Janet Mary, Wallen, Sui Juris
Arizona state Citizen
c/o General Delivery
Amado, Arizona state
zip code exempt

In Propria Persona
By Special Appearance

                      IN THE JUSTICE COURT

                     FOR THE COUNTY OF PIMA

STATE OF ARIZONA,            )       Case No. 96-CR-19-MI
     Plaintiff in Admiralty  )       NOTICE AND REVOCATION
     v.                      )       OF POWER OF ATTORNEY
Janet Mary, Wallen,          )
     Defendant at Law        )

COMES NOW  Janet Mary,  Wallen, Sui  Juris, the  Accused in  the

above entitled  action, to  provide  Notice  to  all  interested

parties of Her lawful Revocation of Power of Attorney, to wit:


Mary, Wallen,  Sui Juris,  BEING FIRST  DULY SWORN,  deposes and

says that:

     I, Janet  Mary, Wallen,  Sui Juris,  as a  lawful  American

Citizen of  the several states, do hereby wholly REVOKE, CANCEL,

and ANNUL  all Powers of Attorney, expressed, implied in fact or

otherwise, signed  or otherwise consented to by Me, My agent(s),

parents, parens  patriae, implied  in law or by trust, voluntary

or  involuntary,   with  or  without  My  informed  consent  and

knowledge, as  these revoked  Powers of  Attorney pertain to Me,

and to  the property  both real  and personal, obtained by Me in

the past, present, and future.

          Notice and Revocation of Power of Attorney:
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     ANY other evidence or presumption to the contrary is hereby


     ANY and  ALL past  signatures or  authorizations, including

but  not   limited  to  Federal  Alcohol  Administration  (a/k/a

"Internal Revenue  Service") Forms 1040 and W-4, Social Security

Administration   Form    SS-5,   driver's    licenses,   vehicle

registrations, birth or trust certificates, voter registrations,

and other  franchises with  any agency  of the  government, were

signed or  otherwise entered  in ERROR,  and were  involuntarily

made under threat, duress and coercion (hereinafter "TDC").

     I hereby  REVOKE, cancel and render NULL and VOID, Nunc Pro

Tunc, both  currently and  retroactively to the date and time of

My  signing   or  other  apparent  consent,  any  and  all  such

contracts, including the "contract" whereby I promised to appear


Number 951231068.

     NO  man,   woman,   elected   official,   public   servant,

bureaucrat, corporation,  government, state, or other artificial

"person" has  ANY authority  whatsoever to act on My behalf, nor

to represent  Me in  a court  of law, nor for ANY legislature or

judicial tribunal,  or ANY administrative agency of the federal,

state, local,  or municipal government, to make non-positive law

that binds  Me to  ANY unconscionable  adhesion contract  that I

have not entered into knowingly, intentionally, and voluntarily.

     I have  made, constituted  and RESTORED  My full  power  of

attorney, EFFECTIVE  IMMEDIATELY, over  all  My  individual  and

business affairs.

          Notice and Revocation of Power of Attorney:
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     I have given and granted Myself full power and authority to

do and  perform all and every act and thing whatsoever necessary

to be  done to  ensure that the unalienable and sovereign Rights

secured by  Me under  the organic  laws of  the united states of

America,   the   Declaration   of   Independence   (1776),   the

Constitution for  the United  States of  America (1789)  and the

Bill of  Rights (1791),  two hundred  years of American case law

(i.e. common  law), and  the state Constitution of the sovereign

state of  the Arizona  Republic, will be honored, respected, and

promoted, and defended.

     I have  also given My sacred oath to protect and defend the

Constitution for  the United  States  of  America,  as  lawfully

amended, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

     I have  already declared  notoriously My "Sui Juris" status

in connection  with My  property and name.  If any agency of the

government disputes  the above claimed status in connection with

the "name"  sworn and  sealed in this affidavit, I hereby demand

that they  immediately produce  all documents  and/or  contracts

being "held-in-due-course,"  pursuant  to  U.C.C.  3-305.52  and

U.C.C. 3-505, that create ANY legal disability whatsoever to the

claimed "Sui  Juris" status  and "Alieni  Juris" relating  to My


     I am  NOT a "ward of the state", nor legally incompetent or

disabled by  ANY valid contract.  If I elect to retain effective

assistance  of  Counsel  for  any  reason  whatsoever,  such  an

election by  Me is NOT, under any circumstances, to be construed

as a  revocation or  waiver of ANY of My unalienable Rights thus


          Notice and Revocation of Power of Attorney:
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     Pursuant to  Title 28,  United States Code, Section 1746(1)

and executed  "without the  United States,"  I do hereby affirm,

under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the United States of

America and  under the  laws of  the Arizona  Republic, that the

foregoing is  true and  correct,  to  the  best  of  My  current

information, knowledge, and belief.

     And Further deponent saith not.

     I now  affix My  signature and  official seal to all of the

above affirmations  WITH  EXPLICIT  RESERVATION  OF  ALL  OF  MY



Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Janet Mary Wallen
Citizen/Principal, by  Special Appearance,  In Propria  Persona,
proceeding Sui Juris, with Assistance, Special

Sworn, subscribed, sealed, and affirmed before me this

_____________ day of ____________________________, 1996.

Notary Public for the state of Arizona

My commission expires on


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                             #  #  #

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