Patriots Against the New World Order Totalitarianism Index

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ACLU_and_Guns.txtFrom "The Policy Guide of the ACLU".
American_Freedom.txtAmerican Freedom Network info.
Assault_on_Const.txtConstitutional convention.
Authentic_Spook.txtThe Authentic Spook.
Bankers_Rob_You.txtTechnical information about how bankers rob you.
Bank_Beast.txtKilling the Banking Beast.
Barlow_on_NSA.txtDecrypting the Puzzle Palace.
BeastNet.txtIntroducing BeastNet on the Internet.
Beat_the_IRS.txtBeating the IRS in court.
Bilderbergers.txtWho's afraid of the Bilderbergers? You decide.
Bill_of_Rights.txtThe Bill of Rights (plus Patriot commentary)
Black_Budget.txtBlack Budget: A Guide to Secret National Security Spending.
Black_Budget_Brochure.txtA Brief guide to secret national security spending
Book_List7.txtBest books on cult and mind control.
Book_List_1.txtThe Conspiracy Book List.
Book_List_2.txtEmissary Publications conspiracy book list.
Book_List_3.txtExtreme Book list (much strange stuff).
Book_List_4.txtOccult book list (Freemasonry, etc.).
Book_List_5.txtBeastNet conspiracy book list.
Book_List_6.txtTrax Book and Tape list (conspiracy, survivalism, etc.).
Bo_Gritz_on_Disarming.txtAmerica soon to be disarmed.
Brady_II.txtBrady II (proposed U.S. anti-gun law) FAQ.
Bush_BCCI.txtBush Adviser's Ties to BCCI.
Cable_TV_Snooping.txtCan your cable TV be used as snooping device?
CFR.txtWho's behind the 'New World Order'?
CIA_and_Drugs.txtCIA Sacrifices American POWs for Drug Profits.
CIA_Doc_Review.txt"A Consumer's Guide to Intelligence" from the CIA.
CIA_PsyOps_Handbook.txtCIA Psychological Operations Handbook.
Citizen_Handbook.txtCitizens' Rule Book/Jury Handbook.
Citizen_Militia_1.txtWhat really is the citizen's militia?
Citizen_Militia_2.txtConstitutional basis for militias/gun ownership.
Civil_Disobediance.txtHenry David Thoreau's essay on civil disobedience.
Clinton.txtWho is Bill Clinton really?
Clinton_and_CFR_TLC.txtClinton admin connection to CFR-Trilats.
Code_Names_List.txtU.S. military code-names for secret projects.
COINTELPRO.txtCOINTELPRO Revisited: Domestic spying and disruption.
Cold_Warriors_and_Gen_X.txtCold warriors woo Generation X.
Concentration_Camps_1.txtConcentration camps ready for U.S. citizens.
Concentration_Camps_2.txtSecret Concentration Camps.
Conspiracy_Proof.txtProofs of Conspiracy.
Constitutional_Convention.txt"NWO: Ancient Plan of Secret Societies."
Constitution_Party_Info.txtInfo abou the new Constitution Party.
Counterfeit.txtCounterfeit conspiracy undermines your money.
Cults.txtCults, Anti-Cultists, and the Cult of Intelligence.
Cult_Awareness_Network.txtCult Awareness Network expose.
Declaration_of_Arms.txtFrom July 6, 1775. Better than Linda Thompson's.
Democracy_vs_Republic.txtThe differences, for those who don't know.
Directives.txtNational Security Directives.
Disarm_Everyone.txtThe conspiracy to disarm all Americans by the year 2000.
DOD_Suffixes.txtList of suffixes used in military budget documents.
Don't_Talk_To_Cops.txtDon't talk to cops or you may be sorry.
Educational_Mind_Control.txtMind control in education.
Ellsberg_on_Secrecy.txtTestimony on secrecy by Daniel Ellsberg to the US Senate.
Ending_the_Cold_War_at_Home.txtDomestic spying big time.
EO_12333.txtEO that establishes the Intelligence Community.
Evil_Bertrand_Russell.txtThis guy was sick.
EXON.txtThe EXON: The Exempt Elect.
FBI_and_BBS's.txtThe FBI Comes Rapping, Rapping At Your BBS.
FBI_and_Civil_Liberties.txtCivil Liberties Under Threat.
FBI_Computers.txtSummary of FBI Computer Systems.
FBI_Informer.txtInterview with Frank Varelli, former FBI informer.
Federalist_10_and_51.txtConcerns by the Founding Fathers about personal liberty.
Federal_Reserve.txtWhat it does, how it screws everyone, who owns it.
Fed_Reserve_Ownership.txtWho Owns the Fed? Charts and text.
Fed_Up_Plan.txtFED UP plan of action.
Financial_Enforcement_1.txtFINCEN: The financial crime enforcement network.
Financial_Enforcement_2.txtBrother Wants to Look Into Your Bank Account.
Frankfurt_School.txtThe Frankfurt School and "Political Correctness".
