Charlie's Review of the Tape!

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Posted by Charlie@Sterling Investigations on June 25, 1997 at 23:47:05:

In Reply to: IRS Meeting ON TAPE!! A Must hear! posted by Bill on June 07, 1997 at 20:22:40:

: Here is a man that goes face to face with the IRS in their office. He requested the meeting they taped it and away they went.
: This man is unlike any I have ever heard or read about. He does not let up on these 2 agents, knowing the law, checked everthing out, had his ducks in a row and met with them.
: I'll bet they were really sorry that they allowed him to tape the meeting.

: Defeat is a mild word to use when describing this meeting. The IRS was not ready for the gentleman at all! and they knew it.
: They could not site any law thet made the man liable for the tax or penalty that they were trying to collect.

: Email me and I'll send you a copy. I need $5 to cover my expenses though.

: Bill


To anyone:

I ordered the tape from Bill. He's not making any money on this. He must be doing it as a service. The tape is a real shot in the arm, especially for those of us who are getting deeper and deeper into this battle. We sometimes grow weary, even before there is any action, just seeing those around us wounded. This tape is a shot in the arm. It is cool to see (or hear) the IRS agents paling in the face of TRUTH. They don't know how to answer. The one female agent, after being beaten back time and time again, keeps droning, "Mr. Taxpayer, our job is just to collect the tax...blah, blah, woof, woof..." To which the star of the show always replies, "But you still haven't shown me what tax I'm liable for." It's worth the couple bucks for those of you who have never seen victory against the IRS in action.

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