Re: Is this A scam?

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Posted by Cain on July 30, 1998 at 23:31:47:

In Reply to: Re: Is this A scam? posted by MArk S on July 30, 1998 at 14:17:46:

In Reply to: Is this A scam? posted by Cain on July 24, 1998 at 02:00:46:
Posted by MArk S on July 30, 1998 at 14:17:46:

Does it matter where his e-mail came from? mDoes it matter that he uses a privately owned mail
drop site. I hope You don't get elected to public office. You don't know what a constructive trust is?

Please note what a great detective you are! What part of Andrews legal therories are wrong? can
you disprove them? I doubt it. Your MOUTH is 90 percent of your weight!

Thanks for the compliment, I'm sure it's more than you could have done with only an "IP" address
to start with. If you think you could do better here is my ISP email address
Lets see what you can do with it. Nothing I'm sure.
I don't know anything about his legal theories that has not already been posted. Please do some
homework before jumping into the middle of something, I don't have time to bring you up to date.
I did notice something wrong with your legal theories you spelled legal theories, " legal therories".
Sorry I couldn't help but see the irony in that. Unlike you, I don't have a college education so it's OK
for me to make points using sloppy grammar and poor spelling. It makes you look stupid. If fact
replying to this post makes you look stupid. I like most everyone else was going to drop the subject,
it's getting old. If you wish to subject Mr. Mitchell to further embarrassment, so be it. I'll give it one
more shot but I'm really getting tired of playing.
Lets start by looking at the words "constructive" and "trust". Constructive, means useful. The root
word construct means to build . Trust is to have faith or firm reliance. By this definition, building faith
is made to be an oxeye moron when Compared with misleading addresses and bogus email
accounts. You call it a trust the address says its a firm. As in a partnership, industrial, commercial or
professional business. A law firm. This gives the impression that there are lawyers working there. If
you don't want people on you ass about things like that just tell the dam truth. Not the technical truth
but the honest truth. Lying by omission or trickery is still lying, legal or not. Your just playing with
words. Being sneaky I'm sure its all legal but it smells like deception. Scams smell the same way. So
don't be so surprised that people are suspicious of you activities. I believe it was forest Gumb who
said stupid is as stupid does. Replace the words stupid with I'm trying to mislead someone. Then
add but this is legal and you have your Law Firm on cambell drive defined. That's none of my
concern .It only came to light as a result of me trying to confirm that the person demanding removal
of a 8 year old shareware product might not be its author as listed in the product. Perhaps if he
would show proof to the sites hosting the thing it would be considered more than just a joke. I'm
sure you have a nice legal definition of constructive trust. I could care less because it has nothing to
do with my complaint
I don't care about the relationship you two have, his trust, the book nor his demands. They are
silly do not effect me at all. I don't even care about the so called pirated shareware, another oxeye
moron. There seems to be a lot of morons involved with this. I received email calling me a copyright
violator and when I politely questioned this, I and all patriots were generalized then insulted by your
boyfriend Andrew. Perhaps you could use your inside influence with him to persuade him to
apologize. In the mean time, since you brought this subject up again lets take a look at what he is
saying here.
"Box 1776" is an exercise of our fundamental
Right to freedom of speech. -------
This means I have been caught, but its ok because there is no law against
misleading people. No law saying honesty is a fundamental requirement. No
law against stretching the truth.

The staff of that contract substation know
which box to service. -------------------
My cohorts are assisting with this stretch.

We also use several Internet mail services,
because each has its own strengths and
weaknesses. -------------
Some are harder to trace than others, so we use them when stretching things.

If you want verification, please contact
Judge Alex Kozinski on the Ninth Circuit
Court of Appeals. He supervises my work.-----

The dog ate my homework, but this guy saw me working on it. Mark can
vouch that he saw this guy seeing me do it. We are lawyers we have every
thing covered at least twice.

I must warn you that several incidents
of mail fraud and obstruction of my mail
have already occurred at that substation.-------
My cohorts are having a hard time keeping up with all my aliases and late
night drop boxes.

Also, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service
in Tucson, Arizona, has also received
a nearly complete set of documentation
supporting our criminal complaints to date. -------

"Nearly complete..", missing only proof, I'm sure.
Never the less, they still confirm that your Business Address:
Supreme Law Firm
2509 n Cambell rd # 1776
Tucson AZ 85719
is in fact nothing more than a mail drop.


If you are planning on lying to the Post Office,
I would think twice about lying to the Postal
Inspection Service. They have police powers
(in case you didn't already know this). ---------------

He can stretch the truth, and call it an exercise of his fundamental right to
freedom of speech. Then warns others that it's a risky venture. No doubt one
must be trained in the art or legal deception.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Author of "The Federal Zone" -----
But I refuse to show any proof

Well Mark since you bring up running for office, let's take a look at that as well . Is this the man
you want casting his vote on laws that will govern the nation? I could understand such tactics if they
were used to cover up some infidelity or criminal activity. This however, seems to be a standard
business procedure, Mr. Mitchell's' definition of constructive trusts. Are such things are standard
among all the dirtier politicians? Do you really think the honorable Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals uses a mail drop to conduct official court business? Or that he supervises
such activities? Hog Wash! This sounds more like something a parole officer would be looking over.
I remember as a child my father saying to me, " Son you can grow up to be anything you want. An
astronaut, a congressman, even the President". Yeah, there was a time when we could look up to all
our public officials. We could do this because they were honorable men doing a great service for the
Do you think MR. Mitchell will carry on this fine patriotic tradition? Or do you think he would he
take advantage, twist, manipulate, stretch and "constructively trust" every thing he touched? This is
the same man who has yet to apologize for comparing me and all patriots to a vulture pecking away
at a dead body.
Tell me Mark, If someone can't handle something as simple as shareware how the heck can they
be expected to handle important policy? If someone threatens you with the postal police, what
would he do if he were in a position to influence powerful law enforcement agencies? If someone
rudely accuses you of being a criminal over something like an Html link on a web page. What
manner of imagined fault would he find in our taking advantage of constitutional protected rights?
What lengths would he go to to restrict them? How good would he be at hiding the fact that he was
doing so? " Add the modified Forest Gumb line here"
I think it would take a group of master tacticians in the art of public deception and manipulation to
chip away the rights left protected for us by our founding fathers. It would take someone who was a
master at stretching things. Any nominations?
Can anyone confirm that Mr. Mitchell plans on running for public office? Sounds more like he may
have went down registered as an independent then voted for himself
I would like to say that I'm tired of the subject. I no longer wish to play, So let me give you some
advise Mr. Mitchell, I believe you to be a Respectable person, a Lawyer Candidate for the house of
representatives. All great accomplishments. Why are you bothering to answer posts like this one, on
your own board? It does nothing for your reputation, it should be beneath you as it makes you look
like an ass. Your the only one who has anything to loose, by you and your boyfriend Mark replying
to such posts. Just give in, and apologize or stop answering post like this one!

Connor Cain
All finished Pecking!, if you are?

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