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Posted by Common Right Group at San Diego county on June 06, 1997 at 01:22:16:

In Reply to: Admiralty Flag. Help! posted by Sterling Investigations on June 04, 1997 at 17:48:21:

: Dear Fellow Patriots:

: I understand that in the USC the gold fringe IS NOT specified as a part of the flag of the united States of America, but is
: there anyplace that explains what the gold fringe is? I've heard it said that the flag with the gold fringe is an admiralty flag, but
: where is that in the law?

: Thanks...

: Charlie Charpentier
: Sterling Investigations
: 608-742-2422
: (Wisconsin)

Thought we answered this before, but maybe not. Check 4 USCA(annotated by Wests), Sect. 1, footnote 1. It tells all that is needed to know about it.
Also check U.S. Army Regs 840-10. Both describe the flag as being red, white and blue, with "horizontal" stripes..... and having a hoist vs. fly ratio of 1.0 X 1.9. Now, go measure the hoist:fly of any flag you can buy at the local Hallmark Store or K-Mart. The fringe is far from the only thing at issue here!
Also, turn on your C-Span channel and look at the flag behind the Pres. of the Senate of the Speaker of the House. Uh-Oh! Who's the wiseacre that put those verticle stripes on the 4 USC 1 flag, or is that maybe NOT a 4 USC 1 flag when so displayed? Check US Army Regs 860-10 for more info. Somewhere in the reference to USAR 840-10 is a bit on desecration of the flag.
The finial on the top of the flag standard has a higher station than the flag, and even nullifies the flag itself. The Presidential Eagle or the Courts Martial Spear, etc. Like we said, the fringe is only an opening shot.
Hope this helps ya.

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