Time:    Tue Oct 28 12:08:23 1997
Date:    Tue, 28 Oct 1997 19:55:35 -0800
To:      spitnspot@earthlink.net
From:    Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: The Fed Zone

The fee is $25 for the electronic version of the book.

If you try to walk out of any bookstore with a book
from their inventory, without paying for it, they would
be justified in arresting you for shoplifting.

My book is no different.  People have spent more
than $25 in their lives, buying toilet paper.

Your charge of hypocrisy is rebutted hereby.

No one has ever requested, or obtained, permission
to put any electronic edition of the book on the

No one.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

At 10:07 PM 10/27/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Mr. Mitchell, Modeleski, or whatever you prefer:
>I just ran across a post in the usenets stating that you are bringing
>action against people who have posted, presumably, your work THE FEDERAL
>ZONE on websites on the internet.  I am disheartened by this.  Saddened,
>actually.  I know I have no grounds to tell you what to do with your
>work, however if you actually believe in what all you wrote I must hold
>a prejudice of hipocracy against you.  I regret that I must use such
>language for the fact that reading your book was the one defining moment
>in my understanding of the conspiracy against the American people.
>I am also disheartened because I have been working on a disk for the
>past several months that would contain, among other things, your book. 
>I tried to contact you but couldn't.  Eventually I logged onto Richard
>McDonald's Patriot bbs and wrote him a letter explaining my intentions
>and asking for advice on how to contact you.  He responded that although
>he did not know how to reach you, he believed that in the manner I was
>going to distribute your work that you would not take any exception, in
>fact he advised me that he had release 5 on his BBS available for
>download.  I had planned to zip it along with the States' constitutions,
>the u.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, various
>documents/articles/cites and a bunch of internet shortcuts and
>distribute it free of cost to students at the University of Notre Dame,
>Indiana University at South Bend, Saint Mary's College (N.D.'s sister
>school), Holy Cross College (N.D.'s community college), Bethel College,
>Southwestern Michigan College and possible Goshen College.  You see, I'm
>the service manager for a PC manufacturer (the largest in the Indiana)
>and I receive hundreds of free diskettes a month from vendors which I
>could erase and use for my own purposes.  I believe your book to be an
>excellent source to give people a basic understanding of the law and
>legal terminology that they need to proceed in the sharks' waters and to
>get them interested in what's going on.  The more people in this the
>better for all of us.  All I want to do is educate people.  I have a
>couple of years of legal foundation in formal school at Loyola
>University Chicago Law School and your book really re-lit the fire in my
>belly to destroy the IRS.  
>In closing, Mr. Mitchell, I will await word from you before I proceed,
>and furthermore I will make contingency plans should you deny my
>request.  I would like to state for the record that I have NOT
>distributed your material as of this date. 
>Thank you for your time, your diligence (in research for your book), and
>may God bless us all for the battle that we face.

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