Janet Mary, Wallen, Sui Juris
Arizona state Citizen
c/o General Delivery
Amado, Arizona state
zip code exempt

In Propria Persona
By Special Appearance

                      IN THE JUSTICE COURT

                     FOR THE COUNTY OF PIMA

STATE OF ARIZONA,            )       Case No. 96-CR-19-MI
     Plaintiff in Admiralty  )       NOTICE OF APPEARANCE
     v.                      )           IN WRITING
Janet Mary, Wallen,          )
     Defendant at Law        )

COMES NOW  the Accused,  Janet Mary, Wallen, Sui Juris, a Citizen

of Arizona  state,  appearing  not  generally  but  specially  In

Propria Persona, to declare as follows:

     1.   Based upon  the grounds  set forth  herein, I  make  my

special appearance  in writing,  pursuant to  the above captioned

and alleged cause.

     "The word 'appearance' means in law the coming into court of
     the party summoned in an action, either by himself or by his
     attorney, and  there are several different kinds and methods
     of appearance."  In Re:  Cool's Estate, 18 A.2d 714, 716, 19
     N.J.Misc. 236.

     2.   It is  notoriously known that an appearance need not be

made in Person.  An appearance by counsel, or in writing, is just

as valid as an appearance in Person.  For example:

                Notice of Appearance in Writing:
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     "Where a  paper, which  has been voluntarily executed by the
     defendants in  a suit  pending and therein filed, contains a
     recital, 'we hereby make our appearance to said cause', such
     phrase signifies  that they  make an  appearance  for  every
     necessary purpose  of the  cause."   Mutual National Bank of
     New Orleans v. Moore, 24 S. 304, 306

     "While  every  'answer'  constitutes  an  'appearance',  the
     converse is not true."  Rio Del Mar Country Club v. Superior
     Court, Santa Cruz County, 190 P.2d 295, 300.

     3.   In agreement  with the cited case law, I hereby make an

"Appearance De Bene Esse":

     "De  Bene  Esse  ...  conditionally;    provisionally;    in
     anticipation  of   future  need.     A   phrase  applied  to
     proceedings which  are taken  ex parte  or provisionally and
     are allowed to stand as well done for the present."  Black's
     Law Dictionary, 5th edition.

     "An 'appearance  de bene esse' is designed to permit a party
     to a  proceeding to  refuse to  submit  his  person  to  the
     jurisdiction of  the court  unless it  is finally determined
     that he  has forever  waived that right."  Farmers Trust Co.
     v. Alexander, 6 A.2d 262, 265

     4.   An "appearance  de bene  esse" is  therefore a  Special

Appearance designed  to allow  the Accused  to meet and discharge

the contractual  requirement of  making an appearance, and at the

same time, to refuse to submit Herself to the Jurisdiction of any

alleged Plaintiff,  hence of  the Court,  unless and  until  some

judicial   department    Prosecutor   makes    all   disclosures,

specifically by  producing a  Complaint of  damage and/or injury,

signed and verified by the injured party.

Dated:  March 15, 1996

Respectfully submitted,

/S/ Janet Mary Wallen

Janet Mary, Wallen, Sui Juris
Citizen of Arizona
All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

                Notice of Appearance in Writing:
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