__[Name of obligor/tortfeasor]__ died on or about __[date]__. 
__[Name of personal representative]__ was thereafter duly
appointed, and is now acting, as the __[executor/administrator]__
of the __[will/estate]__ of that decedent.
     On __[date]__, plaintiff, __[name]__, __[presented to __[name
of personal representative]__/filed with the clerk of __[name of
court in which will is probated or estate is administered]__]__ a
written, verified claim for the relief demanded in this action. 
__[A copy of that claim, marked Exhibit A, is attached to and
incorporated in this complaint]__.
            [Option 1: If claim is actually rejected#]
     On __[date]__, plaintiff received written notice that the
claim had been rejected by the personal representative.
      [Option 2: If time to reject has elapsed without action
                   by personal representative#]
     More than 30 days have elapsed from the
__[presentation/filing]__ of that claim and the personal
representative has failed to take any action on it. Plaintiff
hereby elects to treat the claim as rejected by the personal

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