TO:       J.J. Schast, Proprietor
          Lock 'N Load Firearms
          c/o 2563 N. Campbell Avenue
          Tucson 85719/tdc
          fax: (520) 325-5417

FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Counselor at Law

DATE:     July 24, 1997

SUBJECT:  Item Paid in Full

Dear J.J.:

I do very much appreciate your willingness to be flexible with My
partial payments  to you  during the  past several  months.  I do
prefer to  pay all  of My  bills as  soon  as  they  become  due.

However, you  may already know that I have had many clients stiff
Me for thousands of dollars worth of professional work during the
past year,  and I  have been  reduced to  giving priority  to the
necessities of life, like food and shelter.

When you  left a  message on  My answering  machine recently, you
informed Me  that the  background check was clear, and that I was
free to  take delivery  of the  item  I  had  purchased,  I  made
arrangements to  visit your  store  as  promptly  as  My  crowded
schedule would permit.  That was today, as you may recall.

When I  arrived, you  required a driver's license, and I told you
that I  do not have one, because I am not required to obtain such
a  license   to  travel.     Then,  I  provided  you  with  photo
identification which  has been  acceptable  to  the  U.S.  Postal
Service for  over a  year now, where I post a comparatively large
volume of legal mail.  You refused to accept this identification.

You then  said that  I would  need to provide to you state-issued
identification, with  a Social  Security Number.  I then informed
you that  I do  not have  a Social  Security Number.  I do recall
that you  then said  I would  also need  to provide  you with the
address of  My current  dwelling.   At that  point, I  decided to
leave, because  it was  clear to  Me that  you were  not going to
deliver to  Me the  item which  I had purchased from you, and for
which I had paid in full.

Now, your  refusal to  deliver the  item has  put Me  in  a  very
uncomfortable, dangerous,  and compromising situation.  By today,
I had expected to have the means to protect myself, if necessary,
and/or to  repel any  attacks on  My home  or body.  Without that
means, I found it necessary immediately to retain the services of
a private  security and  investigations firm, who have now put an
armed guard on 24-hour call, specifically for My protection.  Are
you prepared  to reimburse  Me for  this added  and unanticipated
expense?  This is one of the direct consequences of your actions.

       Offer in Compromise to J.J. Schast, with Deadline:
                          Page 1 of 4

You also  said something  about providing  My dwelling address to
certain government  organizations which  might need  it  at  some
unspecified time(s),  and for  some unspecified reason(s), in the
future.  I would like to address this point as follows:

Number one:   If  you are  referring to  the Bureau  of  Alcohol,
Tobacco, and  Firearms ("BATF"),  I am  now obliged to inform you
that the  BATF is  not  an  authorized  bureau  within  the  U.S.
Department of  the Treasury.   This  finding has  been published,
verified, and litigated to the point of estoppel by acquiescence,
activated against  the Secretary  of the  Treasury.   I recommend
that you  confirm this  finding yourself  by reading  the  public
document entitled "The Cooper File" in the Supreme Law Library on
the Internet, at URL:  The BATF are a
rogue agency  with no  delegated authority to be operating inside
the several  states of  the Union.   BATF and IRS are, evidently,
one and the same organization, when their historical genealogy is
correctly traced and documented, as shown in "The Cooper File."

Number two:   Privacy  is  a  fundamental  Right,  which  can  be
confirmed by reviewing the Congressional findings codified within
the Privacy Act at Title 5, United States Code, Sec. 552a et seq.
I regard  My dwelling's precise location to be a matter of utmost
privacy  and   confidentiality,  and   I  do   not  release  this
information to  anyone  who  might  abridge  My  privacy,  either
intentionally or  unintentionally, particularly by disclosing the
precise location  of My  dwelling to  any rogue  agency which  is
operating outside  the confines  of federal  law, as  is the case
with the  BATF.  Such a disclosure would give that agency all the
information they  need to  raid My dwelling, solely because of My
legal and  political activism.   This  kind of  raid has happened
many times already in American history, and will happen again.

Moreover, deprivations  of any  fundamental Rights, like privacy,
are felony  violations of Title 18, United States Code, Sec. 242;
if those  deprivations are  perpetrated in concert by two or more
individuals,  each   also  violates   the   prohibition   against
conspiracy to  deprive fundamental  Rights, codified at 18 U.S.C.
Sec. 241.   I  strongly  recommend  that  you  review  these  two
statutes immediately,  particularly if  you claim to be operating
your business  in conformity  to BATF's  own internal  rules  and
regulations, instead of the fundamental Law in America.

