Dear            :

                This is to inform you that your check dated 
        __________19__, payable to________________, in the amount of 
        $__________, has been returned to us due to insufficient funds.

                We realize that such mishaps do occur and therefore are 
        bringing this matter to your attention so that you will take the 
        opportunity to correct this error and issue us a new check.

                It is our policy to retain the old check until a new 
        check is issued and cleared as we have unfortunately realized 
        that there are some people who do not honor their debts.  If a 
        new check is not issued and the old check does not clear we will 
        pursue legal action to the full extend of the law.

                We are confident that you will resolve this matter and 
        look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

                Our thanks for your attention to this matter.

                                        Very truly yours,


                                                        Form 120


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