Please be advised that the undersigned is the holder of a 
        certain promissory note made by you dated ______________________,  
        in the original principal amount of $__________________.

                You are hereby notified that you have defaulted under 
        said note because you have failed to pay the installment due 
        ____________________, 19__, in the amount of $_______________.  

                Therefore, demand is hereby made upon you for full 
        payment of the entire balance due on said note in the amount of    
        $_____________, including interest accrued to date.

                If the entire amount due is not received on or before 
        _____________________, I shall instruct legal counsel to commence 
        legal proceedings against you.  Attention to the note, which 
        obligates you to pay in addition to the principal balance and 
        interest, costs of collection, including attorney's fees.
                Your prompt attention to the foregoing is anticipated.

                                        Very truly yours,


                                                Form 108


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