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Document Index
USC vs CFR or Statutes vs Regulations
By Charles F. Charpentier
Learn the difference between the US Code and the Code of Federal Regulations: Crucial to understanding the fraud perpetuated by the government on Americans.
By William Cooper
Investigation into whether or not the IRS/BATF are even agencies or departments of the U.S. government. Gives history of how the IRS and the BATF came into existence; and it wasn't through Congress! Highly recommended for novice and veteran freedom fighters alike.
United States vs. Robert Raymond and Robert Bernhoft
"Motion for Protective Order" Requested by Plaintiff
Excellent document is the complete transcript of the proceedings and contains Robert Bernhoft's brilliant argument at the January 5, 1998 hearing. Raymond and Bernhoft had summoned six IRS employees to be deposed, but the United States brought this "Motion for Protective Order" before the court to protect themselves from being questioned by Raymond and Bernhoft. There are lessons to be learned by studying this, especially if you're in a similar situation.

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