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Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 13:06:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell <>  | Block address
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Dear Mr. Samudrala:

We do have a controversy over facts here, sir,
because we have a hard-copy file on your specific 
violation, dating at least from the Fall
of 1997.  That hard-copy file is presently
in safe storage, for security reasons,
so I cannot conveniently refer to it, 
at this particular moment.  I did personally,
at that time, exchange email with you, on
more than one occasion, and I did receive
email from you in reply.  My email address
at that time was <>
(no longer active).

The violation which we documented at that time
was at Internet URL:

  date:  8 Sept 97

  size:  9K

  text:  Interesting and not-so-interesting links

  CV#:   copyright violation #78

The offending link was to:

This was, at one time, a valid link to a
stolen copy of the book which was modified
without this Author's prior permission,
and then posted on the Internet, also 
without this Author's prior permission.

I also distinctly remember downloading
all pertinent web pages in the offending
URL path, in order better to document the
violation.  I also distinctly remember 
your photograph published on the Internet, 
with a caption containing your name,
identifying the photograph as yourself.

Your name appeared once again, during our
most recent and thorough investigation,
the purpose of which was to obtain 
confirmations, via a triply redundant
methodology, of all violation(s) in question.
This evidence was obtained by invoking many
commonly available Internet search engines,
using all appropriate keywords to locate
copyright violations, and the infringing
party(s) and their Internet Service Provider(s).
We have been extremely diligent and systematic
in applying this defensible methodology, and
your name keeps appearing consistently.


We are demanding that, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY,
you remove all copies of "The Federal Zone,"
and all links to any extant copies of same,
and all links currently found in the index
databases of Internet search engines, on all
computers over which you have any ownership
and/or control and/or usage privileges/access.

The Supreme Law Forum also has a multitude
of references to the reasons why once valid
links are still contributory infringements.
For supporting documentation, see the 
web-based publications of the Software
Publishers Association at Internet URL:

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Author (under a pen name)

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