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    This area is from my cruises on the web, searching for new and latest
information to add to The Patriot's Archives.   Some of these links will
make it to the main pages, some will never leave here and some will just
be deleted into nothingness.

    This list is subject to changing minute by minute.  If you find a site
that you think should be considered, please email info to:


Thank you,


  1. Public Access LYNX"
  2. Great FFA auto submitter
  3. Caltrans Highway Information Los Angeles/Orange County Area
  4. Media on the Internet
  5. webfaq
  6. Free guest books
  7. FREE FAX !
  8. Classified Advertising Network
  9. Newspapers Unlimited
  10. Creating a Successful Web Page
  12. Apollo Travel Reservation System
  13. Travel and Transportation
  14. To see which theatres THE NUTTY PROFESSOR is playing at...[LINK]
  15. Evolution of a Primenet homepage
  16. Introduction to passwds for Webs
  17. Airline Freq Flyer programs
  18. procmail FAQ [http format]
  19. Search the ENTIRE Intenret in one easy step!
  20. ZIP+4 Code
  21. Galactus Site [remailers info site]
  22. The Remailer Guru
  23. The Genealogy Resource Page.
  24. Online Thomas Guide - On Steroids
  25. Shareware Author Network
  26. Shareware Promotion Service
  27. Seattle Filmworks
  28. Register to Win $$$!
  29. Internet Fax Server [Free faxing!]
  30. list of basic HTML commands and primer guide
  31. Go to the Subway Navigator.
  32. Go to the Koblas Currency Converter.
  33. Web Page Analyser
  34. Barn Sides Links
  35. Boles Search Resources & Links
  36. WebStep Resources
  37. Movie Sites
  38. PGPfone
  39. Lycos Database
  40. How can I secure access to my server?
  41. WebStep's Release It! [press releases]
  42. Cash or free publicity just for adding announcement to your web
  43. Association of Federal Defense Attorneys
  44. Movies & Films
  45. Finding People
  46. Law
  47. FedEx Package Tracker
  48. Package Tracker [UPS]
  49. Airlines
  50. Internet Sleuth
  51. The Legal System On The Net
  52. United States Sentencing Commission
  53. The United States Courts of Appeals
  54. The Supreme Court of the United States
  55. Central Intelligence Agency
  56. United States Postal Service
  57. Table of Contents - US Government agencies and sites
  58. Hawaii Travel Information Center
  59. Begin Surfing with the Anonymizer
  60. Sign Me Up Marketing
  61. Janelle's Jumpin Freebis Page.
  62. HTML Writer's Guild
  63. First Virtual
  64. 2600: The Hacker Quarterly
  65. Browse the Newsstand [the biggest list of mainstream mag online]
  66. Legal Libraries and Legal Links
  67. Christopher Webster's Star Trek page
  68. All-in-One Search Page
  69. Movie Database
  70. News Services on the World Wide Web
  72. SciFi Channel
  73. URouLette
  74. Abuses of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
  75. The Patriot's Board!
  76. Police Against the NWO
  77. People's News Network
  78. US ARMY'S Computer Database files found! Check out 1005TOC.HTM
  79. Had enough? Come to the lighter side....(chuckle)
  80. Constitutional Counsels research site
  81. United Nations Home Page
  82. World Citizen Web [WSA Passports]
  83. United States Code (USC)
  84. American War Library [miltary personnel research database]
  85. ANI BLOCK!
  86. Patriot's Knowledge Base
  87. Sovereign's Web Page
  88. Sovereign Citizen Resource Center
  89. The Sovereign Patriot Group
  90. The FED Zone
  91. Sovereign's WWW Content Page
  92. Free America
  93. Patriots for a Constitutional America
  94. Right Side of the Web
  95. The Conservative Corner
  96. Anti-Fascist Web
  97. Massive patriot references
  98. Internet 800 Directory
  99. Constitution Society Home Page
  100. Republic of Texas
  101. The Death of Vince Foster
  102. Make Your Own Conspiracy Theory [humor]
  103. After Death: Description of What Happens
  104. Forensic Pathology (Warning! Disturbing)
  105. Remailer list
  106. Office of Human Radiation Experiments
  107. Internal Revenue Service
  108. Nation of Hawai`i Home Page
  109. Privacy Information [criminal, medical, credit info]
  110. Little Black Helicopter Page
  111. Secret History of the United States
  112. Stop paying federal income taxes
  113. Karl's Battle with the IRS
  114. IRS Abuse Reports
  115. Usenet Signature and Finger FAQ
  116. Tijuana
  117. Create a Free newspaper
  118. Click here to go to SoCal Transit Main Page
  119. Union Station - Los Angeles Rail Transit
  120. City of Beverly Hills
  121. [AuctionWeb]
