c/o 2509 N. Campbell, #1776
                                         Tucson [zip code exempt]
                                                 ARIZONA REPUBLIC

                                                    July 26, 1996


Disclosure Officer
Office of the Secretary of the Treasury
United States Department of the Treasury
Washington, D.C.

Dear Disclosure Officer:

This is  a request under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C.
552 et seq., and regulations thereunder.  Please provide first an
estimate of  the cost  to answer this request, if the cost should
exceed $25.

If some of this request is exempt from release, please furnish Me
with those  portions  reasonably  segregable.    I  am  requiring
certified copies  of the documents requested, in lieu of personal
inspection of same.

Documents requested:

     1.   All financial records of the Performance Management and
          Recognition System  (PMRS) as mentioned on page 1229-80
          (1-12-89) in  the Internal  Revenue Manual, Handbook of
          Delegation Orders, MT 1229-99, Delegation of Personnel-
          Related Matters (see attached), including:

          (a)  all   bank   records,   cancelled   checks,   bank
               statements, audits,  balance  sheets,  profit  and
               loss statements,  general  ledgers,  receipts  for
               cash  transactions,   Cash  Transaction   Reports,
               commodity  receipts,   certificates  of   deposit,
               foreign  bank  deposit  and  withdrawal  receipts,
               foreign  bank   account  statements,  credit  line
               contracts,  credit  card  statements,  letters  of
               credit, stocks,  bonds,  insurance contracts, real
               estate transactions, private and personal property
               receipts, manufacturers' warranties.

The requested  records are  not exempt  from  disclosure  because

     (A)  could not  reasonably be expected to interfere with law
          enforcement proceedings;

     (B)  would not  deprive a  person of a right to a fair trial
          or an impartial adjudication;

     (C)  could not  reasonably  be  expected  to  constitute  an
          unwarranted invasion of personal property;

     (D)  could  not  reasonably  be  expected  to  disclose  the
          identity of a confidential source;

     (E)  would not  disclose techniques  and procedures  for law
          enforcement investigations  or prosecutions,  and would
          not   disclose    guidelines   for    law   enforcement
          investigations or prosecutions;

     (F)  could not  reasonably be  expected to endanger the life
          or physical safety of any individual.

                                        [see Exemption 7 in FOIA]

Under the  common law, and under commercial law, we are all equal
before the law.  This maxim is fundamental.

If you  are not  the correct  person  to  whom  this  Freedom  of
Information Act  Request should be directed, kindly forward it to
the correct person.

Time is  of the  essence.   If you  have any questions about your
rights and  obligations under 5 U.S.C. 552, may we recommend that
you contact  the office  of the  Attorney General  in Washington,
D.C., for immediate assistance.

Thank you  very much  for your consideration, and for your timely
obedience to  the controlling  laws in  this matter, specifically
the Freedom  of Information  Act and  the  Constitution  for  the
United States of America, as lawfully amended.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Citizen of Arizona state, federal witness,
and Counselor at Law
all rights reserved without prejudice

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