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Subject: in John DeCamp's own words

                   The Franklin Coverup by John W. DeCamp
   1995 (Rev. Ed.) Published by AWT, Inc., 414 S. 11th Street, Lincoln NE
                     68508 Softcover, 384 pages, $9.95

   * Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska
   * Expose The Evil
   * What Happened After All That?  Nothing Much
   * Rise Through the Ranks of National Republican Party
   * Satanic Ritual Abuse and Murder of Children

               Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska
What would you do?

If you had knowledge of high crimes in high places?

What would you do?

If you were an ex-16 year veteran Senator and practicing lawyer and you
knew things that you wish you didn't, things that no human being would want
to know yet should... nay has to... just the knowledge of which can send
one into fitful states of grief, rage, or fear on one hand... and utter
cold denial on the other?

Things that just shouldn't be true... just can't be true... things that
brought danger to your very door.

                              Expose The Evil
As ex-CIA head, Bill Colby, tells author John DeCamp in the foreword to THE

"What you have to understand John, is that sometimes there are forces and
events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or
institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or
wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much
evidence you have. That is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to
face. You have done your part. You have tried to expose the evil and
wrongdoing. It has hurt you terribly. But it has not killed you up to this
point. I am telling you, get out of this before it does. Sometimes things
are just too big for us to deal with, and we have to step aside and let
history take its course. For you John, this is one of those times."

The Franklin Cover-Up is not just your average, garden variety story of
drugs, child sexual abuse, and satanic ritual murder. John W. DeCamp is the
ex-Senator who became involved in the events leading up to, surrounding and
following the failure of the Franklin Credit Union in 1988, in Omaha,
Nebraska. There was a 40 million dollar problem at the Franklin CU and
after the official investigation ended -- effectively and rather abruptly
19 months later -- the facts were, for all practical purposes, buried.

So what happened?

* After the chief investigator, Gary Cardori, died with his son in a plane
crash of suspicious origin, about which Bill Colby, who was brought in by
the Franklin Committee to investigate the crash, said that "the cause (of
the crash) would probably never be known";

* After Gary Cardori told another Senator on The Franklin Committee, the
legislative body assembled to investigate the charges being made, before
Cardori left on a trip in his private plane with his 10 year old son,
"We've got them! There's no way they can get out of it now!";

* After almost two years and thousands of hours of gathering evidence,
corroborated eye-witness testimony, identifying by name some of the most
prominent, wealthy citizens of Omaha and the State of Nebraska who were
involved in these crimes;

* After a hue and cry by thousands of people throughout the state to
identify, try, and convict those responsible for hideous depraved acts
against children...

                What Happened After All That?  Nothing Much.
Larry King (not the radio personality), the central figure but by no means
the most important as far as political, social, and financial standing, did
go to jail on a 15 year sentence for embezzlement, conspiracy and making
false financial record entries, but because of a plea bargain arrangement
with federal prosecutors and, as DeCamp says in his book, "Since the
Douglas County grand jury deferred to the federal authorities, and since
there was no trial of King on the federal embezzlement or any other
charges, the evidence of child prostitution and abuse perpetrated by King
was never presented in any court!"

Oh, but a couple of the kids that were brave enough to stick to their
stories in the face of unimaginable forces of the rich and powerful arrayed
against them -- so that they would not be believed or worse that they would
be killed -- eventually got convicted and jailed for perjury and murder.
All the movers and shakers, the powerful, Omaha's finest, went scot free.
Free it would seem to be still at their unimaginably dark activities.

Who were some of the players in this sad tale? Not only was the head of
local law enforcement identified by more than one eyewitness as a
pedophile, but when Mr. DeCamp and others tried to go over his head to the
local FBI for help they found themselves getting into deeper, ever murkier
waters of deceit, veiled threats, criminal protection, cover-up and
complicity that would ultimately implicate numbers of Nebraska's corporate

            Rise Through the Ranks of National Republican Party
Did a man by the name of Larry King, well known in the Omaha gay community
as a voracious pedophile and local boy made good in a meteoric rise through
the ranks of national Republican Party politics make a name for himself by
being the open ended, no holds barred supplier to any and every sexual
depravity, catering to the rich and powerful and Republican?

Did Larry King keep a $5,000 a month strictly-for-sex party pad in
Washington, DC?

Did two different child-victim eye witnesses put George Bush at parties
there on at least 2 different occasions?

Did Larry King have unfettered, even privileged access to the young boys of
Boy Town? Are Boys Town and the Omaha Girl's Club important links in the
worldwide traffic in children for sex/porn?

Was Warren Buffett, billionaire, second richest man in America (1992), head
of Soloman Brothers, who was (and assuming still is) the second largest
stock holder in the Washington Post, key to Larry King's remarkable success
in Omaha high finance and the national Republican Party?

Was witness-victim Paul Bonnacci subjected as a young boy to events so
unspeakable that he split up into multiple personalities to deal with it
and do some of his multiple's have photographic memory and computer-like
accuracy for names, dates, and places, corroborated by other witnesses?

                Satanic Ritual Abuse and Murder of Children
Concerning allegations in this case of Satanic ritual abuse and murder of
children, a chilling personal tale by a woman who as a foster care mother
of over 30 child victims of such activity, a woman who "with her eldest
foster daughter, a survivor of ritualistic abuse, spoke at public forums
around the state, gave radio and television interviews, and appeared on
Geraldo Rivera's nationally televised special on satanism." should be read
and considered by all who would deny out of hand that such allegations
could possibly be true. Her story is in this book.

Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber, New York area psychiatrist, lawyer, child abuse
expert and member of the International Society of Multiple Personality and
Dissociative States addressed, before the Senate Franklin committee, this
"denial syndrome" that normal people, unexposed to this material, often

"I want to say one thing. I would not want the committee to disband. I
think that is not in the best interest of the average Nebraskan citizen for
the reasons that I have said. I would also not want the material to be
turned over to any other committee. Because it takes two to three years for
the average person to get through the automatic denial that goes along with
this kind of material. The first human defense mechanism against untenable
horrific facts is to say that they don't exist."

           I Will Allow These Documents to Speak for Themselves.
This book is well written and the facts presented clearly and in order. As
the author, a lawyer who represented some of the children in this case

"I have been very careful to present only material and documents which I
can legally and properly, in my opinion, make available.... In this book,
therefore, much of the material has been kept in its documentary form --
the words of investigators, state senators, victim-witnesses, parents,
police, or FBI, as recorded in police documents, eyewitness reports,
testimony to the Legislature, published interviews, and so on. I will allow
these documents to speak for themselves."

Mr. DeCamp also goes on to say that there is much more information that he
can't divulge because of ongoing cases surrounding this affair, and because
of client attorney privilege considerations, as he is representing some of
the claimants. He wishes that he could.

I won't recommend this book lightly to anyone, although I do so highly.
After reading parts of this book I was literally weak and felt like I
couldn't talk to anyone. Indeed, I tried to tell my wife some of it and she
couldn't handle it and asked me to quit. On a scale of 1 to 5, bad to good,
I would put this book at a 10 if I could. It is one of those "must read,
change your life" books.

It is a dangerous book, and it is one that demands you do something. Again
the question:

What would you do? What can you do?

For John W. DeCamp, finally, he had to write this book.

For myself, I had to read this book -- and I had to tell someone about it.

John W. DeCamp

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