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>Internationalists at highest levels of government have illegally
>transferred American military to United Nations command.
>Objective:  Force all nations under `one world' administration.  Rule by
>military mandate.
>Perpetrators of U.N. `new world order' seek to overthrow the Constitution
>and erect a dictatorship on ruins of the Republic.
>FREE:  "The Republic: Decline and Future Promise", a tactical operation
>enabling you to challenge those who would rob you of your heritage.
>Send self-addressed, stamped #10 (business) envelope to:
>A Colorado non-profit corporation
>Post Office Box 986   Fort Collins, Colorado  USA  80522
>Archibald E. Roberts, LtCol, AUS, ret, Director
>"Americans must halt the build-up of a United Nations Army or we will soon
>find ourselves supervised by sociological drovers in a one-world animal
>Extract, VICTORY DENIED  (1966) by Archibald E. Roberts, LtCol (then Major)
>301 pages, Library of Congress #66-20665, OUT OF PRINT
>                                             O
>The people, source of all political power, are responsible for instructing
>elected officials to confine functions of government to limitations defined
>in the Constitution. (A)
>Citizen-initiated, state legislative solution to the United Nations problem
>is offered by Committee to Restore the Constitution:
>1. Model 'letter of instruction' to state lawmakers with names and
>addresses of legislators on self-adhesive labels.
>2. State bills prepared by T. David Horton, Counsel, Committee to Restore
>the Constitution:
>    a. "Bill to Investigate the Legality of the Action of Federal Agents
>with  Regard to the United Nations"
>    b. "Bill to Provide for Enforcement of the Constitution of the United
>States with Regard to the So-called United Nations Organization"  (includes
>criminal sanctions).
>3. "Characteristics of Government", testimony by T. David Horton, Attorney,
>restating authority and responsibility of state legislators to correct
>violations of the Constitution by their agents in Washington.
>4. Back-up documentation to continue public education of state lawmakers,
>   Senate Joint Resolution #65 "Establishing a commission to study the
>creation of a standing international military force under the United
>Nations Charter" 16 March 1993 - April 1994 bulletin.
>   Presidential Decision Directive #25, 3 May 1994 (State Department
>Summary) "The Clinton Administration's Policy on Reforming Multilateral
>Peace Operations" (transfers control of US military forces to foreign
>commanders, e.g.: Bosnia) - October 1994 Committee bulletin - and much
>My interest in United Nations cabalistic nuance began in Korea where I
>observed the American flag and the United Nations banner flying side by
>side at the Pusan Headquarters, Supreme United Nations Command, Korea.  It
>was also in Korea that, for the first time, I observed American dead being
>buried under a foreign device in a United Nations cemetery.
>This curiosity increased during the course of my struggle to comply with
>military orders which directed the establishment of pro-American troop
>educational programs in Germany.  These military directives, I found, were
>sabotaged by concealed forces in the Pentagon and in the Department of
>State.  I was to discover later that these policy moves originated in the
>United Nations under authority of the United Nations Charter.
>Additional evidence of a strange ambivalence regarding official statements
>concerning troop information objectives and the field application of those
>principles was revealed during the course of the Senate 'military muzzling'
>investigations which sprang from this struggle.  It then became apparent
>that hidden policy planners at an international level were in fact
>directing a propaganda campaign which opposed the principles set forth in
>the United States Constitution; the Constitution which I have sworn to
>'defend and preserve'. (B)
>Confronted with the divided allegiance demanded by the new military
>morality I determined to trace the origins of this mischief and to make it
>my mission to seek the means for correcting the misdirection of armed
>forces policy and which would end the exploitation of America's soldier
>sons in international adventures.
>The information gleaned during the course of my personal investigations,
>and the situations which produced such evidence, are presented in this
>book.  This compendium of international deceit is drawn from actions in
>which I was personally involved or which are the result of related research
>and examination of public and private documents.
>The following factors will be disclosed as having a material bearing on the
>abuse of American fighting forces and the undermining of the United States
>a. The United Nations Organization is the product of internationalists
>whose objective is Soviet-style control over the world's people and
>b. A prime requisite for the achievement of one-world government under the
>UN flag is United Nations command of the US military forces.
