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The secret bankruptcy of 1933 is now being
implemented via inland admiralty.  This has
been assisted by having USGS raise the high-water
marks to the mountain tops!  Thomas Jefferson
complained of the very same thing, in the
Declaration of Independence.  See 28 U.S.C. 132
for your proof:  this thrusted the USDC inland,
into the several states, where it definitely
does not belong.  Since the USDC is a territorial
court, under the Downes Doctrine, the Constitution
cannot be enforced by that court, but ONLY as
Congress has made those guarantees applicable,
BY STATUTES.  See Hooven & Allison v. Evatt.

Public Policy rules the USDC.  And Roman Civil
Law rules public policy.  For details, read 
"The Two United States and the Law" in the
Supreme Law Library.  See also the Supplemental
Rules for Certain Admiralty and Maritime Claims.
Alphabet soup agencies like the FDA are moving
In Rem, pursuant to these rules.  The "rem"
is the "other Property of the United States" mentioned
at 4:3:2;  Congress liened on the entire country,
to discharge the secret bankruptcy, in a rolling
rehypothecation of the entire country, which 
is designed never to end.  This is one key nexus
of current claims to federal jurisdiction within the
several states;  it is unconstitutional, for sure!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 04:34 PM 8/29/97 -0400, you wrote:
>http://www.mcs.net/~lpyleprn/jpfo.html <- Looks like a good effort
>http://www.conspiracytheory.com MEL GIBSON [of braveheart] FILM 
>Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave...
>Really ??  No DUH !! Kind of makes sense that it would not...
>Well, voodoo also "works" but only on those who "believe" in it.
>Some believe that a GOLD Fringed Flag has "sinister" almost magical
>powers...  Well this is what Cornell Law school has to say about... Not that
>they are the source of all truth, but tell me if you think it makes sense.
>More on the "flag" later...  ralph@TeamInfinity.com
>This from  http://www.law.cornell.edu/topics/admiralty.html
>recommended from a fellow netizen.
>   LII - Cornell Law School
>Admiralty Law Materials
>    Overview - Menu of Sources
>   Admiralty law or maritime law is the distinct body of law (both
>   substantive and procedural) governing navigation and shipping. Topics
>   associated with this field in legal reference works may include:
>   shipping; navigation; waters; commerce; seamen; towage; wharves, piers,
>   and docks; insurance; maritime liens; canals; and recreation. Piracy
>   (ship hijacking) is also an aspect of admiralty.
>   The courts and Congress seek to create a uniform body of admiralty law
>   both nationally and internationally in order to facilitate commerce. The
>   federal courts derive their exclusive jurisdiction over this field from
>   the Judiciary Act of 1789 and from Article III, 2 of the U.S.
>   Constitution. Congress regulates admiralty partially through the Commerce
>   Clause. American admiralty law formerly applied only to American tidal
>   waters.  It now extends to any waters navigable within the United States
>   for interstate or foreign commerce. In such waters admiralty jurisdiction
>   includes maritime matters not involving interstate commerce, including
>   recreational boating.
>   Admiralty law in the United States developed from the British admiralty
>   courts present in most of the American colonies. These courts functioned
>   separately from courts of law and equity. With the Judiciary Act, though,
>   Congress placed admiralty under the jurisdiction of the federal district
>   courts. Although admiralty shares much in common with the civil law, it
>   is separate from it. Common law does not act as binding precedent on
>   admiralty courts, but it and other law may be used when no law on point
>   is available.
>   Parties subject to admiralty may not contract out of admiralty
>   jurisdiction, and states may not infringe on admiralty jurisdiction
>   either judicially or legislatively. However, since admiralty courts are
>   courts of limited jurisdiction (which does not extend to nonmaritime
>   matters), 28 USC 1333(1), the "Savings to Suitors Clause," does provide
>   for concurrent state jurisdiction so that non-admiralty remedies will not
>   be foreclosed.  Moreover, state courts may have jurisdiction where the
>   matter is primarily local.
>   Under admiralty, the law of the ship's flag determines the source of law.
>   For example, a ship flying the American flag in the Persian Gulf would be
>   subject to American admiralty law; and a ship flying a Norwegian flag in
>   American waters will be subject to Norwegian admiralty law. This also
>   applies to criminal law governing the ship's crew. But the ship must be
>   flying the flag legitimately; that is, there must be more than
>   insubstantial contact between the ship and its flag, in order for the law
>   of the flag to apply. American courts may refuse jurisdiction where it
>   would involve applying the law of another country, although in general,
>   international law does seek uniformity in admiralty law.
