This Agreement made this ________day of ________, 19__ by 
        and between ___________________("Consignor") and the undersigned.  

                The parties hereby agree: 

                1.  The Consignee shall hold and care for the goods 
        delivered to at by Consignor and described in Exhibit 1 to this 
        Agreement, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged.  Title to the 
        goods or to the proceeds from their sale shall remain the 
        property of the Consignor at all times.  

                2.  The undersigned shall maintain and display the goods 
        only at its place of business at ___________________ for sale, at 
        its cost and expense.  

                3.  The Consignees shall return all unsold goods to 
        Consignor upon demand and pay for the cost of freight and 

                4.  The undersigned shall insure the goods at full value 
        at its own cost and expense.  

                5.  The undersigned shall use its best efforts to sell 
        the goods at such prices as the Consignor shall set for cash or 
        upon such terms as the Consignor may from time to time establish 
        in writing.  

                6.  The undersigned shall not commingle the proceeds of 
        the sale of the goods with its funds and shall deliver the 
        proceeds, less a commission of (    %) on the gross sales price 
        less sales tax to the Consignor at _______________________ 
        monthly together with an accounting of goods sold.  

                7.  The Consignor shall at its own cost and expense, keep 
        the goods free and clear of all taxes, license fees, and 

                8.  The undersigned agrees to permit the Consignor to 
        enter its premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of 
        examining and inspecting the goods.  

                Signed and sealed this _____ day of ______, 19__.  

           _____________________________       ________________________ 
           Consignor                           Consignee 

                                                        Form 605 


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