_________________________ (Seller) owns all copyrights 
        and other rights to and wishes to assign those rights to 

                   In consideration for the payment described in the 
        following section of this agreement Seller hereby transfers and 
        assigns all copyrights and all other rights in ______________

        to Buyer. Buyer shall have the right to register the copyright in 
        Buyer's own name and shall have the exclusive right to dispose of 
        the copyright in any way Buyer sees fit.  Seller retains no 
        rights whatsoever.  

                   The assignment of this section shall take effect on 
        _________________, 19__.

                   In consideration of the Assignment described above
        Buyer shall pay Seller the sum of $__________ on 
        _______________, 19__.  This shall be the only amount paid to 

                   Seller warrants that Seller has the legal right to 
        grant Buyer the assignment set out in of this agreement 
        and that such assignment does not infringe any third parties' 

                   Seller warrants that there are no pending lawsuits 
        concerning any aspect of the copyright and that the copyright has 
        not been published in such a way as to lose any of its copyright 
                    This Agreement is freely assignable by both parties.

                    This Agreement is binding upon and shall inure to the 
        benefit of the legal successors and assigns of the parties.

        _______________________________    _____________________________
        Signed                             Signed


                                                        Form 213


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