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                                         Tucson [zip code exempt]
                                                 ARIZONA REPUBLIC

                                                November 30, 1997

Mr. Richard Matsch
United States District Court
Federal Building
Denver, Colorado state

Subject:  Murdering Children to Save the Spies

Dear Mr. Matsch:

I am finally going to break my self-imposed silence on one of the
most heinous  acts of terrorism this nation has ever experienced.
I believe  that you,  sir, are  a traitor, and I am quite willing
and able to prove it.  I do so, herein.  Read on.

In my  several years  of specializing  in federal  law,  you  can
imagine my  shock one  day, when  I discovered  how easy  it  had
become to  rip any  federal indictment  into manifold  shreds  of
paper, without even reading to the second page.

Beginning at  the top, we usually find one or more U.S. ATTORNeys
listed as  having power(s)  of ATTORNey  to represent  the UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA (spelled in CAPITAL LETTERS, per force).   But,
Title 28 of the U.S. Code  does  not authorize  U.S. ATTORNeys to
represent the  UNITED STATES  OF AMERICA,  but  only  the  United
States.  Count one:  misrepresentation.

To "ATTORN"  is to  supervise the  transfer of an estate from the
old lord  to the  new lord;  it is a term from feudal law.  Isn't
it interesting  how closely  the terms  "feudal" and "federal" do
sound, when  juxtaposed right next to each other?  The long chain
of coincidences does not stop here.  Keep reading!

Further on down the first page of any federal indictment, we then
find that  all criminal  prosecutions are commenced in the United
States District  Court ("USDC").   Unfortunately, the USDC has no
criminal jurisdiction  whatsoever.   This has  now been proven by
the utter  and demonstrable  silence by the Department of Justice
to several  Freedom of  Information Act ("FOIA") requests for the
statute(s), if  any, which  grant the  USDC original jurisdiction
over  criminal   prosecutions.    There  is  none.    Count  two:
deprivation of due process.

Reaching the  so-called real parties of interest now, these bogus
criminal actions  [sic] invariably  show  the  UNITED  STATES  OF
AMERICA as  the moving  Party, but  the Congress  of  the  United
States has  never granted  legal standing to the UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA to  sue, or  be sued,  in the  USDC.  It is true that the
United States  has been  granted standing  to sue, or be sued, in
the USDC, but the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and the United States
[sic], are  not one  and the  same.  This you should have learned
way back in law school but, alas, they did not teach these things
in law  schools way  back when  you were  a student;   they still
don't teach these things in law schools.  Count three:  fraud.

The names  of criminal  defendants are likewise always spelled in
ALL CAPITAL  LETTERS, which  has now  been nailed  for invoking a
subtle, unconstitutional,  yes, even  criminal subterfuge whereby
martial rule  is impressed upon the People of America, in blatant
violation of  the prohibition against treason.  Evidently, I need
to remind  you that  one of  the penalties  for treason is death.
But, you  already  know  these  things,  correct?    Count  four:
treason (a capital offense).

Very  rarely,  however,  do  litigants  think  to  challenge  the
legality of  the body which issued these bogus indictments in the
first place.   You  probably do  not know how many times this has
already been done -- properly, timely, lawfully, and correctly --
because an  active conspiracy  is afoot, within the Department of
Just US, to obstruct any and all pleadings which nail the federal
Jury Selection  and Service  Act  for  blatant,  unconstitutional
discrimination against  Citizens of  the several  states.   Quite
simply, those  who are  qualified to  make law  in  America  are,
nevertheless, prevented  from serving  on grand and petit juries,
or from  voting in  general elections.   Those  who can  serve on
grand and  petit  juries,  or  vote  in  general  elections,  are
prevented by  Law from  serving in  any federal  elected offices.
Doesn't this strike you as strange?  Count five:  conspiracy.

All federal judges are also paying income taxes on their judicial
compensation, in  blatant violation  of the  prohibition  against
same which  is found in Article III.  This prohibition was upheld
in the  magnificent opinion of the Supreme Court in Evans v. Gore
in  1920.     Lately,  however,  our  august  Chief  Justice  has
confirmed, in  front of a graduate class in the Law School of the
University  of   Arizona,  that  "there  has  been  a  change  in
doctrine."   But, in  a rare  moment of  sanity, one  of your own
colleagues proved,  in Lord  v. Kelley, that the IRS exerts undue
influence on  every judge  who is  also a  taxpayer.   Go figure!
Count six:  extortion (NOT a change in doctrine!)

Delving even  deeper  into  this  putrid  swamp  of  self-serving
traitors,  we   find  that   the  IRS  is  also  bribing  federal
prosecutors to the tune of $25,000 for each indictment which they
obtain  from   federal  grand  juries,  against  the  President's
political enemies.  Would you have us believe that federal judges
have remained  completely above  this criminal practice?  Perhaps
you do  need to  be reminded  here, lest you conveniently forget,
that  Congress   abolished   the   Performance   Management   and
Recognition System in 1993, whereas the Anti-Kickback Act of 1986
remains on the books (see Title 41, U.S.C., sections 51 et seq.).
When was  the last  time you  completed the  financial disclosure
which is required of you by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978?
Count seven:  bribery.

And now,  we get  to the  meat of  this matter.   Your efforts to
prevent the  truth from emerging in these various show trials are
now  becoming  too  painfully  obvious,  even  to  less  educated
Americans.   General Partin, a demolition expert in the Pentagon,
has already  proven that  the structural  columns in  the  Murrah
building were  severed, most  likely by  plastic explosives which
were drilled  into the  bearing columns, and then  exploded  with
pressure-sensitive detonators.   That  famous  bullshit  bomb  of
which you  are so  fond, did its job quite well -- the shock wave
triggered the  deaths  of  numerous  innocent  children,  not  to
mention all  the adults  who lost  their lives  as well.   What a
coincidence that  ATF personnel  were conveniently  gone on  that
terrible day, at that precise moment!

Isn't it a shame, that you too were not in the Murrah building at
that precise  moment, so  that you  could now  provide us with an
exacting eyewitness  account of how explosive bullshit has become
in America.

Bullshit, Matsch.  You're no match for it, and it's all over your
face, leaving  permanent stains  on your  eyes,  ears,  nose  and
throat.  The other stains -- the ones on your soul -- will remain
there, forever indelible, forever yours.

Irreverently submitted,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Citizen of Arizona state, Federal Witness,
Counselor at Law, and Private Attorney General

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