Freedom... Are You?

Just exactly how much is freedom worth? It depends on how much you want, I guess. We believe very much that as Americans, we have the right to be free. Most people don't know what that means. True freedom is the right to choose. Always. And without interfering in the life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness of others. True freedom means being responsible for the choices you make, and paying the consequences when appropriate. When anyone tells you how or when you can do something, or even whether or not you can, then you are not free. You have essentially given up your right to choose. You have given control of your life to someone else.

You know how everyone says "what right does the government have, they are OUR employees afterall"? Well, rethink it. The truth is, we are their employees, their charges, their slaves. How did this happen? How many employers do you know that go to their employees for a benefits package for themselves? That's right -- you signed up for "Social Security". You volunteered to be assigned a number. And to boot -- YOU told the government you thought you were a taxpayer!

Consider these FACTS:

Social Security is VOLUNTARY.

No one can force you to give them an SSN. The purpose of the SSN is to track your earnings in order to properly apply credit for the government pension plan. It is not supposed to be used as a personal identification.

W4 Forms are voluntary

Filing a 1040 is voluntary.

Wages are NOT income. Wages/income is profit. If you are worth $25 per hour, and you are making $25 per hours -- where is the profit??? Essentially when you volunteer to the IRS that you think you are a taxpayer, and that you made so much in profit, you are saying that YOU ARE WORTH ZERO AND A RESIDENT ALIEN subject to Washington DC citizenship and jurisdiction!

You don't own your home or land... You have a "color" of title. The state has the real title. If you were a true landowner, would you being paying rent (taxes)? Would someone be able to tell you what you could do with and on it?

You don't own your car. The state has the real title to the car. All you have is a deed for usage. It's their car. That's why they can tell you what to do with it, and when you can do it, and how to do it. And that's how they get away with charging rent (taxes) for it.

Worst of all, you don't own your kids... You may say, well I don't own them anyway. But I mean you absolutely are not the last word on their care and upbringing... the state is. When you got married you made a contract (license) with the state and made them a partner in your marriage. That gave them full rights to all products of that marriage, including your kids. That's how they get away with a lot of the laws they pass regulating how you will raise and care for your children.

I don't have a problem paying my "fair" share. But, just what is that? And who determines what my fair share is? And does everyone pay the same (I don't think so). Our current system is extremely unfair and quite possibly illegal. Not to mention the fact that the following programs don't even pay into the u.S. Treasury, they go directly to the Federal Reserve Bank to pay off the national debt (FRB is a PRIVATE corporation that pays NO taxes, BTW):

Internal Revenue Service (check the back of your check and see who cashed it)

Postal Service

Social Security

I'm guessing here, but this constitutes the bulk of our federal governments' supposed income. So if it's not going to the Treasury to cover welfare and everything else, what does pay for that stuff? I don't know exactly, but obviously they get enough to pay for it. Removing personal taxes and social security payments would not deplete the store. Personally, I'll go for a national sales tax.

Our constitution gave us the right to be free. But I have found that freedom has a price. I'm not talking about the men who died 200 years ago, or even since, in a effort to secure our rights as human beings. I'm talking about the battles, big and small, that each individual who decides to be free will have to fight to gain and keep that freedom on a daily basis.

I can tell you that it is not as simple as some people suggest or advise. It isn't cheap either. Many "gurus" want a lot of money to "help" you find your freedom. If you have the money, and don't want to do the research yourself, it may well be worth the money. But the problem is many people, ourselves included, don't have the means ($$$) to buy our freedom. Additionally, if you follow their advice and get into trouble (and this is quite possible with some of the avenues being taught) you're usually on your own. Their fees do not necessarily include legal support.

You must read and research for yourself, and make your own decisions. Just because someone says "Section xxx.xx of 26 USC says you don't need to do whatever", don't take it at face value. Look up the code yourself. And ascertain for yourself what it means. Use these bits of information as directions to get where you want to go, but do the path paving yourself. Mistakes can be costly. Very. So review the information, think it through, double check to make sure someone hasn't already tried that route --and lost. Make sure the person giving you the advice hasn't already gone to jail for following his own advice.

