___________________________ of ________________ in the 
        County of _________________, have this day conveyed and 
        transfered to _____________________, a _________________ located 
        at and of _____________________, State of ______________, 
        TRUSTEE, the property as listed and set forth in Schedule A 
        attached hereto and made a part hereof, and the said Trustee 
        hereby makes and executes this Declaration of Trust and hereby 
        agrees for itself and its successors in effect, to hold said 
        property and any property from time to time added hereto IN TRUST 
        NEVERTHELESS upon the following uses and benefits, that is to 

                FIRST:  The property shall be held, managed, invested and 
        re-invested by the Trustee, and its successor or successors, with 
        all the powers to the Trustee as herein provided.  

                SECOND:  The Trustee shall divide the Trust Property into 
        equal shares for each of the beneficiaries, namely: 

        and shall pay to, or apply for the benefit of, said named 
        beneficiaries such amount, or amounts, of the net income and/or 
        principal from each of said shares as the Trustee in its 
        uncontrolled discretion may determine, any net income in any year 
        which is not paid to, or applied for the benefit of, the 
        beneficiary of each said share shall be added to the principal of 
        said share at the end of the year.  

                THIRD:  The Trustee shall pay to each of said 
        beneficiaries the principal of the share held for his or her 
        benefit, free and discharged from any Trust in or within one (1) 
        year from the date of the death of the last surviving settlor 
        unless this trust is sooner revoked.  

                FOURTH: In extension and not in limitation of the powers 
        given them by law or other provisions of this instrument the 
        Trustee and any successor or successors shall have the full  
        power with respect to any property in any Trust established 
        hereunder, to deal with the same as if he/she were the owner 
        thereof without order or license of any Court.  

                FIFTH:  The interest of each beneficiary in the income 
        and principal of a trust under this instrument shall be free from 
        the control or interference of any creditor of the beneficiary or 
        any spouse of a married beneficiary and shall not be subject to 
        attachment or susceptible of anticipation or alienation.  

                SIXTH:  This Declaration of Trust is revocable and the 
        Settlor retains the power to alter, amend or revoke this 
        instrument either in whole or in part at any time.  Revocation 
        shall be accomplished by a certificate of the Settlor delivered 
        to the Trustee personally or by certified mail.  

                IN WITNESS WHEREOF __________________ and ______________, 
        Settlors, and _____________________, Trustee, have hereunto set 
        their hands and seals this _____ day of __________ A.D.  

        In presence of: 

        _______________________________    ____________________________ 



                                                        Form 610    


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