>   Just as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure placed law and equity under
>   the same jurisdiction in 1938. In 1966, the Rules subsumed admiralty.
>   Nonetheless, the Supplemental Admiralty Rules take precedence over the
>   Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in the event of conflict between the
>   two.
>     * Federal Materials
>          + Federal Statutes
>               o Jurisdiction of Admiralty, Maritime, 
>		 and Prize Cases - 28 U.S.C. 1333
>               o U.S. Coast Guard - 14 U.S.C.
>               o Navigation and Navigable Waters - 33 U.S.C.
>               o Shipping - 46 U.S.C.
>          + Federal Agency Regulations
>               o Code of Federal Regulations: 33 C.F.R., Navigation and 
>		  Navigable Waters and 46 C.F.R., Shipping
>                    # Search in: 
>                      [Navigation and Navigable Waters (33 C.F.R.)]
>                      for the term(s):
>                      ____________________ (help is available)
>                      _______
>                    # Code of Federal Regulations: 33 C.F.R., Navigation and 
>		      Navigable Waters and 46 C.F.R.,
>                      Shipping
>                         @ To search Title 33 or 46 for particular sections,
>                           replace TT with the title number and QQ with your
>                           word search which can include AND, OR, ADJ
>                           (adjacent), W/4 (proximity using any number) [You
>                           can use a wild card (? for single character or *
>                           for multiple) in your word search.]
>                           _______________________ _______
>                         @ [With a browser not supporting forms click here
>                           and enter the search: (Title adj TT):expcite and
>                           (QQ) - replacing QQ with your search terms] -->
>               o Federal Judicial Decisions and Rules
>                    # U.S. Supreme Court: Recent Decisions on Admiralty
>                    # U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals: Recent Decisions on
>                    # Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
>          + State Materials
>               o State Statutes 
>                    # State Statutes Dealing with Navigation
>               o State Judicial Decisions
>                    # N.Y. Court of Appeals: Decisions on Admiralty
>                    # Appellate Decisions from Other States
>          + Other References
>               o Key Internet Sources 
>                    # U.S. Navy
>                    # U.S. Department of Transportation
>                         @ U.S. Maritime Administration
>                         @ Federal Maritime Commission
>                         @ U.S. Coast Guard 
>                         @ Law of the Sea Convention
>               o Useful Offnet (or Subscription - $) Sources 
>                    # Good Starting Point in Print: John Maher et al., 
>	              Maritime Litigation, Michie,
>                      Charlottesville, Va (1994)
>                    # Sea.Net
>       Other Topics Dealing with Particular Activities or Business Sectors
>El Jeffe, El Capiton, Generalissimo Klintonista speaks out 
>			 	about the US Constitution:
>"When we got organized as a country and we wrote a fairly radical
>Constitution with a radical Bill of Rights, giving a radical amount of
>individual freedom to Americans ..."
>"And so a lot of people say there's too much personal freedom.  When
>personal freedom's being abused, you have to move to limit it.  That's what
>we did in the announcement I made last weekend on the public housing
>projects, about how we're going to have weapon sweeps and more things like
>that to try to make people safer in their communities."
>President Bill Clinton, 3-22-94, MTV's "Enough is Enough"
>"We can't be so fixated on our desire
> to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans ..."
>  Bill Clinton  (USA TODAY, 11 March 1993, page 2A)
>	Why cant any of these be considered a violation of the oath of
>        office to uphold the Constitution and qualify as TREASON !!
>"Gun registration is not enough." Attorney General Janet Reno, December 10,
>1993 (Associated Press) 
>"Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The
>prohibition of private firearms is the goal." - Janet Reno
>"What good does it do to ban some guns. All guns should be banned." Sen.
>Howard Metzanbaum 
>"Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who
>would resist us have been totally disarmed."  Sara Brady, Chairman, Handgun
>Control, to Sen. Howard Metzanbaum, The National Educator, January 1994,
>Page 3. 
>	ralph@TeamInfinity.com  (I can get you SAPF films/tapes/materials,
>        "Harry's War" the suppressed film, Tragedy & Hope the book,
>        US/UN/DontTreadonMe FLAGS, bumperstickers YardSigns & T-Shirts,
>        inquire)
>	http://TeamInfinity.com/~ralph/code/t26.html
>	http://TeamInfinity.com/urls.html
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>        (SAPF), but feel free to contact them thru RALPH@TEAMINFINITY.COM
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