The best way? Find someone who has successfully done what you want to do, and follow them -- less their mistakes. If they're a human being, they'll even give you a roadmap. I have been told a lot of things. And they all sounded good. And they looked true. But, in reality, acting on those "facts" could and did cause trouble for us. You see, My intention is to NOT become a test case or prove myself and my beliefs in court. If I'm right, I shouldn't have to go to court. And let me tell you, I've trusted a few people in the last year I had no business trusting. So I know from which I speak.

I have no money, and therefore no means to afford a good defense. I would lose, possibly, what little I have after struggling for 40 years, including "my" house, my kids, clothes -- you name it. That price is too high for me. So, I want to talk to people who weren't bothered, were left alone, and didn't go to court. In my mind, if you went to court you either pioneered an untested avenue, or you did something wrong. I don't care to be in either of those categories.

So, what can you do? So far, the only plausible path I can find is to revoke everything, including your social security application (you didn't really think you were going to get that pittance anyway, did you?). This can be a monumental task for some of us (it is for me). Because the number of signatures I have out there is staggering. But, it is a task that must be done. I also have to find an alternative to the currently accepted form of banking. I also have to find an employer that is willing to listen to me and accept me at face value -- without a social security number. I've written to many, many individuals (government slaves) asking for information regarding specifics in the law -- and if I'm wrong, by all means, let me know. The simple fact of the matter is: they won't revoke your social security number, per se. However, by making affidavits regarding the various issues, you can set up, administratively, the fact that you have no intention of benefiting from the program and therefore will not be needing the card (remember, the number and card belong to THEM, so YOU can not simply give it back).

The most important part of this process is to get out of debt. Now. Quickly and as quietly as you can. Most bank loans and credit card accounts are frauds anyway. They didn't loan you any money. What they did was take your "promise to pay" and deposit it into the bank, then they wrote you a check against it. If you know anything about accounting, you know that this isn't the way to do it. Because, when you start paying that loan or credit card company back, the payments are clear profit. There is no second entry to balance them. Essentially, you funded your own loan. I believe it's called check kiting, and it is illegal, even by Federal Reserve standards. There's only two ways to stop the nonsense. Pay off the exorbitant accounts, or tell the banks you know what's going on and ask them to prove you wrong... There is a process for following the second avenue, and it must be done correctly or you'll find yourself in court. But if you do it right, you're free. The problem is staying that way.

Visit these websites. Some are radical, but pay attention to the content. The facts don't change -- don't let your prejudice over the presentation interfere with what is being presented. Several have forms for you to use for accomplishing some of these tasks. But don't go shooting off letters to people without being relatively sure that it won't get you into trouble...

Carol & Larry Peterson

Websites with Information and Instructions on Taxes and Relevant Issues

Click on the icon or link to go to the website -- don't forget to return!:

Thurston Bell with Taxgate.ComBy far the best information available on the net. Readable, understandable. Thurston even explains why the advice you get elsewhere won't work (via a list of adverse court decisions). If you have the money, this is a very, very good investment. If you don't have the money, most of the information is downloadable and available for your use. They provide forms for every step of the process. Advice on how to proceed, and support when you need it. And Thurston IS available to people. This was very important to me.

Captain Nemo Presents The Ultimate Tax Freedom Document. Lots of information on taxes and what to do about the IRS

Anderson Arc Associates/Keith Anderson. Freedom Package including education, with access to excellant trusts. The education portion includes instructions for and why you should get out of the system. PLEASE LET THEM KNOW I SENT YOU. Joining AAA could be one of your more intelligent moves at this point. Keith Anderson has dedicated his life to educating people on their freedoms. They are very experienced in trusts, and hold seminars regularly.

Due Process Due Process This group has been very successful with their IRS dealings, and share their experience here, including a newsletter that's very informative and keeps you up to date.

Strategic Withdrawal by American Unlimited. Excellent Site! Strategic Withdrawal, the book promoted at this site is the best resource for getting out of the system, and why you should. It is a very comprehensive 1-2-3 how to. You are supplied with the necessary how-to's, whys, and forms. If you want a solid piece of material that pulls the basics all together for you, this is it, for those that wish to be completely free as our forefathers intended.

