
1.   Janet Reno has failed to produce any credentials in response
to a  proper and  timely  Freedom  of  Information  Act  ("FOIA")
request and  appeal submitted  for same.    In  addition  to  the
request and  appeal, a  10-day courtesy notice was also mailed to
Ms. Reno.   Her  deadline for producing credentials was 5:00 p.m.
on Friday,  January  24,  1997.    Her  failure  to  produce  the
requisite  credentials  means  that  she  is  now  estopped  from
claiming any  of the  authorities which  can be  exercised by the
Attorney General,  because her  silence is  a fraud,  pursuant to
U.S. v.  Tweel, and  her silence  activates estoppel, pursuant to
Carmine v.  Bowen.   Thus, the  U.S. Attorney(s)  who signed  the
subpoena to Pastor Paugh have no delegation of authority at all.
2.   The federal  Jury Selection  and Service Act, 28 U.S.C. 1861
thru 1865,  is unconstitutional  for exhibiting  prohibited class
discrimination against  Citizens of  West Virginia  state who are
not also  federal citizens.   This  is the case, even though each
and every  member of  your "grand  jury" is  otherwise qualified,
according to  the requirements  of this Act.  The problem is that
the Act  itself is  unconstitutional, and its unconstitutionality
dates from the moment of its enactment.  In several federal cases
around the nation, this challenge has been placed properly before
federal courts,  but they  are now obstructing justice by failing
to rule  on it.   Accordingly,  your body  is not  a lawful grand
jury, and  Pastor Butch  Paugh cannot  be  compelled  to  testify
before a group of people who are not a lawful body.
3.   Evidence now  shows that  specific employees  of the federal
government receive  financial kick-backs  upon obtaining  federal
grand jury  indictments against  the "enemies"  of the President.
These  kick-backs   include  $25,000   per  indictment   to  U.S.
Attorneys, and  $35,000 per  indictment to  the President  of the
United States.   These kick-backs are being paid under color of a
defunct federal  program called  the Performance  Management  and
Recognition System  ("PMRS").   A FOIA  request for all financial
records of  the PMRS  system  has  been  submitted  to  the  U.S.
Department of  the Treasury.   A  staff attorney  in the Treasury
Department has  responded by  admitting that there are no records
for many PMRS kick-backs, because they were paid in CASH!  Add to
this the  evidence of  widespread perjury and property conversion
rackets within the Department of Justice, using computer software
which was  stolen by that Department, and you have the makings of
a  massive  criminal  conspiracy  among  employees  of  the  U.S.
Department of  Justice, the "Internal Revenue Service" [sic], and
possibly also the federal judiciary.
4.   Recent research  has also  proven that the federal judiciary
has sabotaged  the U.S. Constitution and corrupted laws governing
the conduct of the federal courts.  This has been done in part by
creating the  false impression  that the  United States  District
Court ("USDC")  has territorial  and subject  matter jurisdiction
within  the  several  States  of  the  Union,  particularly  over
criminal prosecutions,  when it  does not.  The truth is that the
USDC is  designed to  adjudicate matters  that arise  within  the
federal zone,  and  the  District  Court  of  the  United  States
("DCUS") is  designed to adjudicate matters that arise within the
state zone.   You  will notice  that the  USDC is  named  on  the
subpoena which you attempted to serve upon Pastor Paugh.  This is
a fraud  upon you,  upon Me,  upon Pastor  Paugh,  and  upon  all
American People,  who enjoy  the  fundamental  guarantee  of  due
process of law.  Sedition by syntax is not due process of law.
5.   Last but not least, I object to this blatant mistreatment of
Pastor Butch  Paugh, who  is being  persecuted in part because He
has assumed  responsibility to  raise funds  to pay My legal fees
for assisting  His colleague,  Major General  Ray  Looker.    DOJ
attorneys are  now persecuting  Looker's wife, a Chinese national
who can  barely speak  English.   Why don't  they pick on someone
their own  size, like  sewer rats?   During  calendar 1996, I was
denied over $35,000 in legal fees by a conspiracy of agents, both
known and unknown, who persuaded several of My clients to believe
a vicious  lie  that  I  am  some  kind  of  federal  "agent"  or
"government informant."   I  am not.   This  latest move  against
Pastor Paugh  is more  evidence of  a consistent and premeditated
pattern of  lies, corruption, economic terrorism, and obstruction
of  justice,   instigated  within   the  Department   of  Justice
specifically to  halt, or cripple, the important research which I
have been  doing for  more than  7 years  now.  Ask yourself this
simple question:   if  Our challenge  to the  Jury Selection  and
Service Act  is "frivolous,"  then why don't the judges just deny
     For your  edification, We  have attached  to this  letter  a
number of  essays, and  additional  documents,  which  constitute
material evidence to support the challenges which We bring to you
in this  letter.   These documents also constitute probable cause
to charge the U.S. Attorney(s) in Pastor Paugh's case with fraud,
jury tampering,  and perjury  of oath,  not to  mention a host of
other criminal  violations of  pertinent federal laws.  See Title
18, United States Code, Sections 241 and 242, for example.
     Please give  all this  evidence your careful and considerate
     The future of this nation is riding on what you do.
Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell
Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Citizen of Arizona state, federal witness,
Counselor at Law, and Counsel to Pastor Butch Paugh
copies:    Pastor Butch Paugh
           Major General Ray Looker (incarcerated)
           The Internet
                             #  #  #

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