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                    Hopland, California 95449
                          707 744-1533

July 13, 1991

Honorable Eugene F. Lynch
Federal District Court
450 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, California 94102

Re: USA v. Vroman #91-0213 EFL

Dear Judge Lynch:

This letter is in response to your request for a resume.

I was admitted to the California Bar on June 6, 1962, and entered
general private  practice in  La Verne,  California in  the  same

In 1966 I was hired as a trial deputy with the Los Angeles County
District Attorney's  Office and  tried a  wide variety  of cases,
including homicide  and other  complex felonies.  During the same
period of  time, I  served as  City Councilman for the City of La

Governor Reagan  appointed me to the Pomona Municipal Court bench
in 1969,  where I  served until  1973, the last year as Presiding
Judge. I  entered private  practice in  1973 and,  in November of
that year,  I was  Certified as  a Criminal  Law Specialist.    I
continued in  private practice  specializing in criminal defense,
including death  penalty cases, in the Los Angeles County, Orange
County area until 1976.

I moved to Mendocino County in 1976 and was hired as an Assistant
Public Defender  serving until  1979.  I then went to work as the
Assistant District  Attorney under  Joe Allen  and served in that
capacity until 198l.

From 198l  until 1985, I practiced private criminal law and again
was hired as the Assistant District Attorney for Mendocino County
for a  short period  after which I was appointed as co-counsel on
a death  penalty case.   I  left that  case and  sat on call as a
judge- pro-tem  in the  Ukiah Judicial  District from  1986 until
1990 when it was made a Municipal Court.

I trust this letter will meet your needs.  If further information
is needed please advise.


/s/ Norman Vroman

Norman L. Vroman


                             #  #  #

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