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>            The Mysterious Jamie Gorelick Phone Call
>By David Hoffman
>The petition by Oklahoma State Rep.  Charles  Key  to  impanel  a
>grand  jury  to  hear  evidence  of government involvement in the
>Oklahoma City bombing was originally quashed  by  District  Judge
>Daniel  Owens  on  the  premise that it would be "reinventing the
>wheel." The Oklahoma Supreme Court disagreed earlier  this  year,
>and  overturned  both  Owens' ruling and District Attorney Robert
>Macy's subsequent appeal.
>When I first interviewed Bob Macy about the Oklahoma City bombing
>in  1995,  he  was  collecting information on the case by reading
>Morris Dees' Gathering Storm, and The Turner Diaries. This was  a
>year  and-a-half after the bombing--a bombing that occurred right
>outside his window. He didn't know about John Doe 2.  He  had  no
>idea  about the Middle Eastern connection. He had done absolutely
>no investigation.
>"I have not seen these things you are talking about  right  now,"
>Macy  told  me.  "When  I  see  the  evidence...  I  haven't been
>presented with the evidence." Macy subsequently claimed he wanted
>me   to   work   with  his  so-  called  "task  force"  that  was
>"investigating" the bombing, then never called me back. It wasn't
>until the county grand jury was finally impaneled in June of this
>year  that  Macy's  Chief  Assistant  DA,  Pat  Morgan,  sent  an
>investigator to meet with me. After turning over [almost] all the
>information I had gathered on the bombing, I never heard  another
>Interestingly, just two months before the hearing,  Macy  claimed
>to  this author that he intended to prosecute McVeigh and Nichols
>in a state trial on 161 counts of First Degree Murder.  "I  don't
>like  taking  a  second  seat to the [federal] prosecution," Macy
>stated. "The bombing killed 10 of my friends."
>In a May 24, 1995 letter to  Senator  Orrin  Hatch,  one  of  the
>original drafters of the Anti-Terrorism Bill, Macy wrote:
>  First, immediately following the trial or trials  in  Federal
>  Court,  I shall, working in conjunction with the United Sates
>  Department  of  Justice  and  the   federal   law-enforcement
>  agencies  investigating  the  bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah
>  Building, prosecute the  cowards  responsible  for  murdering
>  innocent   people   in   the  area  surrounding  the  Federal
>  Building....  The State  of  Oklahoma  has  an  overwhelming,
>  compelling  interest  to  seek and obtain the maximum penalty
>  allowable by law for the senseless and cowardly killings. Not
>  only  is it in the interest of the State, it is my sworn duty
>  to seek those sanctions, and I intend to fully carry  out  my
>  responsibilities....  Every day of delay represents a victory
>  for these cowardly cold- blooded killers and another  day  of
>  defeat  and suffering for the victims and all other Americans
>  who cry out for justice.
>Macy personally impressed upon me his interest in getting at  the
>truth:  "I'm  prepared  to  do  what  ever it takes to get to the
>truth," Macy exclaimed.  "My  sole  intent  is  in  learning  the
>Yet when  asked  if  he  intended  to  conduct  an  investigation
>independent  of the Feds', he said, "Well... I don't want to be a
>party to anything that will interfere with the Feds' prosecution.
>I don't want to open up a new can of worms."
>After Macy lost the appeals hearing, he met with  bombing  victim
>Glenn  Wilburn  and Representative Key, explaining that he wished
>to cooperate with their investigation. Three days later, the  two
>men  discovered  that  Macy  had  decided  to contest the Appeals
>Court's decision. When a furious Key confronted  Macy,  all  that
>the "courageous, truth-seeking" DA told him was, "They won't let
>me." When Key demanded to know who "they" were, Macy just lowered
>his eyes to the floor and repeated, "They won't let me." [1]
>Key later learned from  a  source  at  ABC  News  that  Macy  had
>received  a  conference  call  from  Janet  Reno's  deputy  Jamie
>Gorelick, and the government's lead prosecutor, Joseph  Hartzler,
>along with Governor Keating, Oklahoma City Fire Chief Gary Marrs,
>and Judge Daniel Owens.  Interestingly, during a debate on FOX TV
>with  Representative  Key, Keating stated, "Nobody could get away
>with a cover-up; it would not be tolerated by civilized  Oklahoma
>City.... Nobody's afraid of the truth." [2]
>KFOR's Jayna Davis shed some light on the "truth-seeking" efforts
>of Bob Macy and the good ole' boy network of politicos from which
>he descends. Two years  earlier,  after  an  8-year-old  boy  was
>raped,  both  Davis  and the Public Defender demanded to know why
>Macy hadn't done anything. When Macy thought the camera was  off,
>he  whipped  around and sternly admonished the reporter: "Lady, I
>don't know who you are or where you came from, but this isn't how
>we do business in Oklahoma!" [3]
>This is the same Bob Macy who argued that it would be "a waste of
>the taxpayers' time and money to convene an Oklahoma County Grand
>Jury when one was already in session or when a Federal Grand Jury
>had already heard all available evidence."
>The  Oklahoma  Supreme  Court  did  not  agree  with  Macy.  They
>unanimously  upheld  Key's right to impanel the grand jury, which
>is hearing evidence as of this writing.