  122. Beating the E-Mail Spammers
  123. Web Interface to Whois
  124. American Mall (reciprocal link required)
  125. Maps! [input address and get a map]
  126. Superstation LA [Info about Los Angeles]
  127. Crime Scene Evidence THIS IS A HOAX--A PRETTY GOOD ONE!
  128. Genealogy
  129. Bring the family together. Download Intel Internet phone n ow.
  130. Travel Health Online
  131. Cathay Pacific Airlines
  132. US Government Agencies, from CIA to National Science Foundation and everything in between
  133. Town Hall - The Conservative Meeting Place
  134. The Capitol Steps [comedy/parady music group about politics]
  135. Arrest [self] on the Internet [use with caution! it may be real! Look but dont send!]
  136. San Diego's Visitor Center
  137. The Stalker's Home Page - You are on computer...
  138. Learn Pittsburghese in a Day
  139. Free Offers/Samples On The 'Net
  140. Electronic credit repair kit with a patriot slant
  141. Virtual Airlines
  142. Real-time Airline Reservations
  143. [LINK]Bill Of Rights
  144. Get Free Stuff now!
  145. ITEX Corporation
  146. windows - netscape nav.
  149. Free Internet Access
  150. Freebies on the Web!
  151. Free Home In-The-Net
  152. Banned Books On-Line
  153. Paranoia - Freedom on the Net
  154. Secrets of Getting FREE Advertising
  155. [Nolo's Home Page]
  156. HTML Anchor for blue ribbon against censorship
  157. Free Home Page
  158. Cybill-ing Revelry
  159. MULTICHECK - a free consumer service
  160. John Birch Society homepage
  161. Hackers & Phreakers Page
  162. Protect Your Rights of Free Speech!
  163. CouponsDirect - Free Coupons!
  164. exposure USA
  165. Pointers to Pointers
  166. Crypto/Remailer/Cypherpunk sites
  167. Suggested Starting Points for Internet Exploration
  168. NameSecure (SM)
  169. Auto Submit
  170. Internet Creator 3.0
  171. Fan Page [alicia]
  172. Champaign-Urbana Online - dont care about spams?
  173. SYTRANS's WWW Translation Page
  174. TravelFile's Destination Search
  175. anonymous accounts [shell via telnet]
  176. Audiences Unlimited [free TV show tickets]
  178. The Free Advertisement Exchange
  179. All laws of California
  180. Catalina Island Guide
  181. Orange County, California
  182. Access Providers
  183. NWTRCC's flyer on the Telephone Tax and how to not pay it
  184. Takedown: The capture of computer hacker Kevin Mitnick
  185. Peoples' Prison Survival Guide
  186. US Supreme Court Decisions
  187. Federal Rules of Evidence
  188. Federal Rules of Civil Porcedure
  189. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  190. California Bar Association
  191. Guide to California Courts
  192. Code Of Federal Regulations
  193. California Constitution
  194. Drug Related Street Terms/Slang Words:
  195. Mobspeak:
  196. Law Library of Congress
  197. Currency Converter
  198. Quark's
  199. More "Submit-URL" Sites
  200. Digital warfare
  201. Pine mailer home page
  202. World's Airports
  203. Travel through Russia on the web!
  204. Soviet Archives
  205. TV Schedules of the World
  206. Law Guru [160+ law search engines]
  208. The Central Stupidity Agency
  209. The Modified Justus Department Pages
  210. Download George Bush unauthorized biography
  211. 1001 FREE Links to promote your site!
