Ways to Waste Time on the 'net

Just a bunch of flotsam, jetsam, fluff, and junk.

    The Surrealist Compliment Generator   [http://www.madsci.org/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/~lynn/jardin/SCG]

Art, Philosophy, and Oddness:
    Public Netbase at T-Zero   [http://www.t0.or.at/]

    Troops is Filmed on Location...   [http://www.theforce.net/troops/]
    InternetTV   [http://www.internetv.com]
    IMDB   [http://www.imdb.com]

    Dilbert!   [http://www.dilbert.com/]
    Red Meat   [http://www.redmeat.com/]
    Calvin and Hobbes   [http://www.calvinandhobbes.com/]
    Spumco!   [http://www.spumco.com/]

South Park:
    A South Park Information Center    [http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~ttant/SouthPark/]

    The Spirit of Christmas     [http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~ttant/soxmas/]
    The Spirit of Christmas (text version)     [http://www.cen.uiuc.edu/~g-lyons/soxmas.html]
    Mr Hat's Hell Hole     [http://mrhat.simplenet.com/]
    YouKilledKenny.Com (you bastards!) - Links     [http://www.YouKilledKenny.com/]

    Fertnel Snak Corporation    [http://www.fertnel.com/]
    [Fr] Need to Know    [http://www.ntk.net/]
           TV GO Home    [http://www.ntk.net/tvgohome/]

    Soul Couging
      The 5% Nation    [http://www.soulcoughing.com/]
   Adrienne Shelly
      Adrienne Shelly Int'l Fan Club    [http://www.ao.net/~alladin/netscape/adrienne/]
    Natalie Portman
      Natalie's World    [http://www.natworld.net/]
      Natalie Portman, Our Fair Lady    [http://photogallery.simplenet.com/natalie_portman/]

    Tour Memphis Blues in a 55 Caddy   [http://www.memphismojo.com/bluesride/]

Sheer Lunacy:
    New Grounds   [http://www.newgrounds.com/]
    Express to Club a Baby Seal [http://www.newgrounds.com/seals/index.html]

    THE Hamster Dance   [http://www.hamsterdance.com]
    The Jesus Dance   [http://students.washington.edu/fishy/PlasticJesus.htm]
    The FishyDance   [http://www.fishydance.com]
    The CowDance   [http://www.cowdance.com]
    Full Screen Dancer   [http://www.multimania.com/goprof/fsdancer.htm]

    And, of course, I'm just burning doing the Neutron Dance...
    Wanna see ALL the dances? Try this page.   [http://www.amused.com/dance.html]

    The Persimmon Report   [http://www.seelie.net/persimmon/persimmon.html]

    Don't ask me what the hell these are:
    Weird   [http://www.jodi.org/]
    Weirder   [http://www.absurd.org/]
    Weirdest   [http://www.snarg.net/]

    The Kairos - Int'l Space Sciences Org   [http://www.thewordistruth.org/]
    read the letter [http://www.thewordistruth.org/letter.htm]
    get the "book" without subscribing [http://www.TheWordIsTruth.org/TheTruth.doc]


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