Joint and Several Liability

                FOR VALUE RECEIVED, I, We __________________, the 
        undersigned Borrower, jointly and severally promise to pay to 
        _______________________ Lender or order the sum of ______________ 
        ($____________) Dollars, together with interest thereon at 
        the rate of ________ percent (____%) per annum.  The entire 
        unpaid principal and accrued interest thereon, if any, shall 
        become immediately due and payable on demand by the holder 

                This Note may be prepaid in whole or in part at any time 
        without premium or penalty.  All prepayments shall be applied 
        first to interest, then to principal payments in the order of 
        their maturity.

                The undersigned agrees to pay all costs and expenses, 
        including all reasonable attorneys' fees, for the collection of 
        this Note upon default.  All payments shall be made at _________
        _______________________, or at such other place as the holder 
        hereof may from time to time designate in writing.

        ______________________________   _______________________________
        Witness                          Borrower

       Dated:                            Borrower
                                                        Form 104


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