  212. Actors Online
  213. SFNB Bank [online bank]
  214. CyberCash
  215. The US Domain registration service.
  217. Newspapers on the net [worldwide]
  218. Profanity throughout the world [humor]
  219. "Tax Protesters" Hall of Fame
  220. Other free-ad papers around the world
  221. Random Link
  222. SOCALTIP, the Southern California Transit Information Project
  223. Southern California Transit club
  224. Project Gutenberg
  225. ROUTES, The Lighter Side of Public Transit
  226. Changing Usenet headers to thwart spammers
  227. If you currently have a web site... YOU CAN RECEIVE $100 CREDIT
  228. Broadcaster URL form submitter
  229. Authorlink!
  230. Nominate a way cool site to WebScout
  231. the largest newspaper index on the web!!!
  232. Will we get our National I.D. cards sooner?
  233. MLM Link Page
  234. Main Search Page - Associated Press
  235. SavvySearch!
  236. Shareware Author Network Login WEBpage
  237. Information on VersusLaw Law Library [free trial available]
  238. Surf the Web backwards!
  239. Zip2 Door-to-Door Directions [FANTASTIC!]
  240. Common law marriages
  241. Probation and Parole Violators in State Prison
  242. Understanding The Federal Courts
  243. Uniform Code of Military Justice
  244. Federal (Presidential) Pardon or Act of Clemency
  245. Supreme Court criminal law decisions
  246. U.N. Criminal Justice Information Network
  247. U.S. Congress law library [best research source!]
  248. UNITED STATES guide to Criminal Law
  249. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
  250. Federal Court Decisions and Rules
  251. Tips for Travel, including current weather pictures
  252. CashLink - get paid per click
  253. What is the Truth About Psychic Healing?
  254. A-Z Free Classifieds
  255. Online banking on the net
  256. Interactive Currency Table [exchange rates]
  257. Link Time
  258. Place your ad for FREE!
  259. International CD
  260. Galaxy Mall Free Classifieds
  261. Admatic ads stay online for 14 days
  262. Post free ad [stays online for 30 days]
  263. Put your banner here for free through Net-On!
  264. Telnet Canada's Fieds [runs for 4 days]
  265. In Vancouver! Classified Ads
  266. Classified Ads
  267. easySABRE
  268. Travel Publications issued by US Government
  269. annouce web site
  270. Add Me submission service [free!]
  271. Christian Banner eXchange
  272. Sites To Advertise Your Business
  273. Link Your URL To Jump Sites
  274. Sites That Link You Back
  275. Corner of Hollywood & Vine Camera
  276. League of Links
  277. Cyber Link Exchange 2000
  278. BannerCast:
  279. Web Wide Media Ad Exchange:
  280. NarrowCast Media:
  281. AdSwap
  282. Add to this database
  283. Banner Generator [make banners instantly]
  284. The Amazing Instant Online Animated Banner Maker[LINK]
  285. "Top 200 search words on Yahoo!" (Oct. 1996)
