__[Name and address of attorney or unrepresented party]__
Re: __[Case name]__

Dear __[name of, e.g., attorney for plaintiff]__:

   This letter is to inform you that we consider the papers you
served on __[date]__, in response to our demand for a bill of
particulars in the above action to be inadequate and defective
because __[state reason(s), e.g., you have failed to itemize each
alleged service, its date, and its location]__.

   Please correct the bill by adding the necessary detail and
resubmitting it to this office by __[date]__.

   If we have not been served with a bill containing the
additional information by that date, we intend to notice a motion
for a court order requiring you to furnish a further bill
containing the additional information to which our client is

   We look forward to your cooperation in this matter.

                                                                          Very truly yours,

                                                                          ___[Signature of attorney]___
                                                                          __[Typed name]__


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