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Posted by Common Right Group on May 01, 1998 at 06:17:43:

In Reply to: Re: IRS Fraud posted by Carter on April 30, 1998 at 21:46:20:

: Sorry for the previous post, I hit the wrong button.
: Below is the site for Larry Becraft. A Brief on the Income tax and whether a direct tax or an excise tax.
: I would like to send this to the IRS along with a few questions so as to Box in the Dog so to speak.
: i.e. Provide constitutional references to the term “income” as defined in the IRC. and others of a much more enticing nature. Anyone have suggestions? Larry's site go to UNCERTAINTY OF THE LAW or directly(
: Put this Brief on file with the IRS and should they come after you for Willful Failure to File you will have a lot of ammo in this.

Good advice above and in the previous post by the same author. However, there is one small chink in the proposal.
The IRS will not keep anything you send them unless you specifically request them, in writing, to make it a permanent part of their file on you. It would be against the law for them to keep all that correspondence without authorization. Yeah, we know, but they do pick and choose the law they will follow, depending on how it enhances their collection record.
One comment on the previous post. We have been trying to assist one man who is a public employee for the State of...... in getting rid of the SSAN and "Street Address" from his personnel file. He has a wife and children also. His wife was with him real solid until the inevitable "NOTICE OF LEVY" showed up, then she turned sour on the fight, and he had to cave in under duress. Doesn't that sound just like the mob to threaten one's family's well being?
As an aside, the compalint in federal court has been amended to reflect this turn of events plus one where the employer sanction him for "making them jump through hoops," or, in other words, for exercising his right to petition for redress of grievances. We don't think they are going to be too happy with him when the latest amended complaint shows up.
Anyway, and this is pretty much right down the middle of scriptural law, the man and his wife must be together or they will self destruct. Nothing is more powerful or impenetrable than a man and wife pulling together, and nothing is more penetrable than the two of them pulling in different directions. A man is a king in his castle only so long as he has a help-meet queen and vice-versa. Men and women don't think alike. Viva la difference, but respect each other's thinking. Women seek security while men prefer adventure.
However, the way "God" made her, the security the woman seeks is security in the relationship more than financial, even though it may not always seem that way. Where children are involved, she will go completely postal and vicious to protect those children. "God" gave all the power to women, but they exercise it through their men. Selah.

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