>On May 7, 1997, Oklahoma State Attorney  General  Drew  Edmondson
>subpoenaed  Rep.  Charles  Key  before a multi-county grand jury,
>alleging that he violated procedures in  raising  money  for  the
>bombing investigation. The Daily Oklahoman proudly proclaimed how
>it had played a critical role in bringing about the investigation
>of Key:
>  The attorney general's action is a result of  an  inquiry  by
>  The  Oklahoman  about Key's seven-page solicitation letter on
>  the Internet. The letter asks for money to "secure copies  of
>  the  voluminous  (federal)  government  documents  and to pay
>  independent investigators" and other expenses for the  county
>  grand jury investigation.... [4]
>According to Key's attorney, Mark Sanford, Key violated no  rules
>at  all.  Another  attorney who represented Key at the grand jury
>inquest, Representative Bill Graves, stated: "The law  is  pretty
>clear  that  you  are not required to register before you hit the
>ten thousand dollar threshold, and Charles [Key] had not hit that
>limit  so  was  not  required  to register. Edmondson knows that.
>They're just trying to slow Charles  down  or  stop  him  through
>harassment." [5]
>"This is all about stopping us and making us shut up,  said  Key.
>"If  I  would  just  quit  the grand jury deal, this would all go
>away." [6]
>Says V. Z Lawson, a HUD worker who  survived  the  bombing,  "You
>don't  have  to be that bright or look that hard to see the fraud
>and hypocrisy in these charges. For  over  a  year  and  a  half,
>they've  been  doing everything imaginable and employing the most
>absurd arguments to prevent Charles from impaneling a grand  jury
>to  investigate one of the worst crimes in our country's history.
>Now, after he's overcome all of their  legal  challenges  in  the
>courts  and is close to getting a county grand jury investigation
>going, they drag him before a multi-county grand  jury  for  what
>amounts  to  jaywalking,  while  the  bombing  and other genuine,
>serious crimes go uninvestigated." [7]
>Lawson also brought to the attention of bombing  investigators  a
>February  5th,  fax  transmission  to  federal  employees  on the
>official letterhead  of  Attorney  General  Drew  Edmondson.  The
>letter  sought  signatures from survivors to go with letters that
>were to be sent to various news organizations.  The  cover  sheet
>said  it  came  from  Richard  M.  Wintory, Chief Deputy Attorney
>General of the Criminal Division.  The letter, entitled, "A  Plea
>to the Media from Oklahoma City: Don't O.J. Us!!!" purports to be
>a spontaneous response from  victims  asking  the  media  not  to
>"manipulate"  and  "exploit"  them  "for no purpose other than to
>enhance their ratings on the air and in publications."
>This obvious propaganda counteroffensive was in response  to  ABC
>20/20's  January, 1996 show about prior knowledge. It referred to
>the "so-called report" by ABC as "tabloid journalism" filled with
>"unsubstantiated  and  baseless  claims that have been repeatedly
>"We are appalled at the lack of interest in  the  truth  and  the
>underhanded  method  utilized  by 20/20" stated the letter, which
>claimed that ABC had  wrongfully  implied  that  certain  victims
>agreed  with the "paranoid delusion" of the "ridiculous theory of
>government conspiracy in this crime." It  added  that  "reporters
>are sometime tempted to forget the truth." Ultimately, it stated,
>"It is PEOPLE  that  matter  in  this  life,  neither  money  nor
>possession nor a Pulitzer Prize."
>This classic PSYOP piece launched by Edmondson (which he  angrily
>denied in a letter to the author) was signed, "Many Survivors and
>Family Members, Oklahoma City Bombing."
>HUD employees V. Z. Lawson and Jane Graham were two survivors who
>angrily denounced the letter for the sham that it was. "Since the
>communication was loaded with lies and half truths,  I  certainly
>could  not  sign  it,"  said  Lawton,  "and  I  felt like a state
>attorney general could better spend his time supporting an effort
>to  find the truth rather than this transparent effort at helping
>to hide it."
>"I am angry," stated Graham in a typed response  to  the  letter,
>"that the attorney general's office would play on the emotions of
>this office at HUD under the guise of keeping us  posted  on  how
>they  are  proceeding  and  planning  the  case,  causing further
>emotional turmoil in this office between employees." [8]
>Edmondson's blatant attempt at coercing the victims to pander  to
>the  official government line is similar to a letter from a group
>of victims suggesting passage of  the  Anti-Terrorism  Bill.  The
>recipients  were  urged to call Edmondson if they were interested
>in participating. Of course, while Edmondson accuses ABC 20/20 of
>"manipulating"  and  "exploiting"  the  bombing  victims,  it  is
>obvious that Edmondson himself hasn't done anything to manipulate
>or exploit anyone.
>[An edited excerpt  of  David  Hoffman's  forthcoming  book  "The
>Oklahoma  City  Bombing  and  the  Politics  of Terror." For more
>information,                                                  see
>http://www.webcom.com/haight/headshop/Hoffman.book.ad.html ]
>1. Rep. Charles Key, interviews with author.
>2. Rita Cosby, FOX News, 4/4/97.
>3. Interview with Jayna Davis. Macy's Assistant DAs  who  handled
>that case were John Farely and Jane Brown.
>4. Daily Oklahoman, 8/14/97.
>5. Mark Sanford, interview  with  author;  William  Jasper,  "OKC
>Investigator Under Attack, " New American, 6/23/97.
>6. Brian Ford, "Fund-Raising Probed: Jury Looks into  Efforts  of
>Rep. Charles Key," Tulsa World, 5/6/97.
>7. Jasper, Op Cit.
>8. Ibid.
>  Published in the Sep. 15, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
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