Lynne Meredith's Mother Suffers Massive Heart Attack



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE               April 5, 2002 A.D.

                                    1:45 p.m.



Sunset Beach, California.


Minutes ago, the mother of tax activist Lynne Meredith

suffered a massive heart attack.


The attack occurred while she was sitting at her desk,

handling routine telephone calls at the offices of

We the People, founded by Meredith.


Staff came to her immediate assistance, doing

mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage,

with the expert guidance of the 911 emergency



Quite by chance, 2 Orange County Sheriffs were

directly across the street, issuing a traffic

ticket to a motorist.


A staff member called for their emergency assistance,

by yelling across a busy Pacific Coast Highway.


The Sheriffs immediately dispatched an ambulance,

which arrived within 5 minutes.


While staff were doing their best to revive the

victim, County EMT specialists went to work

administering a defibrillator, saline, and a

breathing apparatus.


Meredith was contacted at her hotel in Florida,

where she was scheduled to speak this weekend

on the growing controversy surrounding the

Internal Revenue Service.  She cancelled her

plans immediately and went straight to the

airport, to catch a return flight to be with

her mother.


Although Meredith's mother has a history of

heart problems, the condition of her health

has deteriorated, due to the continued

harassment by IRS agents who executed a

raid on their offices several years ago.


Meredith and her associates later sued 45 agents

for searching and seizing documents without

a valid warrant, and for arresting, assaulting

and handcuffing one staff member without an

arrest warrant.


Some of those agents were found to have executed

excessive force by U.S. District Judge Florence-

Marie Cooper, when she denied them qualified



Most recently, the named Defendants in that

civil case have continued to harass Meredith

and Meredith's clients, by serving bogus SUBPOENAS

that were issued by a copy machine, and not by

the Clerk of any federal court, as required by

federal law.


The alleged SUBPOENAS exhibit no docket numbers,

and the Clerk of the U.S. District Court in

downtown Los Angeles has confirmed that there

is no application on file, despite the fact

that the SUBPOENAS state that they were

obtained "on application of the United States

of America."


The U.S. Attorneys in charge of the investigation --

John Gordon and Alicia Villarreal -- have refused

to disclose any such application.  Legal research

has now confirmed that neither has any powers

of attorney to represent the United States of

America in any federal courts.


A Private Attorney General has been requested

to review the entire matter, and provide counsel

to We the People, in their ongoing confrontation

with the Internal Revenue Service, now exposed

as an extortion racket and money laundry

domiciled in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Willful misrepresentation is a violation of the

McDade Act at 28 U.S.C. 530B, which prohibits

U.S. Attorneys from violating State Bar

disciplinary guidelines.



filed against Alicia Villarreal, Andrew Erath,

and Erik Newberry.  Other CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS

are slated to be lodged, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4,

with U.S. District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper.





Bonnie Keller passed away at 3:00 a.m.

on Saturday morning, April 6, 2002 A.D.



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Supreme Law Firm





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