>c. Technique for achieving UN command of the US military establishment
>includes UN manipulation of United States government agencies,
>establishment of interlocking propaganda media, and the employment of
>politically oriented agents who are in sympathy with one-world government
>The purpose of the disclosure is two-fold; first, to indict publicly the
>United Nations Organization and, second,to illustrate the importance of
>immediate action to resolve this condition of dire peril.
>A major objective of the work is the presentation of a
>Constitution-centered citizen action plan which will lead to the
>reestablishment of the United  States Constitution as the 'Supreme Law of
>the Land'.  The concluding portion of the book will, therefore, be
>concerned with a proposal to insure that the limits of the US Constitution
>are respected within the borders of the sovereign states.
>It will be shown that Americans can act to avert terminal passage of our
>Christian nation into a Soviet twilight zone under the United Nations
>Of course, the Planners tell us that the United Nations is the hope of the
>But we know that the United Nations is not what UN supporters think it is.
>The United Nations is what the articles of the UN Charter say it is:
>    The United Nations is an agency for imposing a one-world government on
>the nations of the world; by peaceful means if possible; by force and
>violence if necessary.
>The law of self-preservation demands that Americans learn as much as
>possible about this international organization; an agency which is geared
>for a take-over of the United States.  We must know its origins; we must
>study its charter, and we must examine its effect on our national policy.
>Our study will be a candid examination of a new dimension in warfare.  It
>will show that the weapons employed by our enemy are duplicity, subversion,
>and treason.  However, before exploring the events which placed our
>soldiers under UN command, it may be pertinent to explain why many army men
>have elected to become personally involved in this psycho-political war.
>Perhaps the most direct means of defining our position is to present the
>oath each officer takes upon being commissioned in the United States Army.
>This was, and is the military creed:
>    "I, ...., do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the
>Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
>domestic; That I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; That I
>take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of
>evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the
>office on which I am about to enter.  So help me God."
>A personal reason for resistance to a United Nations take-over lies in the
>fact that my ancestors helped to establish in this bountiful land, 'the
>best form of government ever devised by the hand of man'.
>We must not relinquish the heritage of freedom so dearly won by the sweat
>and blood of our forefathers.
>                                             O
>A.  In 1788 thirteen Sovereign Nation States joined in forming a federal
>government with powers to perform certain functions enumerated in a
>constitution and no others.  The Constitution of the United States thus
>formed was and remains today a contract between Sovereign States acting at
>their highest sovereign capacity, with the federal government created by
>the States under contract to perform limited functions.
>     If any State, as a contracting party, finds that the contract is being
>violated, that State must take action to bring about correction.  No court,
>not even the Supreme Court, has any jurisdiction in such case.  Only a
>Sovereign State can make correction.  This is the situation described by
>eminent constitutional authorities.
>B.  Roberts wrote and directed the 24th Infantry Division "Pro Blue" troop
>information program in Germany (1959), central issue in the 1962 Senate
>'military muzzling' investigation (Military Cold War Education and Speech
>Review Policies, Senate Committee on Armed Services, 4-13 April 1962).
>C.  Roberts is a successful litigant (1962-1965) in a precedent-setting
>lawsuit against Secretary of the Army Cyrus R Vance, involving freedom of
>speech of military personnel:  United States District Court for the
>District of Columbia, Civil Action No. 2106-62, 12 May 1965.  Archibald E
>Roberts, Appellant v. Stanley R Resor, Secretary of the Army (successor in
>office to Cyrus R Vance), David E McGiffert, Under Secretary of the Army
>(successor in office to Stephen Ailes), Major General Kenneth G Wickham, US
>Army, The Adjutant General, United States Army (successor in office to
>Major General Joe C Lambert), Appellees.
>For application of the remedy send self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope
>(ask for "The Republic: Decline and Future Promise")
>Archibald E Roberts, LtCol, AUS, ret, Director
>Committee to Restore the Constitution, Inc
>Post Office Box 986   Fort Collins  CO   80522

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