The Demise Of This Country Lies Here on This Forum

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Posted by Shane Hanson on July 22, 1998 at 20:21:24:

I respect Paul Mitchell and every person here. The knowlede found in the people that use this forum surpases anything I have ever seen. I do not doubt that the intellect of each individual here could one day LEAD US ALL TO FREEDOM.

This may be the most DIFFICULT corespondece I will ever have to write. Infact I should NOT have to write this corespondence. And let me apologize in advance for the DEGREE AT WHICH I AM GOING TO ATTEMPT TO KNOCK ALL OF YOU OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE.

Now for your chewing out EVERYONE!!!

Where oh where should I start?

Let me first say that Paul Mitchell does have every right to protect his book from illeagal reproduction. BUT, sorry Paul, if some of the corespondence here is true I think you may be harming yourself.

Let's take a little history trip, alright.
Lets go back to the foundation of this country to the time of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other Founding Fathers of this nation. If my memory severs me well, During the Revolutionary War the troups of George Washington did not have shoes on there feet, or food to eat, and half the time had little or no amunition. Can someone tell me why, why, why??? It was because the states at that time were UNWILLING TO STAND UNITED AS ONE and it almost cost them the war.

Here we are today we are in the strugle once again to preserve freedom but WE AR NOT UNITED. WHY? UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. It is the oldest military trick in the book DIVIDE AND CONQUERE and they have us divded. Are Founding Fathers gave of there BLOOD there LIVES to give us a CHANCE AT FREEDOM, and we sit here and MOCK them and there attempts. Was it all invane? George Washinton would have us ALL SHOT for how we are acting now, like little children. I venture to say that the FBI, IRS, BATF, and any other agency that may be a threat to our freedom already know of and MONITOR THIS FORUM. But you know what WE ARE NOT A THREAT to them, because we are not willing TO STAND UNITED, against them, and set a side our PETTY LITTLE QUARELS.

I say that untill we do set a side are PETTY and I do mean PETTY LITTLE QUARELS we will never be free. THE FIGHT IS LOST, THE BATTLE IS OVER, WE SUBMIT TO DEFEAT AND RETURE NOW TO LIVES AS SUBJECTS OF THE STATE NEVER TO TASTE THE SWEETNESS OF FREEDOM EVER AGAIN ON THESE SHORES. It is not our government fault it is not the fault of those who have not taken up this strugle IT IS OUR FAULT those of us who do know the truth!!! Because we are unwilling to give up our pride, our luxury, our lives, and our blood as our Founding Fathers did. To bring to the people of this nation the freedom we each deserve.

I AM NOW IN TEARS, MY HAERT BREAKS, AND MY HOPE IS LOST what is left to fight for if in the fight we only would succeed in reestablishing a government of quareling men.


Some of you will say it is Paul Mitchells fault for what ever lame reason. And Paul you will probaly blame it on those who may or may not have infringed on your rights. You know who's fault it is it is all of your the finger of blame is pointed at each of us. If to stop this quarling BLAME IT ON ME, I WILL TAKE FOOL RESPONSIBLITY FOR ANY HARM DONE.

PLEASE I am asking everyone WILL YOU STAND TOGETHER, UNITED AND LEAD OUR COUNTRYMEN TO FREEDOM or will you wollow in your conceatednes and submit this country to the hands of tyrants?

I hand to each of you the HONOR and the RESPONSIBILITY of guiding this counry to the shores of freedom once more.

I ask Paul Mitchell PLEASE find away to stop this.

The final plea of freedom,
Shane Hanson
Soon a slave of the state,
S.O.S.!!! S.O.S.!!! S.O.S.!!! S.O.S.!!!

P.S. Please no one try to argue your case in response to this message. Take it some were else it will fall on a deaf ear. I would like all True Patriot to respone ONLY with this vow. Imporments and positive comments welcome.

I Shane Hanson (put your name here) do before God and Country vow to uphold The Constitution Of The United states of America, to fight for the reestablishment of our Republic at the cost of my freedom, my life, my blood, to stand beside and support each True Patriot at all cost, weather money, or time, or whatever means may be required. This my vow before God and Country, let no man cause me to swayed from it.

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