Building Your Homepage

Pioneer Internet offers free User Homepage hosting to its customers. Each user account is alotted 5 MB of storage space (increased disk space is available for a nominal fee). In this area you may upload and store files (documents, images, etc.) to maintain your homepage.

Once you have created your homepage on your local machine, you will need to upload it to your account directory on the host and place it in a subdirectory called: homepage

The initial document (aka, homepage) should be named: master.html

From this point, you may arrange your linked directories and documents in any manner you wish. We only require the homepage/master.html document as a default point to drop an active link to your page from our web server. Your homepage will then take on the following URL format (substituting your username):

If you would like your homepage listed amongst the Pioneer Internet index of user pages, please notify when your page is ready for viewing and the link will be built for you.

The recommended means of file transfer is FTP (file transfer protocol). Here are the necessary settings that your FTP client will require:

Host: Username/ID: your login username
Host type: UNIX (standard) or Auto Detect Password: your login password

A non-commercial user homepage is hosted at no charge; however, if you would like, we also can provide you with commercial WWW domain services (i.e., In addition, custom website design is also available.

If you choose to edit your webpage(s), there are many software products and packages available that make web editing more user friendly. Many of them are available as shareware, downloadable from the Internet. You may also find FTP client software which will allow you to upload your files to the server. Some helpful sites to preview and download such software are:

Website development and maintenance can require some background or knowledge of HTML (hypertext markup language). However many new generation HTML editors and text manuals make learning the process quite simple; many such tutorial resources are available directly on the Internet or at your local computer vendor or bookstore. Here are some tutorial references available on the web:

Good luck. We look forward to hosting your new homepage. Thank you for choosing Pioneer Internet!
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