__[Attorney name]__
__[Telephone number]__

Attorney for __[name]__

            _ _ _ _ _ _ Court, County of _ _ _ _ _ _
                   __[_ _ _ _ _ _ District]__

__[Coordination            )   Judicial Council Coordination
proceeding special         )   Proceeding No. _ _ _ _ _ _
title]__                                 )
                                                                          )PETITION TO COORDINATE ADD-ON
                                                                     )CASE __[AND APPLICATION FOR
                                                                     )STAY ORDER]__;
                                                                          )__[POINTS AND AUTHORITIES;]__
_________________________  )   __[DECLARATION(S)]__

     1.   Petitioner, __[name]__, requests that the coordination
trial judge coordinate __[specify court, title, and number of
action]__ with the actions presently being coordinated in this
coordination proceeding.
     2.   This petition is submitted under Code of Civil
Procedure section 404.4 on the following grounds set forth in
Code of Civil Procedure section 404.1: __[Specify applicable
                  [Add if stay order is sought]
     3.   Pending determination of whether coordination is
appropriate, petitioner requests that the coordination trial
judge order a stay of the proceedings in the action being
considered for coordination __[and in the following actions
affecting that action: __[List by court, title, and number]__]__.
All known related actions pending in any California court are set
forth in the attached declaration. The request for the stay order
is made under California Rules of Court 1514 on the ground that
the order is necessary and appropriate to effectuate the purposes
of coordination.
     [4.] A hearing on this petition __[is/is not]__ requested.
     [5.] This request is based on the attached documents and
exhibits, including __[specify by title (or nature) and date,
e.g., the declaration of __[name]__, dated _ _ _ _]__, __[and]__
on all papers filed and records in this action __[, and on any
evidence received at the hearing]__.

Date: _ _ _ _ _ _                                          [Signature]
                                                                                                                                            __[Typed name]__
                                                                                                         Attorney for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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