Number three:   The  Right to  keep  and  bear  arms  is  also  a
fundamental  Right,  because  it  is  guaranteed  by  the  Second
Amendment, and  all Rights  guaranteed by  the federal  and state
constitutions  are   fundamental,  whether   or  not   they   are
enumerated.  The Right to keep and bear arms just happens to be a
fundamental Right  that is  so important, the Framers of the U.S.
Constitution  felt  it  was  definitely  worthy  of  enumeration.
Again,  since   this  Right   is  also  a  fundamental  one,  any
deprivation of  this Right  falls under  the scope  of Title  18,
United States Code, Section 242, and possibly also Section 241.

       Offer in Compromise to J.J. Schast, with Deadline:
                          Page 2 of 4

Number four:   When I ordered the item which you have now refused
to deliver  to Me,  you failed to disclose to Me what should have
been disclosed,  namely, the  items of  identification which  you
would accept  and refuse,  as pre-conditions to delivery.  If you
will take  the time  to consult  the legal definition of the term
"fraud" in  Black's Law  Dictionary, Sixth  Edition (the  current
version utilized  by courts,  judges, and  the legal profession),
you will  find that  it embraces  any failure  to  disclose  what
should have  been disclosed.   I  now claim  that you should have
disclosed to  Me the identification requirements which you impose
on your  customers, and  you should have done so before accepting
any money  from Me,  in order to provide Me with a real choice to
accept or  reject your  terms.   Revealing them  to Me,  and then
enforcing them  upon Me  after the  fact have  worked a very real
fraud upon Me, as that term is defined in Black's Law Dictionary.

Now that  I cannot  and will not disclose to you any state-issued
driver's license  (because I  don't have  one),  no  state-issued
identification  card  (because  I  don't  have  one),  no  Social
Security Number (because I don't have one), and I cannot and will
not disclose  to you  the exact  location  of  My  dwelling  (for
reasons which I have already itemized above), you have now placed
yourself in  the  position  of  having  taken  My  money  without
delivering the  item I  ordered and purchased by paying for it in
full, and  you have placed Me in the position of having paid that
money without  now possessing the means I expected to possess, in
order to  protect myself.    This  situation  is  untenable,  and
requires an immediate resolution.

                     OFFER TO HOLD HARMLESS

So, here  is My  offer to  you.   I offer  to hold  you  entirely
harmless for any damages to Me, whether actual, consequential, or
exemplary, if  you will agree, before 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, July
31, 1997,  to deliver  the item  I have purchased to the Division
Commander of the private security and investigations firm which I
retained today.   This  Commander is  fully qualified with a wide
range of  firearms.   I hereby grant to him limited authorization
to take  delivery of  the item at your store, at a time and date,
prior to  this deadline,  which is  mutually agreeable to both of
you, with  or without  My presence to witness the delivery.  This
Commander will  then proceed  to test  the item  and certify  its
mechanical and operational readiness, as a professional service.

I have  been using the mailing location shown below, at least for
the period which has transpired since I first met you, and surely
since I made My first partial payment to you, many months ago, on
March 18,  1997.   Beyond that,  I assert My fundamental Right to
complete, total,  and uncompromised privacy over My dwelling, its
location, and  the People who may come and go from this dwelling.
I think  it should  go without  saying that  I would  never  have
approached you  in the first place, if I did not have a very real
and a  very imminent  need for  better Personal  security.   Your
decision to  refuse delivery  today has  compromised My security,
and the  conditions which  you placed today on delivery have also
threatened to  deprive Me of My fundamental Rights to privacy and
self-defense.   As such, I cannot take your decision lightly, nor
can I  regard any  of My  fundamental Rights  to be negotiable or
alienable in any way, by you or anyone else.

       Offer in Compromise to J.J. Schast, with Deadline:
                          Page 3 of 4

If you  cannot accept  the terms  of My  offer in  compromise, as
expressed in  full above,  then I will have no alternative but to
demand that  you purchase  a United  States Postal Money Order in
the amount  of five  hundred eighty-eight dollars and fifty cents
($$588.50) and  have it ready to deliver, no later than 5:00 p.m.
on Thursday,  July 31,  1997, to  the Division  Commander of  the
private security  and investigations  firm  which  I  have  found
necessary to retain, due in large part to your failure to deliver
the item  which I  purchased and  paid for  in full on the Friday
dated July 18, 1997.

Thank you  very much for your consideration.  I look forward to a
mutually  agreeable   resolution  to  this  serious  problem  now
confronting us.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Citizen of Arizona state
(expressly not a citizen of the United States),
Counselor at Law, and federal witness

c/o general delivery at:
2509 N. Campbell Avenue, #1776
Tucson 85719/tdc

(See USPS Publication #221 for "authority.")



copy:     Judge Alex Kozinski (supervising)
          Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

copy:     Division Commander

       Offer in Compromise to J.J. Schast, with Deadline:
                          Page 4 of 4

                             #  #  #

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