For Immediate Release                            November 2, 1996
                  "State Citizens Cannot Vote"
                Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
              All Rights Reserved without Prejudice
                         (November 1996)
PAYSON, ARIZONA.   A  State Citizen  will be denied the chance to
vote on  Tuesday, if  the State  of Arizona  has its  way.   Paul
Andrew Mitchell,  Counselor at  Law and federal witness, has been
using every  administrative means  available  to  register  as  a
"Qualified Elector"  for next  Tuesday's general election.  There
is only  one problem:  he is not a federal citizen, and the voter
registration form  requires that  he certify,  under  penalty  of
perjury, that he is a federal citizen.  Moreover, the penalty for
falsifying information on an Arizona voter registration affidavit
is a class 6 felony conviction.
     Mitchell has  been researching  the federal constitution and
statute laws  full-time for 7 years now.  Among his findings is a
discovery of several court cases which held that Americans can be
State  Citizens  without  also  being  "citizens  of  the  United
States," or  "federal citizens,"  as they  are also called in the
legal dictionaries.   Mitchell  has  come  to  believe  that  the
federal government  has  lately  become  a  criminal  enterprise,
relying upon  blatant  extortion  to  collect  money  and  coerce
cooperation from  the American  People.   He wants no part of the
federal government,  until and  unless its  agents start  obeying
American Laws  never repealed.    Mitchell  is  also  working  to
restore integrity to the American court system.
     As Counselor  at Law in a federal case in which a grand jury
had subpoened  the books  and records  of an  Arizona pure trust,
Mitchell's research  led him to find further flaws in the federal
Jury Selection  and Service Act, the law which Congress passed to
select and  convene federal  grand and  trial  juries.    In  one
section of  this law, Congress makes it a federal policy that all
citizens shall  have the  opportunity to  serve on  federal grand
juries and  federal  trial  juries.    Then,  4  sections  later,
Congress makes  it a  requirement that jury candidates be federal
citizens before they are qualified to serve.  There is no mention
of State  Citizens anywhere  in this Act, and no regulations have
been promulgated for it either.
     The U.S.  Supreme Court  has already  ruled, more than once,
that  class discrimination in  the selection of juries is grounds
for disqualifying  the entire jury, even if the individual jurors
are otherwise qualified.  Imagine if the law said that only women
could serve  on federal  juries; this  would be  a clear  case of
class  discrimination,   because  men   would  be  systematically
excluded  as  a class.   Because  there  are  two (2) classes  of
citizenship in  America, not  one, the Jury Selection and Service
Act is unconstitutional for limiting jury service to one and only
one of  those two  classes of  citizens.   So, if you are a State
Citizen who  is not  also a  federal citizen, you can't vote, you
can't serve  on a grand jury, and you can't serve on a trial jury
     Paul Mitchell is now faced with some very difficult choices.
As a  political activist,  with degrees  in Political Science and
Public Administration, and seven years of constitutional research
under his  belt, and  with proof of his birth to American parents
within one  of the  several Union  States, he  is now  denied any
voice in the management of his State and federal governments.  He
cannot vote, he cannot serve on a grand jury, and he cannot serve
on a trial jury.  And, of course, the government contends that it
can continue to tax such a man, without representation within the
Congress.   "No taxation  without  representation"  was  a  proud
rallying cry  for many  Americans  who  eventually  defeated  the
British in the Revolutionary War, despite enormous odds.
     Mitchell recently  escalated the  matter by  filing a formal
written  Notice and Demand  with Arizona Governor Fife Symington,
to order  that State's Attorney General to register Mitchell as a
qualified elector.   Rumor  has it  that the  AG is  refusing  to
disclose the  registry of  State Citizens  who  now  inhabit  the
Arizona Republic.   Mitchell  tried  to  confirm  this  rumor  by
demanding that  he be  added to the registry, so that he may have
an opportunity  to choose  his representative  in  the  House  of
Representatives in  Washington, D.C.   Courts have ruled that the
Right to  choose our  representatives is a fundamental Right, and
Congress has made it a felony to deprive Citizens of any of their
fundamental Rights, in the federal criminal code (18 U.S.C. 241).
After receiving  Mitchell's Notice  and Demand,  someone  in  the
Governor's  office   sent  Mitchell  another  voter  registration
FALSIFY THIS FORM!  There  was no  return address on the envelope
which bore  the form,  through U.S.  Mail.  It is also a crime to
put fraudulent material into the U.S. Mail.
     Mitchell is preparing to  sue the State of Arizona,  and all
government employees who have chosen to ignore this problem, soon
after Tuesday's election, if Arizona cannot come up with a way to
get Mitchell  to the  polls by  the time  they close  on Tuesday.
Paul Andrew  Mitchell may soon become the Susan B. Anthony of the
Twentieth Century.
Common Law Copyright
Paul Andrew Mitchell
Counselor at Law, federal witness
and Citizen of Arizona State
All Rights Reserved without Prejudice
November 2, 1996
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