Freedom's_Last_Stand.txtExcellent Guns and Ammo article.
Freedom.txtFreedom is Slavery these days.
Freedom_Essays.txtACLU freedom essays on various subjects.
Freedom_From_War.txtProgram for Disarmament.
Freedom_of_Info_Kit.txtHow to use the Freedom of Information Act.
Full_Disclosure.txtBest of Full Disclosure magazine; how to get it.
FY95_Classified_Programs.txtList of classified 1995 U.S. Defense programs.
Gemstone_Files_Key.txtA skeleton key to the Gemstone File.
Gestapo.txtAmericans are putting up with a spiraling Gestapo state.
Global_Tyranny.txt - tyranny.txtGlobal Tyranny: Step by Step (first 5 chapters).
GloboCop.txtUncle Sam, not Uncle Globocop.
Goldsters_vs._Godsters.txtThe Theory of the "Owners" Battle for World Control.
Golem.txtGiant computer controls everything.
Gordon_Kahl.txtUncensored Gordon Kahl story.
Guard_Goals.txtNational Guard Goals for the 90's.
Guns:_The_Stakes.txtWhat is at stake?
Gun_Control.txtGun Control = Despotism.
Gun_Education.txtIncorrect gun information taught to school children.
Gun_Facts.txtGun Owners Action League: Facts and Positions.
Gun_Grabbers.txtGun Grabbers' Global Gestapo.
Gun_Laws_and_Nazis_1.txt1968 Gun Control Act mirrors the Nazi gun laws of 1938.
Gun_Laws_and_Nazis_2.txtNazi anti-gun propaganda being used now.
Gun_Quotes.txtPro-Gun quotes from famous people.
Gun_Rights.txtAre you willing to fight for your guns?
Gun_Usage.txtTo Bear Arms for Self-Defense.
Independence.txtThe American Independence Ballot initiative.
JBS_Books.txtWestern Islands Books, publishing arm of The JBS.
John_Judge.txtAssassination as a tool of Fascism. John Judge interview.
Law.txtLaw Enforcement growth industry.
Lee_Crites_Keynote.txtState of the Patriot Movement, Lee Crite's keynote speech.
Less_Rights.txtThe President's own words on taking away our rights.
Lincoln_Conspiracy.txtMassive cover-up to prevent truth about assasination.
Linda_Thompson_Dec.txtLinda Thompson's Declaration of Independence 1994.
Linda_Thompson_Ult.txtLinda Thompson's Ultimatum.
Linda_Tompson_on_FINCEN.txtLinda Thompson on FINCEN.
List:_TCL.txtMembership roster of Trilateral Commission (10/92).
List:_TCL_and_CFR.txtMembership roster of Trilateral Commission and CFR (1992).
Media_Virus.txtHidden agendas in popular culture. Brainwashing.
Military_Moves.txtSecret military maneuvers in the US summer 94.
Military_Orders.txtMilitary Deception Program.
Militia_Q&A.txtWhat is the Militia? This militia FAQ lays it all out.
Mind_Control.txtThe Controllers: CIA and Mind Control.
Mind_Control_List.txtBibliographic references to mind control/brainwashing.
Mind_Control_References.txtBibliographic references to mind control books.
Mind_Control_Techniques.txtPersuasion & Brainwashing Techniques used on public.
Missing_13th_Amend.txtThe Missing 13th Amendment, by David Dodge.
MLK_and_X_Assas.txtAbout the assassinations of MLK and Malcom X.
Money.txtAbout banking and money.
Money_Changes.txtRon Paul reveals why our money is really changing.
National_Emergency_01.txtNational emergency declared and in place.
National_Emergency_02.txtAbout FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).
National_Emergency_03.txtAll US takeover Executive Orders for FEMA listed.
National_Emergency_04.txtFEMA and the NSC: Security State.
National_Emergency_05.txtFEMA's structure for fascist rule.
National_Emergency_06.txtAbout Executive Orders allowing takeover of the US.
National_Emergency_07.txtConcentration camps, suspended rights.
National_Emergency_08.txtUS Preparations for Martial Law.
National_Emergency_09.txtHow they'll get Clinton out during takeover.
National_Emergency_10.txtAmerica getting ready for Martial Law.
National_Emergency_11.txtNational Emergency Executive Order from White House.
National_ID_Card_1.txtEver Feel Like You're Being Watched? You Will.
National_ID_Card_2.txtNew Smart Card.
National_ID_Card_3.txtUSPS,IRS National Identity Cards, Clinton to Sign Orders.
National_ID_Card_4.txtPowerful, Computerized "Smart Cards" Are Spreading.
National_ID_Card_5.txtBunch of articles about the Card.
National_ID_Card_6.txtNational ID Card "A Ticket To Tyranny", Critics Warn.
Nation_of_Cowards.txtA Nation of Cowards.
Nazi_Gun_Control.txtAnti-Gun-Ownership Propaganda.
