Supplement to Purchase and Sale Agreement dated: 

                I/We, __________________, being the Buyer(s) of the 
        property located at ________________________ do hereby allow the 
        Seller(s),__________________________ to occupy the premises from 
        the day of passing through __________,19__.  

                In return for said occupancy the Seller(s) agree to the 
        following considerations:

                1.  For the period of time I/we occupy the premises, I/we 
        will pay the above named Buyer(s) an occupancy charge of 
        $________ per day beginning the day after the passing and ending 
        ___________,19__.  (This charge based on Buyer's PIT payment on a 
        per diem basis.) 
                2.  Such occupancy charge will be adjusted and paid on 
        the day of passing.  

                3.  Electric and fuel will be the responsibility of the 
        Seller(s) through ___________,19__.

                4.  If Seller(s) occupy after_________,19__ they will 
        pay a charge of $________ per day as liquidated damages in 
        addition to the occupancy charge, unless given permission by the 
        Buyer(s), in writing, to continue to occupy.

                5.  Seller(s) agree to leave the premises in the same 
        condition as when papers were passed, reasonable wear and tear 
        thereof expected.

                6.  I/we, the Seller(s), hold the Buyers harmless and 
        blameless for any loss to our personal belongings regardless of 

                7.  Passing of papers does not constitute fulfillment of 
        this Agreement, and this agreement shall survive the passing of 

                8.  It is understood that there is no tenancy created 
        between the Buyers and Sellers, but we, the Sellers, are 
        occupying the said premises on the sufferance of the Buyers.

                9.  $__________ Dollar deposit will be held by the 
        Buyer's attorney to insure the Sellers conformance with this 
        Agreement.  Deposit to be paid at the closing and returned when 
        Seller vacates in accordance with the terms herein.  

        _____________________________     _____________________________
                                                        Form 617


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