EXECUTION OF LEASE

                WHEREAS, there has been presented to and considered by 
        this meeting a proposed lease from __________________, as Lessor, 
        to this Corporation, as Lessee, covering the premises known as 
        ___________________; and

                WHEREAS, said proposed lease is for a term of 
        ______ years, commencing __________ at the annual rental of 

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the terms and 
        conditions of the proposed lease presented to and considered by 
        this meeting be and the same hereby are approved.  

                FURTHER RESOLVED, that the president and secretary of 
        this Corporation be and they hereby are authorized to execute 
        said lease in the name and on behalf of this corporation and in 
        substantially the form approved at this meeting.  

                                                       Form 518 


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