Practical Freedeom by Terra Libra. Reports, investment opportunities, business opportunities, many, many instructional reports on the system, tax and otherwise.

Bill Conklin's Home page.Why no one is required to file tax returns. Excellent site.


Know Your Land Rights.Excellent source for information on land ownership and deeds, how to get them, etc.

American Patriot Network. Excellent knowledge site on taxes and some related information.

Morningstar's College of Knowledge.Various freedom issues and links.

www.TAX-FREEDOM.comDisciples of Truth.Perfect Tax Knowledge, tons of information.

Invisible Contracts George Mercier. Online Book, can be downloaded. Explanation of all the contracts we sign that enslave us to the government.

Team LawTeam Law. How to take back your rights, taxes, government, land, etc. Excellent site.

The Pissed Off American Page, Dave Smith. Lots of facts and stuff regarding taxes.

IRS Defensive Procedures. How and Why to defend yourself against IRS tactics.

Good News.Good News. Lots of information on money issues.

The Land of Liberty. Deals with money issues.

The Right Connections.How to defend yourself against the IRS.

THE BIG CON. The truth about identification cards.

Tom Schauf: America's Hope: Cancel Bank Loans and Credit. I don't advocate dumping valid debt. If you purchased something and use it, you need to pay for it. However, these books go into the issue a little deeper, and you may find after thinking about it for awhile, that you have some very suspicious credit that you're paying for. This tells you how to get rid of it without ruining your life.

The Federal Zone. Your 5th Amendment Rights and the IRS.

Ed Rivera. Nice clean site. Offers letters of endorsement, other services, and information on related issues.

Tax Cases.Tax cases which used various patriot arguments, and received adverse decisions. Will make you think twice before following someone's advice to ignore the IRS, et al.

SSN.Information on the Social Security Number and it's use.

Larry Becraft.Legal briefs regarding the IRS, et al. He is one of, if not the, most prominent and winning attorneys out there on IRS issues right now. His writings are sound, and many are proven.

Sovereignty Workshop, Ken Adler. Loads of informationa nd studies in the form of downloadable files. This is a great site for gathering things together.

The Moneymaker Pages.Their family name is Moneymaker. Pages on the Federal Reserve and lots of money issues. Good Site.

Barefoot Bob. Who is running America? Covers the missing 13th Amendment, Index to the Constitution, and related issues.

National organization for Non-Enumeration. Social Security issues and things related to the social security number.

Perfect Economy, Mike Montagne. Writings on central bank issues and national debt.

USA The Republic. Your Freedom: How you lost it, how you can get it back. Various writings by patriots.

Social Security Number Not Required. Very good site regarding the social security number, including cites and references.

SSA RESPONSE. One of many Social Security Administration's responses to Freedom of Information Act requests. Includes editorial.


Breadwinner's Web Site. I believe this is the Moneymakers again.

Tax Tactics, Dawn Miller. How to defend yourself against the IRS.

The Wallace Institute.Devvy Kidd. Project on Winning Economic Reform. VERY informational.

Tax freedom. Brad Barnhill. Diary of a person ow exiting from the system, supplies his writings to the IRS and responses. Includes how to open a bank account without a Social Security Number

Websites You Will Need to conduct research on your findings, and places to get what you need.

Click on the icon or link to go to the website -- don't forget to return!:

Gold Coins, current pricing. This is where you get REAL money.

Legal Information Institute. Search Supreme Court decisions, etc.

Emory Law. U.S. Court of Appeals, fed Circuit, Find court cases.


BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT.Eastern Office. How to get a land patent.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Text. I wish this were downloadable as an Adobe file, but alas, it isn't. But you can at least read what you need. It's very large. IMO

The Federal Register. Federal Regulations, Public Laws, Presidential documents, etc.

The Federalist Society. Law site.

YUK. The IRS. Get your publications and forms here.

CFRCode of Federal Regulations.Search, find, and print any CFR.


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