1.  PARTIES.  This agreement is made ________,19__ between 
        _______________, of ______________, herein called "Lessor," and 
        ______________, of ________________, herein called "Lessee."

                2.  LEASE OF EQUIPMENT.  For and in consideration of the 
        covenants and agreements hereinafter contained, to be kept and 
        performed by lessee, lessor has leased and does hereby lease to 
        lessee the personal property known and described as follows: 

        hereafter designated as equipment, to have and to hold the same 
        unto Lessee for the period of______ months commencing from 

                3.  DELIVERY AND RETURN OF PROPERTY.  Lessor shall 
        deliver equipment to_______________________ , freight 
        prepaid.  At the end of the term thereof Lessee shall return 
        equipment freight prepaid to Lessor at the place from which 
        equipment was shipped in as good condition as exists at the 
        commencement of the term, reasonable wear and tear in respect 
        thereto expected.  

                4.  RENT.  Lessee shall pay as rent for the leasing the 
        sum of $_____________ at the office of Lessor at________________ 
        in ________________      monthly installments of________ each, 
        payable in advance on the first day of the month beginning 
        with___________, plus ________         to be paid as the last 

                5.  RESERVATION OF TITLE.  Equipment and all parts 
        thereof shall, unless a purchase thereof is made as is herein 
        provided and until full payment of such purchase price and all 
        interest which may be due thereon is made in cash to the Lessor, 
        retain its character as personal property and the title thereto 
        shall not pass to Lessee but shall remain in Lessor. 

                6.  REPOSSESSION.  If Lessee shall sell, assign or 
        attempt to sell or assign, equipment or any interest therein, or 
        if Lessee defaults in any of the covenants, conditions or 
        provisions of this Lease, it is agreed that Lessor may 
        immediately and without notice take possession of equipment 
        wheresoever found and to remove and keep or dispose of the same 
        and any unpaid rentals shall at once become due and payable.

                7.  LOCATION AND USE.  Lessee shall use equipment only in 
        _______________________ and shall not at any time remove the same 
        ______________________  from the place ________________________
        except in returning the same to Lessor or except as may be 
        permitted by Lessor by consent thereto in writing.

                8.  INDEMNIFICATION OF LESSOR.  Lessee shall and does 
        hereby agree to protect and save Lessor harmless against any and 
        all losses or damage to equipment by fire, flood, explosion, 
        tornado or theft and Lessee shall and does hereby assume all 
        liability to any person whomsoever arising from the location, 
        condition or use of equipment, and shall indemnify Lessor of and 
        from all liability, claim and demand whatsoever arising from the 
        location, condition, or use of equipment whether in operation or 
        not, and growing out of any cause, and from every other 
        liability, claim and demand whatsoever during the term of this 
        Lease or arising while equipment is in the possession of Lessee.  
        Lessee also agrees to promptly reimburse Lessor, in cash, for any 
        and all personal property taxes levied against equipment and paid 
        by Lessor.  

                9.  TIME OF ESSENCE.  Time is the essence of this 

                10.  NO ASSIGNMENT.  Neither this Lease and agreement nor 
        any right or interest thereunder shall be assigned by Lessee in 
        any respect whatsoever.

                11.  CHOICE OF LAW.  This Lease and agreement shall be 
        deemed to have been executed and entered into in the State of 
        ____________ and shall be construed, enforced and performed in 
        accordance with the laws thereof.  

                12.  EXCLUSION OF ORAL STATEMENTS.  This instrument 
        contains all of the agreements of the parties.  No oral or other 
        statements shall be binding on either of the parties hereto.  

                13.  GUARANTY.  All parts of this equipment are 
        guaranteed against defective parts or workmanship for a period 
        of ninety (90) days from date of delivery and any parts returned 
        to factory freight prepaid will be replaced free of charge if 
        found defective.

        [Lessor]                                [Lessee]

        By____________________________          By____________________

        _______________________[Title]          ________________[Title]

                                                        Form 220


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