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Posted by cain on July 31, 1998 at 00:46:37:

In Reply to: Re: Is this A scam? posted by MArk S on July 30, 1998 at 14:17:46:

Thanks for the insults Mike before I reply in kind I should be polite and answer your questions even
though they are not related to the point of Mr. mitchell insulting people. The answer to all of them is
no. No i cant. No I never thought about it and No i don't care about his legal shareware problems.
why do you assume I do? Can you prove them ? Fine but i don't care. I can say that its not a crime
to link to the original unmodified share ware version. This is the only legal point I ever tried to make.
If your not familiar with the shareware concept you should read the post on shareware its a few lines
down. As a matter af fact you should educate yourself on all the facts that way when you post you
will have something more than insults to use as debate. look at you post its right below
Does it matter where his e-mail came from? mDoes it matter that he uses a privately owned mail
drop site. I hope You don't get elected to public office. You don't know what a constructive trust is?
Please note what a great detective you are! What part of Andrews legal therories are wrong? can
you disprove them? I doubt it. Your MOUTH is 90 percent of your weight!

Your have 9 sentences and 5 of them are insults pointed at me. The rest are questions and two of
them are off the topic. Other than telling me of your hopes and informing me of what i don't know.
You only make two statements. One of them is an insult the other one is expressing your doubt.
three words "I doubt it." They are both based on assumptions and off the topic . Other than insulting
me the only point you made is that you don't like the fact I posted email and address information.
Thank you for making that point. "I explained why I did so in the post above this one." You are
assuming that I am concerned about legal aspects regarding Mitchell. Had you read all my posts you
would have known that I am pissed because he insults patriots. Not Just the ones he has problems
with but all of us. "us as in us patriots, I'm not assuming you are or are not a patriot"
In the future you might just want to call me an asshole its simple direct and understandable. No
doubt something can spell. I don't have to make any assumptions about you being rude, uninformed,
hostile or ignorant. Your post made this quit clear. YOUR Brain must be less than 1 percent of your
Perhaps you should leave daddy's computer alone.

conner cain

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