FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           August 13, 2003 A.D.



        Paul Mitchell Calls for Grand Jury

      to Investigate Israeli Spy Ring inside USA



San Diego, California.


One day before President Bush is scheduled to attend

a fund-raising event in San Diego, California, much

evidence has now surfaced to implicate the Israeli

secret police in the attacks on the Pentagon and

on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.


A pattern of material evidence points to undue

influence by Israeli security and telecommunications

interests that were established inside the USA

prior to the combined tragedies in New York,

Virginia and Pennsylvania.


Both the World Trade Center, and the airports from

which the hijacked jets departed, were manned by

Israeli-controlled security companies.


Evidence also indicates that the missiles that

hit the Pentagon were remotely controlled --

to synchronize with the overflight of a Boeing 757,

which later landed at National Airport adjacent

to the Pentagon.  There, the Boeing was received

by a coterie of over 90 Israeli Mossad agents

bearing phony airport credentials.


The remote control technology is called Global Hawk,

and it is currently developed by a Pentagon supplier

with headquarters in San Diego, California.


Pursuant to his obligation under 18 U.S.C. 4,

Paul Mitchell reported preliminary evidence of

treason to an Officer of the Day at the U.S.

Coast Guard facility in downtown San Diego,

several months ago.  That Officer provided Mitchell

with a secure email address, and requested him to

continue forwarding updates to that address.


Recently, under the authority for civil RICO

remedies in section 1964 of Title 18, the

federal criminal Code, Mitchell also served

President George W. Bush with a legal NOTICE

that he is now under criminal investigation

for attempted murder of a foreign head of state,

genocide, and treason against the Citizens of

New York State and the Commonwealth of Virginia.


That legal NOTICE also provided President Bush

with a mandatory MIRANDA WARNING -- to inform the

President that he has the right to remain silent,

and that he has the right to effective assistance

of counsel.  The NOTICE itself was mailed to

the attention of the Counsel to the President

at the White House in Washington, D.C. and

to other high-level U.S. government officials.


The Congress of the United States never formally

declared war on either Afghanistan or Iraq.

The President has no constitutional authority

to declare war on his own, by Executive Order

or otherwise.


Israel's government leaders appear to have

the most obvious motive to attack neighboring

Arab countries, using American military power

as a surrogate.  There also remain many unanswered

questions about current British interests in

Arab oil resources, chiefly British Petroleum.


Mitchell has also gone public, on the Internet,

with his request that the Commonwealth of Virginia

assemble a special State grand jury to investigate

evidence indicating that the hit on the Pentagon

was an inside job.  Mitchell urges that special

grand jury to begin by inquiring into the present

whereabouts of the missing Boeing 757.


The pattern of damages that has emerged from

forensic engineering studies strongly suggests

a narrow range of deep penetration, instead of

a wide range of shallow penetration. 


The fireball that exploded, as the missile

penetrated the hardened exterior facade of the

Pentagon, was a high-temperature blast with a

single epicenter expanding outwards in the

shape of a sphere.


An accordion-style impact by a Boeing 757 would

have done a much wider range of damages to the

Pentagon's exterior walls, and the fireball

from exploding jet fuel and oil would have had

a completely different shape and temperature

signature.  Mitchell estimates that the missiles

that hit the Pentagon were moving at a velocity

in excess of 300 feet, or one football field,

per second.


Mitchell now theorizes that the fighter-class

aircraft that penetrated the Pentagon was

fully loaded with C-6 plastic explosives, and

remotely controlled, using Global Hawk technology.

The one jet engine recovered from the debris is

totally unlike the engines used on Boeing 757's.


Also, a Pentagon video camera which captured

the last fraction of a second before the impact

appears to show a helix-shaped plume of white

exhaust smoke trailing an air-to-ground missile

mounted under the left wing of the fighter.


That air-to-ground missile would have been

necessary to penetrate the exterior walls of

the Pentagon, at the point of impact.  Mitchell

visited the Pentagon public library many times

during the summer of 1969, when he was a UCLA

summer intern in political science studying

failed military weapons used in the Vietnam War,

like the combustible cartridges deployed in the

Sheridan tank.


Paul Andrew Mitchell has a B.A. in political

science from UCLA, specializing in political

theory and international relations, and an M.S.

in public administration from U.C. Irvine,

specializing in public policy and computer

numerical simulation.



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