Nazi_US_Business.txtNazis working with US businessmen.
Neon_Azimuth.txtMethods to learn about secret U.S.military programs.
Neon_Azimuth_1.txtMethods to learn about secret U.S.military programs.
Neon_Azimuth_2.txtMethods to learn about secret U.S.military programs.
NewStates_Constitution.txtThe so-called "Newstates" Constitution.
New_Bill_of_Rights_1.txtNew Fascist Bill of Rights for the US.
New_Bill_of_Rights_2.txtRewritten Bill of Rights to fit New World Order agenda.
New_Weapons.txtNon-lethal weapons being developed for us.
New_World_Order.txtInvestigative Report: A New Look at the New World Order.
New_World_Order_1.txtNoam Chomsky on the New World Order.
New_World_Order_2.txtEverything You Want to Know about the New World Order.
New_World_Order_3.txtHow to get informative New World Order video tapes.
North_and_Constitution.txtUnconstitutional actions of Oliver North and friends.
North_and_Drugs.txtNew charges about North's drug running.
North_and_Drugs_2.txtAll North's pilots ran drugs, says former DEA agent.
NRA_Info.txtNRA access points on the Internet.
NSA_Handbook.txtNSA Employee Handbook. Restricted information.
NWO_Army_Questionairre.txtWould you fire on U.S. Citizens? The form reprinted.
Occult_Tech_of_Power.txtThe Occult Technology of Power. Good insights.
Offshore_Banking.txtIRS doesn't want you to know about offshore banking.
Outcome_Based_Education.txtThe British Racists Behind America's School Reforms.
Panama_Invasion.txtThe Media Goes to War: How TV sold the Panama invasion.
Patriot_List.txtThe Patriot's Resource List (get this!).
Pay_No_Taxes.txtTennessee man freed on tax charges, not liable taxes.
Police_State.txtMarching toward a police state.
Privacy_For_Sale.txtHere's where to buy info on people or yourself.
Programming_Americans.txtCorporate TV & Press: Programming the Robotic American.
Reed_Interview.txtExcellent. Author of "Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA".
Refounding_Amendment.txtDeclaring a Commitment To Refound America.
Resister.txtOfficial Publication of the Special Forces Underground.
Right_To_Keep_and_Bear_Arms.txtUS Senate report on 2nd Amendment.
Safe_Deposits.txtHow safe are safe deposit boxes? Not very.
Sanity_and_Insanity.txtAll about sanity, insanity and who decides.
Schlafly_Report_1.txtPhyllis Schlafly Report #1: Electronic Snooping.
Schlafly_Report_2.txtPhyllis Schlafly Report #2: New World Order.
Sentencing.txtJustice Mocked: The farce of mandatory sentences.
Shadow_Government.txtAbout the "Shadow Government" (NWO, Elite, whatever).
Skolnick_Interview.txtGood info. Veteran investigative reporter from Chicago.
Sovereign_1.txtInformation about becoming a Sovereign Citizen.
Sovereign_2.txtMore information about becoming a Sovereign Citizen.
Sovereign_3.txtMore information about becoming a Sovereign Citizen.
Speeches.txtWashington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Kennedy, etc.
State_Enemy.txtOur Enemy, the State.
State_of_Emergency.txtFDR declared a state of emergency that's still in effect.
Take_Back_America.txtPlea to help do something about this whole mess.
Tavistock.txtEIR releases study linking British psychiatry to assassination.
The_Armed_Citizen_1.txtThe Armed Citizen I- people who defended themselves.
The_Armed_Citizen_2.txtThe Armed Citizen II - people who defended themselves
The_Federal_Zone.txtThe Federal Zone and how it relates to sovereignty.
The_Greening.txtThe Greening, environmental propaganda.
The_REAL_George_Bush.txtThe REAL George Bush biography. Pretty intense.
Throwing_Sand.txtA plan to have fun with paranoid people in the US government.
Traffic_Courts.txtThe Profit of Traffic Courts and Auto Insurance.
Traveling.txtRight to Travel without State Permits.
Trilateral.txtAbout Trilateralism.
Turn_Off_Your_TV.txtTurn off your television!
UN_and_US.txtUnited Nations to Destroy US.
UN_Army.txtThey're Preparing for a UN Army.
US_Concentration_Camps.txtConcentration Camp Plans for U.S. Citizens.
US_Constitution.txtConstitution of the United States.
Vampire_Killer.txtOperation Vampire Killer 2000; Police on our side.
Waco_1.txtFeds Tried to Silence Lone Voice for Freedom at Waco.
Waco_2.txtDress rehearsal at Waco.
Waco_3.txtMany Waco details for those who want the truth.
Waco_Aftermath.txtArizona Republic: FBI Ignored Its Own Rules In Waco Raid.
War_and_Money.txtThe Reality of Money. Good insight on why things happen.
War_On_Cash.txtGovernment war on cash.
What_They_Really_Mean.txtWhat they REALLY mean. The code words explained.

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