$________________________               ________________________


                FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned (jointly and 
        severally if more than one) promises to pay to the order of 
        ____________________ the sum of ($_________) Dollars together 
        with interest thereon at the rate of_____ percent (___%) 
        per annum in monthly installments of__________________Dollars 
        ($__________ ).  All unpaid amounts of principal and 
        interest shall be due and payable on _________________, 19__.

                This Note is secured by a mortgage of real estate located
        at _________________ and duly recorded with the _______________
        Registry of Deeds.  

                Upon the default in any payment of principal or interest 
        as provided herein, the entire balance then remaining unpaid 
        shall immediately become due and payable at the option of the 
        holder hereof.

                In the event of default, the undersigned further agrees 
        to pay all reasonable attorney's fees and costs of collection.

                Signed under seal this______day of _________, 

        _________________________          ____________________________

                                                    Form 130


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