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Posted by Patrick Henry on July 29, 1998 at 16:59:52:

In Reply to: Once again I must call everone to UNITY!! WHY??? posted by Shane Hanson on July 29, 1998 at 09:41:42:

This post is SURE to make someone angry. But here goes ...

Shane, and all others who have been as vocal. Are you hosting an illegal copy of Paul's manuscript? Do you utilize the contents of an illegally-hosted copy of this manuscript? Do you have within your possession an illegal copy? If not, Paul's posts HAVE NOT BEEN DIRECTED TO YOU, and I would ask you what right you have to stick in your oar and stir the waters of this controversy?

I've never met Paul, nor have I exchanged any dialogue with him. I don't even agree with much of his philosophy, and think some of his research is seriously flawed. However, I FULLY SUPPORT his efforts to stop the continued THEFT of the fruits of his labor. I hear how loudly all the so-called "patriots" squeal when government rightfully dips into their pocket and takes its cut of the profits they make exercising their various government-granted privileges. Well, as an author, Paul has an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to expect his efforts to bear fruit -- fruit which can be utilized to finance the keeping of body and soul together in order to continue the fight against governmental corruption, rather than to see all the fruit being harvested and stolen by unscrupulous operators posing as honest save-our-country patriots. I do not necessarily agree with the method Paul has chosen to use to address this wide-spread theft of his intellectual assets, but each of us is different, and we all respond to the pressures of life differently. Have you walked a couple miles in Paul's shoes yet? Do you have even a clue to the level of frustration which he must feel at the numerous wrongs which he perceives have been committed against him by people who have sought his assistance? I've been where Paul has been. I've suffered in like manner as he has suffered. I've had career, family, friends, and every possession ripped from me by governmental goons who don't have a clue as to their legitimate function in society, and probably wouldn't care if they did. So while some of us may disagree with the method Paul has chosen to attempt to stop the blatent theft of his assets, the CHOICE IS HIS. Not mine. NOT YOURS.

Since most of the theft has occurred via the internet, it is most appropriate that this medium be used at least in the initial phases of Paul's attempts to stop the thefts. And it is certainly the most cost-effective manner open to him. And in any event, if you are not helping to pay the costs involved in hosting this message board, where do you think you get the right to have a say in how it is used? So please do us all a favor, and save Paul some money as well, and try to utilize the "little" bit of English you know in a more constructive manner. Get off Paul's back. It's his fight. I doubt he has asked for either your assistance or your hinderance.

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