KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT _____________________


        have constituted, ordained, and made, and in my stead and place 
        put, and by these presents do constitute, ordain, and make, and 
        in my stead and place put _______________________________________

        to be my true, sufficient, and lawful Attorney for me and in my 
        name and stead, and to ___________ use, to ask, demand, levy, 
        require, recover and receive of and from all and every person or 
        persons whomsoever the same shall or may concern, all and 
        singular sum or sums of money, debts, goods, wares, merchandise, 
        effects and things whatsoever and wheresoever they shall and may 
        be found due, owing, payable, belonging and coming unto me the 
        constituent by any means whatsoever and to sign and endorse 
        checks, drafts, bills and notes in my name and in my stead and to 
        be a lawful signatory on any account in my name in any bank or 
        trust company.

                IN WITNESS WHEREOF __________ have hereunto set _______ 
        hand and seal this __________day of _________ in the year of our 
        Lord one thousand nine hundred and _______.

        Signed and sealed in presence of        ________________________

       _________________________________        ________________________

                                                        Form 132


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