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Facts about Taxation

First, let me state that this material is not written with the intent of getting you to become a "tax protester". You should pay taxes which are due. However, the Conspiracy has no respect for TRUTH and no respect for LAW. As a result, they have failed to make us liable for Federal income tax! They just lie, deceive and threaten us to get us to "voluntarily" comply.

Here are the facts in a nutshell. If you want to dig this information out on your own, feel free.

In drafting the Constitution, our Founding Fathers knew that taxation could destroy. They therefore put in severe restrictions on the ability of the Federal Government to collect taxes. The Constitution specifically does NOT allow a DIRECT tax to be levied on the Citizens of the States. This means that even if the 16th Amendment had been ratified, it would have been Unconstitutional. Why? Because the Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that the 16th Amendment did not change anything. The reason was that the prohibition against direct tax still stood. The effect of the 16th Amendment was only to state a right the Federal Government ALREADY HAD - to tax its Citizens. What Citizens? The Citizens who live in the "Federal Zone."

In case you missed it, the 16th Amendment was never ratified. This has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a California Court. Even if it was, if you don't live in the "Federal Zone", it doesn't apply to you. Whether you live in the Federal Zone or not, it probably still doesn't apply to you because you have no "income" (Find out WHY!). If you have not seen all the Court rulings and facts concerning these matters, go back and CHECK IT OUT! Take A "Two Minute Seminar" and Read "Memoirs of a Tax Protester".

By the way, Social Security is also "voluntary".

Even if all of the above were not true, what about the REAL 13th Amendment? What real Amendment? Is there an Amendment I don't know about? Yes! What did it say?

If any citizen of the united States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the united States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

The British burned the Library of Congress, eliminating the original evidence. However, after ratification, the document was submitted back to the States and ratified. Thirty years later, Virginia (who had adopted it into State law,) finding that it was not in the most current printing of their Constitution, eliminated it from their State Constitution. What the heck does that mean? Read A short article on the Real 13th Amendment. None of the laws passed since the first lawyer held a seat in Congress or the Presidency may be valid! This means probably every Amendment after the Real 13th as well as all the ones the bureaucracy established since BEFORE THE CIVIL WAR!

In addition, the Federal Courts do probably do not have jurisdiction over you. When People started to find this out, Congress was pressured to pass a law prohibiting using jurisdiction as a defense. What kind of a system won't let the accused even mount a defense? The Conspiracy kind - it happens all the time. Luckily, if needed there is a Way around this problem. However, the REAL SOLUTION is to stop volunteering!

Let me give you something to get REALLY MAD about. Guess what group exempted themselves from taxation alltogether (unless they need to pay taxes for political purposes)? The Conspiracy! The major players all set up TRUSTS and FOUNDATIONS to avoid having to pay taxes on their incomes. Recently, an Atlanta Journal article called for investigation of private individuals who had found out and were using these same trusts!

Let me give you something to get even MADDER about. Guess which organization has, by far, the LOWEST PERCENTAGE of tax payers? The answer is the IRS. Somehow, a reporter came to find out that many IRS employees did not file tax returns. He mentioned this in a story which did not come under the censorship found in the major media. Many people were outraged. As a result, an unofficial document (which the IRS swears never existed called the IRS Pink Pages) was created to give IRS employees guidance in how to deal with their tax situation. This is purported to be an excerpt from that document. I have seen two different sources on this and the wording is identical (except that one has the full text).

Here is what the unofficial IRS Pink Pages says:

* Not For Public Consumption *



Due to the increasing desire for revenue, our people inside the Internal Revenue Service are being advised to file tax returns for wages. This under the guise that it doesn't look equitable if we don't pay taxes on our wages, yet actively collect them from the common people. This situation is becoming more acute due to the recent unauthorized mention on the National News that warnings have gone out to IRS agents who have not been filing. We have spent so much time trying to convince the general public they must pay taxes, apparently our supervisorial hierarchy have decided we must lose the one perk we get for being a parish in this society. Recognize that many of them file, solely for purposes of making themselves politically acceptable in their aspirations for higher public offices.

Our own Department Counsel (attorney) seems to be leaning toward making payment of taxes a requirement for new IRS employees, and was only minimally helpful in preparing this report. But as there are those of us who do not aspire politically nor who wish to give up our perks and pay taxes on wages like common people, we have provided this in house report, which covers the basics of just why you don't have to file if your income is primarily wages, why it is not a crime, and the basic defenses for your personal lawyer to use.

While I doubt anyone in the supervisorial hierarchy will risk exposure of our perks and this information to the common people, we must be prepared to protect ourselves from our own organization. With that in mind and with some help from our legal advisors, we have prepared this unofficial inter-departmental report.

(A full blown treatise on tax law follows the above. The text then continues below.)


As you can see, by negating wages as income, only profit or gain need be considered, making most persons ineligible for filing. There is no will, no act, no omission, no intent, and no income ... hence no case for the prosecution, and even if confronted by an angry jury, by relying on the U.S. supreme Court decisions, YOU MUST BE ACQUITTED AS A MATTER OF LAW. If you are not acquitted, your lawyer will ask for a Judgement not withstanding the verdict, and/or appeal, from which you will eventually found not guilty.

Now for some immediately frightening information. The Constitution has been Unconstitutionally Suspended since 1933. Read this article and see for yourself the vast powers the President now has. Bill Clinton has already invoked and exercised these powers and invoked an act which makes every Citizen of this country an:

"enemy of the federal government!"

This article also is clear in stating that the military is clearly planning to wage war on the Citizens of the united States. And they don't plan to act alone. They plan, in violation of law to have local and State police assist in their attack!

Here are just a few of the many additional Executive Orders that should really get your attention:

Executive Order 10995 - Permits the seizure of ALL communications in the united States.

Executive Order 10997 - Permits the seizure of ALL fuels, minerals, and power systems.

Executive Order 10998 - Permits the seizure of ALL food, farms, and equipment.

Executive Order 10999 - Permits the seizure of ALL cars, vehicles, and highways.

Executive Order 11000 - Permits the seizure of ALL American PEOPLE for federally supervised work forces with the power to separate families.

Executive Order 11002 - Gives power to the Postmaster to register EVERY PERSON in the united States. This would of course involve assigning everyone an ID number and/or some other identification "system" such as implanting the new smart chips used now for identification of animals. Remember, animals are what the Conspiracy thinks we are. In some of their writings, they refer to us as "HUMAN CATTLE". Does this sound just a little like the "Mark of the Beast"? We need to make that a m-o-o-o-o-o-t point!

Executive Order 11003 - Permits seizure of ALL aircraft and airports.

Executive Order 11005 - Permits seizure of ALL railroads.

Executive Order 11011 - Permits seizure of ALL educational and health facilities.



Here is a complete list of all known offending Presidential Executive Orders.

Here is the latest affont to the American public from Bill Clinton.

Jeff Head's Download Page has many other fine articles on Emergency Powers, the Police State, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Waco, Liberties Lost, Bill Clinton, Patriotism and The Republic of Texas Movement.



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