__[Name of opposing counsel]__

Re:   Arbitration Hearing
         __[Case name and number]__
         Documents To Be Offered Into
         Evidence by __[e.g., Plaintiff]__

Dear __[name of opposing counsel]__:

   Under California Rules of Court 1613(b), __[e.g.,
plaintiff]__, __[name]__, intends to offer the following
documentary material into evidence at the arbitration hearing set
for __[time]__ on __[date]__:

   1. The following medical and hospital reports, records, and

         a.Bill from __[specify]__, dated __[specify]__ (attached);

         b.Report of Dr. __[name]__, dated __[specify]__
(attached); and

         c.Plaintiff's medical records from office of Dr.
__[name]__ (supplied to defendant at deposition taken on

   2. Evidence of loss of income in the form of a declaration
dated __[specify]__, from __[name]__, plaintiff's employer

   3. Property damage repair estimate dated __[specify]__, from
__[name]__ (supplied to defendant at deposition taken on
__[date]__). Repairs have been made in part. See item 4 for
details of repairs and costs to date.

   4. Invoice no. _ _, dated __[specify]__, from __[name]__

   5. Police report by Officer __[name]__, dated __[specify]__

   6. Declaration of __[name]__, dated __[specify]__ (attached).

   Plaintiff intends to offer into evidence the depositions of
__[name]__, taken on __[date]__, pursuant to notice, and
__[name]__, taken on __[date]__, pursuant to stipulation.

Very truly yours,

__[Signature of attorney]__
__[Typed name]__
Attorney for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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