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Subject: L&J: Red China's Foothold in Panama

I would be very interested to hear knowledgeable
military retirees elaborate on the national
security implications of losing control of
the Panama Canal.  It occurs to me that the
North & South American fleets are effectively 
cut in two, by such a change in ownership.

Am I missing the point here, or not? 

What do OAS delegates think about all of this?

George Washington's Vision seems to be coming
true, right before my very own eyes!

I pray that God will help us through the
war that surely will come to pass, if Red China 
succeeds in securing Long Beach, Panama, 
and who-knows-what-else on the eastern seaboard.
Doesn't it appear to form a pincer action?
Are they developing "trade" with Canada too?

Perhaps Bill Clinton is negotiating right now
to purchase a new coat of paint for the 
White House.  It won't be a White House for
very long, I am afraid.  Maybe he will be able
to locate a paint which matches the color of
the blood on his hands.

The Mississippi Valley is barely large enough
to bury the huge number of casualties that will
occur, in the event of an armed conflict with
Red Chinese troops, attacking from all four 
winds.  The Lord Most High is softening that
very ground right now, with heavy spring runoff.

"Four score and seven years ago ...

... that government of the People,
by the People, and for the People,
shall not perish from this earth." 

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>Following is a new article by Capt. G. Russell Evans, USCG (Ret.), leading
>American authority on the Panama Canal treaties.  Circulate widely.
>                  Kenneth White
>- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>G. Russell Evans							March 21, 1997
>5010 Gosnold Ave.					
>Norfolk, VA 23508							Approximately
>TEL:  757/622-5583							600 words
>by G. Russell Evans
>Captain USCG (Ret.)
>	A shocking new law, recently passed by Panama's Legislative Assembly, could
>give the Red Chinese a foothold at the Panama Canal after the Americans
>surrender the Canal and all bases and move out by Dec. 31, 1999.  Law No. 5
>right now gives Hutchinson Wampoa of Hong Kong far-reaching "rights" over
>some of the strategic facilities and other operational matters affecting the
>Canal and the United States.
>	Looming over all this is the imminent transfer of Hong Kong to Communist
>a on July 1st -- at which time Hutchinson will very much come under Communist
>domination, as history proves when the Communists move in.  Head man at
>Hutchinson Wampoa is billionaire industrialist Li-Ka-Shing, a man with close
>ties to Red China.
>	On March 1st, under terms of this law, Hutchinson took over the ports of
>Balboa and Cristobal at each end of the Canal, strategic locations.
> Hutchinson and Panama had negotiated the provisions of this law which heaps
>money galore on Panama and a 50-year "contract" for Hutchinson with future
>goodies for Red China. 
>	A copy of Law No. 5 was passed to me by Bill Bright Marine, candidate for
>president of Panama in 1999. 
>	Some of the secretive aspects of this law are very interesting:
>*  	The law received very little publicity in Panama because Panamanians are
>strongly anti-Communist.  Hutchinson, in the "contract", is called "Panama
>Ports Company", apparently to hide Communist ties.
>*	Panama's leading newspaper La Prensa kept quiet.  Publisher Roberto
>Eisenman opposes any U. S. presence in Panama after 1999.
>*	This law violates Art. 274 of Panama's Constitution which requires a
>plebiscite on Panama Canal matters.  None was held.
>*	Art. 2.11d violates Art. VI and Amendment (2) of the Panama Neutrality
>Treaty by denying "expedited treatment" of U. S. warships needing port
>	Panamanians were kept in the dark about Law No. 5, and so was U. S.
>Ambassador William Hughes, who received a copy four weeks after it was
>passed.  The Panama Canal Commission, the Canal operating agency, represented
>by Public Affairs Director Willie Friar, told me on March 14th that she had
>"not heard" of Law No. 5.  Strange.
>	Some of the shocking "rights" under this law are as follows:
>*	Art. 2.1 could give Hutchinson exclusive use of Telfers Island, next to
>Galeta Island, where the U. S. features strategic communications.
>*	Art. 2.8 allows Hutchinson to transfer "contract rights" to a third party.
> This could be Iran or Iraq, bad news for the Canal.
>*	Art. 2.9 sets "contract" duration 25 years with 25 year extension.
>*	Art. 2.10c allows Hutchinson to operate piloting services, work boats and
>tugs, implying some control of Canal pilots.
>*	Art. 2.12a gives Hutchinson "priority" to all piers at Cristobal and
>Balboa, including private piers, plus an area at Albrook AF Station.
>	Other "rights" are given Hutchinson in this rambling 32-page "contract",
>both immediately and after 1999:  control of anchorages and piers,  control
>of certain roads affecting Canal security, and the "right" to require the U.
>S. government and even the Panama Canal Commission to "vacate" areas
>controlled by Hutchinson.  Plus numerous other "rights" relating to the
>future Panama Canal.  Hutchinson, let us remember, will, for the most part,
>be toeing the line for Communist China while U. S. warships may wait for
>"expeditious passage."
>	The subtitle of my book The Panama Canal Treaties Swindle is Consent to
>Disaster.  Is this subtitle now becoming prophetic as the Americans prepare
>to move out and the Communists prepare to move in?
>	The time has come for congressional investigation into deterioration of
>American rights and the Communist threat at the Panama Canal, called "the
>most vital strategic maritime gateway in the entire world."  Time is running
> out!
>(Captain Evans is author of a new book, Death Knell of the Panama Canal, soon
>to be released by the National Security Center.  He lives in Norfolk, Va.)
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