  286. Submit to Globe Web Directory
  287. Showings of Waco93 movie. [must see]
  288. FAM Connection
  289. FreeLinks Home Page
  290. CyberLink's WWW FREE Classified AD-Links
  291. Mamma search engine
  292. WebArrivals
  293. Email Server - Not Software, an ISP for your email
  294. Place a FREE Ad!
  295. 300+ Free Link Sites
  296. Announce yourself on these newsgroups
  297. Amazing Colossal Reciprocal Links Page
  298. Sharelinks!
  299. Links 1000 - Places to link your page!
  300. A fantastic research information page for GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS
  301. Ad-Ministrator Classified
  302. PeopleFinder
  303. Place FREE newspaper ad
  304. 3 AutoResponders for 3 years ... for a total of only $99
  306. Mailform! Add HTML forms to your website. Free!
  307. Alicia Witt
  308. The Unofficial Alicia Witt Page
  309. TV Guide Online
  310. Links to other record breaking sites
  311. List and information for every Star Trek episode
  312. Webtrawler
  313. Looksmart
  314. Respond To Mailing [Columbia House]
  315. Sign Up A Friend [Columbia House]
  316. "Fuck You" T-Shirt
  317. Laws: Cases and Codes [everything for the legal researcher]
  318. Industry Links
  319. Online Law Library [Patriot]
  320. ENVision Marketing Database
  321. legitimate offers of free Web space
  322. The Liszt: The most comprehensive list of newsgroups and mailing list
  323. ISP Directory
  324. Add/Remove URL [AltaVista]
  325. Submit your website to the Ultimate Exposure 200 Index.
  326. free website promotion
  327. FREE Classifieds Sites
  328. KPRO Home Page
  329. [Submit] The Board advertisements (ads last 30 days)
  330. Request Demographic Reports on Your Page [URL-minder]
  331. VisitA Random MLM Site
  332. Hit Counters [free]
  333. Grandfather of All Links
  334. 200+ Free For All Link Pages
  335. FAQ: Public [free] DNS services (free domains)
  336. FREE Domain Name Registration
  337. Free Visibility Report for your website
  339. Visit Submit Station! [free for all links]
  340. Submit to AutoLink
  341. Multiple Free for all pages
  342. [free usenet server]
  343. Free News Servers
  344. Newzbot! Public USENET Resources
  345. Public Access News Servers
  346. Yahoo's List Of Public Access News Servers
  347. POWER SUBMIT - Your URL to 100's of Free Links pages for Free!
  348. .NU Domain
  350. SubmitShack [submit URL to many smaller search engines, mostly Europe]
  351. Slang French Dictionary
  352. AM Radio Station List
  353. FM Radio Station List
  354. TV and Radio Stations by Zone
  355. Local Radio and TV Web Links
  356. | Radio Guide USA | list27 | Los Angeles Talk Radio | PAGE 1
  357. The Producer: Job Openings
  358. The Karen Fox Dating Rules
  359. Go to Radio Guide U.S.A. homepage
  360. News from the Island of Tonga
  361. Free Photos scanned
  362. 200 free places to place a link to your page [FFA]
  363. Digital 3 - free autoresponders and email forwarding
  364. Reciprocal Link Exchange
  365. Domain registration and web/email forwarding for one time $75
  366. List a Domain name for sale... FREE!
  367. 200 FFA pages
  369. SubmitNow!
  370. Security Issues [securing passwd protecting webpages]
  371. Banner Rotation
  372. Quick list of all member sites [Cybermall ring]
  373. Ringmaster FAQ
  374. Webring Management
  375. Place your FREE ad on business opp systems - stays for 30 days
  376. Place free ad on bus opp system for 2 months
  377. Violent Times movie
  378. Script-O-Rama
  379. Register domain names for free
  380. Place a Free Ad [CyberLand Mall]
  382. Sound Ring
  383. Sound America
  384. Links [WAVaholics]
  385. Meaning of Life (753 KB .WAV)
  386. Every Sperm is Sacred (2914 KB .WAV)
  387. Submit4free - 124 search engines all at once.
  389. WAV Ring
  390. Index - Domain Name Registries Around the World
  391. Setting up Email in DOS
  392. 'Lectric Law Library
  393. Criminal Justice Net
  394. J'accuse: An open letter to Janet Reno
  395. Webmasters click for $$$
  397. My adventures page
  398. [LINK] Classifinder [top 10 free ads sites]
  399. Hundreds of Free Webdesign Resources! + ADD URL to links!
  400. FREE URL Submission
  401. Business LinkBooster
  402. CGI for the Total Non-Programmer
  403. offsite resources list for CGI
  404. Sites With FREE Public Records!
  405. Film/Video Producer's Guide to the Web
  406. Cursing in Swedish
  407. TradeBanners Membertav
  408. FREE Autoresponders
  409. Infosnoop
  410. Everything you could want to know about cellular
  411. Research Your Family Tree
  412. Larry Becraft Briefs
  413. Films in the Works
  414. Entertainment industry information resource
  415. Submit Your Website FREE To 650 Search Engines
  416. FREE Automatic Submission to 1000s of FFAs
  417. Password protecting a Unix directory
  418. To the FAQ Database: Virtual Domains
  419. Lyrics To Songs
  420. Get on hundreds of link pages with this one simple form
  421. Excel Impressions: FREE HATS!
  422. DBasics Statistical Counter Script - Installation
  423. Your company name:H
  424. Driving directions
  425. Star Trek [excellent .WAV files]
  426. Click Here For More Information on how to take checks online
  427. Perl scripts - thousands of 'em
  428. Securing Perl CGI Scripts
  429. Debugging Perl CGI Scripts
  430. CGI 101
  431. Links to time travel information