Technology Management provides professional engineering and computing consulting services to solve unusual problems or meet specific needs with cutting edge techology. One of the services available is complete web pages/site packages at unusually low cost. They create, maintain and update the clients web pages as needed. The package provides server access and Internet connection. It also provides email for customer questions, requests, or broadcasts to known email addresses as well as ftp capability and file space to allow people to download company information. They know how to link and advertise your web site for maximum traffic. Email for an information package.

Technology Management can also provide industrial control systems design, computer and process controller programming, and instrumentation design.

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Autofrost Freon R-12 replacment.

Illinois Fishing Page

Restoring America

Thunderbird Lodge-Rainy Lake

Homequest Home Schooling Program

Meadowbrook Community Church

UNIQUE Exclusive Aloe Vera Products with the healing power of FRESH Aloe Vera, Vitamins and Supplements.

North America Tourism, Visitors and Convention Bureaus

North American Amusement Parks

Free Computer offer

The following excellent products, services and business opportunities may be of interest to you.

Autofrost is a "drop-in" replacement for Freon R-12 and other coolants that is EPA acceptable, non-flamible, more efficient and far less costly. email for the free information package. OR check the web site AUTOFROST

Mann*** provides by far the most effective products on the market based on Aloe Vera and other phytochemicals which are being hailed as the next advance in preventative medicine. Mann*** products are a real breakthrough in home healthcare and nutritional supplements. In particular, Mannatech ® holds the exclusive rights to market the patented stabilized aloe vera beta-1,4 mannan that is responsible for fresh aloe vera's amazing healing capabilities. This and other critical molecules are destroyed by enzimes shortly after the plant is picked. Only Manapol, Mannatek's exclusive product can deliver this critical factor. Some of the top scientists in the nutraceutical field are employed by Mann***. Sales of their products are exploding and testimonials are pouring in. For more information on the products and how to get started as a Mann*** Associate, email for the free information package.

OR check the web site MANN***

STARTRONIX Notebook computer free with unlimited internet access plus numerous services and/or excellent business opportuity

Homequest Home Schooling Program

HomeQuest Academy. HomeQuest provides the finest computer based education curriculum and resources available today for the home schooling parents, private schools and individuals that want to supplement their children's public education. The curriculum is in use in over 16,000 public schools alone. HomeQuest was founded by Howard Ruff (Ruff Times newsletter) to provide parents with the best possible alternative or supplement to the public school system. The company is set up as a very solid multi-level marketing company that offers a chance for a very sound and profitable business. For only $50 you can become a HomeQuest consultant and not only earn commissions on the products you sell, but also on those that people you introduce to the program sell. For more information, email your request or write to the address below.

Restoring America Web Page

Restoring America-The Second American Revolution. This book explains where we are as a nation, how we got here and what we can do to straighten out the mess. It is getting rave revues from people in various patriot/constitutional groups. One talk show host said it should be the required civics text book in public schools. It is written in a very easy to understand style with a lot of insight and careful analysis. It contains a wealth of information and resources, including a chapter called the Survival Manual to help you protect yourself in the coming chaos. You need this book, not only for yourself, but to pass around to others before the elections. Go to the next page for a more complete description and ordering information.

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